Friday, August 20, 2010

Chelsea ClintonCHELSEA Clinton plans to become a mom by next spring!

The former First Daughter — who married longtime love Marc Mezvinsky last month — revealed her baby news to her mother Hilary and father Bill on her wedding day!

“During the father-daughter wedding dance at Chelsea’s reception, she whispered in Bill’s ear that she and Marc were going to make him and Hilary grandparents next spring,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Bill was so happy, tears streamed down his face. Others thought he was just overcome with emotion from the wedding, but it was more than that.

“He’s dreamed of being a granddad but his health has been failing recently and he doesn’t think he has long to live. Knowing that Chelsea and Marc already have baby plans in the works has given him a real boost.

“Chelsea was in no hurry to get pregnant just a few months ago. In fact, she was focused on her new career as a health care industry executive.

“But Bill’s failing health has her so worried, she and Marc agreed to have a baby sooner instead of later because she knows it means everything to her father.

“She has that pregnant glow about her and has switched to a special diet and exercise program. She is doing all the right things for a pregnant woman.

“She’s even quit drinking and is planning a nursery.”


  • Leo Sigh

    Oh good Lord, where do you get this crap?

    Bill doesn’t have ‘failing health’. Man, the garbage you write is hilarious. Guess you care about only the money, right?

  • Patricia

    If Chelsea is not drinking why did she nearly pass out before her vows from champagne???????? On the other hand – she is 30, he is 32 and they’ve known each other forever so they might not feel compelled to “get to know one another more” before having babies. She has been in school forever and does not need to ever work.Her gown was pretty although I am sick and tired of the bare look; she is too bony now, and she is very homely. I could envision her in a scoop-necked, elegant column with little cap sleeves; something more sophisticated overall.

    • Betty Brown

      man where did all the sour grapes come from. I think she is beautifull and she needs no one to tell her that.

  • king friday jonathan

    My Dearest Wife Angel Chelsea Jonathan,

    Be exact in your decision making,having in mind that the delay of our wedding contributes to the temporal sadness
    in Great Bill Clinton and Myself! Also remember that Legend Hillary is not an execption! Let’s do our parents proud by our obedience of the commandment of God into this marriage! We have come of age!

    Peace and folio love from your faithful husband/friday/psalm 21!
    The Father of Our Dear Children!

  • Evangelist Chinedu Worldbank

    Happy Sabbath!
    My Special wedding greetings to The Frist Lady;
    Barbara Laura George Walker Bush!

    Evangelist Chinedu Worldbank
    Psalm 23!