Friday, August 20, 2010

Mila KunisMILA Kunis insists she hasn’t had plastic surgery!

The actress says that if she did go under the knife, she’d have her small boobs made bigger!

“Where are my boobs? If I were going to get plastic surgery, I’d get some real work done,” she said of the surgery rumors.

Kunis says she doesn’t get much attention from the paparazzi.

“Sometimes,” she said, “I’ll get paparazzi, but it’s only because someone else was here before me, and I’m like, ‘Crap, I got the leftovers.’”

Mila — who locks lips with costar Natalie Portman in new movie Black Swan — recently admitted she hates playing characters that “need to be saved”.

“Very rarely am I attracted to characters that are ‘woe is me’,” she said. “I’m not a big fan of women that have to be the victim and need to be saved, at all times.

“I don’t necessarily think that’s how it is, in real life, and I don’t think that’s how it should be in films. I think anyone, if given the right, will persevere, and she was given the opportunity to learn, become stronger and grow. I think it would be an unjust portrayal of people, if you didn’t let the character grow.”[imagebrowser id=580]


  • Andy Morgan

    Geez, Mila is so hot and she seems so cool! She’s definitely my favorite in Hollywood.

    And, Mila, your boobs are the perfect size!

    • Dan Hill

      her boobs are perfect size. there are some nice topless shots of her at

      • Lance Burton

        Looks like a collections of fakes, and spam to me.

  • http://yahoo Greg

    She’s very sexy!!!!!

  • Tina

    Is this really considered news?! I know, we have world peace, and the world is perfect, so what else is there to write about?

    • Kenny

      Aha, Tina must have have big saggy flapjacks… I didn’t read anything about the world being perfect, just Mila Kunis. Are we forbidden from discussing anything positive until all the world’s problems are solved?

  • http://yahoo don

    why do people have to think big boobs are better? mila, don’t change anything about yourself. you are as hot as they come.

  • david shellberg

    Mila is the hottest thing since fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would leave my wife for ine night to hang with her !!!!!!lol

  • david shellberg

    one night !!!!!!!! she makes me so hott i cant spell?

  • H.L. Bryant

    Mila looks fine just the way she is. i wouldn’t change anything about her if I could.

  • Push

    Small boobs make for perky nips – yay!

  • C D Spivey

    shes perfect. they are not small. i forget the movie but there was a pic of them. (mabe hers) but they looked rad! im still glad i married a donna look-a-like tho.

  • Beavis

    They are PERFECT. Leave them alone.

    Funny comment on YouTube. Search on Beavis and Butthead and Extract. That was a movie that Mila was in. Butthead says something about “This chick Kunis who has huge boobs.” I thought that was funny because she doesn’t.

  • Mr. Dan Lovegoat

    Be proud of you itty-bitties the less you have now the less gravity has to pull you down with later on in life!

  • sexxeebrianna

    I think she is gorgeous !! I wish I had her bod … anyway , has anyone ever been to a site called , ? Very Funny!!!

  • jusayin


    perfect just the way you are.
    no boob jobs needed

  • http://YAHOO BIG TOM

    I watched you grow up on 70′s show, you have evolved into the most pure beauty of a woman that i have ever seen. Thanks for not being insecure as hollywood morphs women into being, so. Don’t ever change, anything

  • Tony

    Mila-IF YOU EVER READ THESE POST-believe us-You are perfect the way you are.And I am soooo glad the paparazzi leave you alone.You don’t need them to be as famous as Jolie.You are much better looking ,funnier and smarter than her.You just seem like a cool,accessible woman who doesn’t let fame and beauty control you or go to your head.If given a choice in a poll-Fans would much rather spend a day with you hanging out than Jolie or any others.

  • Jim

    Who cares….She is HOT! She’s about as real as you can get too. She is a lot hotter than most women in Hollywood.
    Just look at all the positive replies here.

  • Jeffro

    She does have small boobs… but she is so hot though i dont care.

    • M376X6

      jenny you have some real issues! A real sick beaahch! I’d say “Get Help”, but I’m convinced you’re beyond it.

  • jenny

    Mila the invincible sexually charged lesbian speaks of yet another trendy thing. God forbid she should come across as needy. Mila God loves you and I hate you and the reason why im poor is because Id rather be in hell than be in the same class as you. Please read this because I despise you. Im glad for everyones fortune but those who cant find solace in it and need more and more attention like an addiction. Go have a worldwide gang bang and then get it out of your system. They all love you and cherish you doll face. Maybe you could pay attention to your boyfirend before he dies of cancer or suicide he looks worse and worse the more your with him and you look better, its because you are a leech. No way in HELL or anywhere you love Macaulay more than me.. theres absolutely no way.

    • Tony

      You sound mentally disturbed Jenny. Step away from the computer and try some fresh air and getting a life you lame hater! Mila is so under the radar that it’s hysterical than you claim she’s an attention seeker lol. Unless you’re completely brain-dead and didn’t get her joke about “leftovers” being sarcastic. You’re claiming you love someone who doesn’t know you exist more than their partner of 10 years or whatever it’s been and both seem perfectly happy…. you need help dear :). Jealousy is ugly, just like your comment.

      • jenny

        People under the rater usually arent like on yahoos top searches for days or like on the front page of the imdb for a week. And people under the radar dont actually make news for every DUMB thing they say. Does everything I say make the NEWS? Yes shes an attention seeker because Im a chick and I know the trendy thing for chicks to do is to play lesbian and play invincible (hates those iraqi women–they play the victim so woe is me–ugh)and they talk about thier sexual parts and other peoples sexual parts and say they are down with video games.. Oh and its NOt been ten years, LOve i know that its been 9. And they dont even have KIDS!!!

        9 years with someone you are head over heels with and no kids cuz “im too selfish right now”
        And EGO is the only disease that makes everyone else sick but the person suffering from it.
        And I KNOW once her looks fade, everyones gonn put her down, its happens methodically with women of her stature… IT DOES.
        Jolie, Diaz, once a new fresh face comes along…its all comparitive insults.

  • Derek

    The only thing i would change is her address (to mine)

  • SDawg

    Ha… MEG!

  • John

    Big Boobs bad back
    like everyone else said your perfect the way you are

  • http://Yahoo! Mr. Schill

    Girl, all men don’t want huge breasts, just the guy’s that are too narrow-minded and see only one thing when selecting their “women of physical value.”
    You are, by far, one of the most naturally, beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different, because it just ain’t so. You have more prominence, class and grace than anyone in Hollywood. Don’t let your physical feature’s dictate your presence on screen. It’s not what your true fan’s want to see. They want to see you as you are, NOT as who Hollywood, and a few select gawkers, want to see you. Once they get their eye’s full, you’ll be left in unwanted amazement at the lengths you were willing to go to please others’, that will not be there, at the end of your career. It’s your career, your look’s and your decision. Don’t let other’s make up your mind.
    Natural beauty cannot be bought or created, under the knife. Period.

    ~ From A TRUE Fan ~

  • Shawn

    Perfection. The sexiest girl in Hollywood. I’ve watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall a hundred times just to look at her.

  • M376X6

    Sorry Mila, you are absolutely perfect. Your breasts are absolutely perfect. You’ve got twice the brains, talent, and hot looks that jolie has ever had!!!! Be patient, one day you’ll be the top female money maker eclipsing even Julia Roberts!

  • Shawn

    Jenny, the reason you’re poor is because you’re mentally unstable. You’re obviously very intelligent, you write well, I’m sure you’re educated. So why are you poor? Why don’t you have a good job? ‘Cause you’re a fuckin nut!!!, that’s why. Sounds like Mila should have a restraining order against you!
    Unless maybe you’re like 12 years old or something, then maybe you’re normal.

    • jenny

      I dont know where Mila lives or care, so how would a frigging restraing order effect my life at all? Trust me she talks to this guy whos all over her stuff some Irish kid whos all over the net bragging, I know you’re a sweetheart really cuz cramped in there I think I found a compliment. Im like of the lower class because Im a victim Mila has no interest in playing. Im always like “woe is me.”
      But yeah mentally ill true, yup okay that was at least an insightful comment.
      I dont know the significance of why rich people have charmed lives. Does God like them more? Numerous cultures lead us to believe that its cuz they are better than us?
      I dont know. Im sure God loves her. You know. As I Leo. I know the stumbling blocks of being a Leo and she has dem. She has them I know internally the ego struggles of a Leo. I know how they run. I know how they play the game. Trust I know it. And any Leo out there knows what im saying. And she would know me too.

  • Hunter Dunn

    Bigger IS better though…(1 & 1/2 cups would be AWESOME)!

  • Bosworth

    okay, listen up people. girls especially. I been sayin this for years. Now granted there is always going to be a group of losers that feel otherwise. Are they entitled to have their own opinion on this matter………sure. And my entitlement to think that they are trash can lickers is on display too. Girls, big boobs don’t mean a thing. Women that have had enhancement or augmentation look ridiculous. That’s as plain and simple as I can put it. I realize it hurt’s the girls that have had the operation feelings but that can’t be helped in order to warn future women contemplating going under the knife so that they too can have fluid filled sacs placed into their chest walls. It looks ridiculous. Now this is proven easily and here’s how you do it. google fake boob pics and have a gander yourself. If you think that doesn’t look pathetic and foolish and weird then you might need therapy or an eye exam. Mila is so gorgeous and now also extremely intelligent. I admire her. She is playin it real AND keepin it real. Show me something better than that in this horrible fake ass world filled with 2 face lying cheaters.

  • Lisa, Babs, Tina

    MILA!! PLEASE don’t make that mistake and get bigger boobs made. You are the hottest girl on tv. We watch you all the time and we all agree that you being natural is part of your charm. If you get that surgery you will be just another one of those idiots that all look the same. Walking around not even knowing how dumb they look. It’s so ugly Mila. Don’t make that tragic mistake that so many phony fake girls have done.

  • charlie

    Why to people click onto a story on a showbiz website, and bitch about how it is not real news and there are more important stories in the world.. it is a showbiz website, the link you clicked on had the whole point of the story in the title.. DO NOT FREAKING CLICK ON IT!! the writer writes about actors and entertainment, it is his job.. not world peace not how Obama sucks… freaking actors… don’t read it stick to or something…

  • http://ShowbizSpy. Kathy

    If you re judged by the size of your tits wev’e got real fuckin problems. What a sick and superfical world we live in! WE need help as a society if this is what it’s come to! I feel sorry for women who get brest implants and feel they have sloved all the world’ problems. It’s funny and sad at the same time. Do your Tits really define you! Really! God help us all! What a mess were all in if this is the most imporant topic to discuss with all the world’s real problem’s! The thirt’s generation sucks. There usless an un original and they are superfical! So srry for you! Kathy.

  • http://ShowbizSpy. Kathy

    If you re judged by the size of your tits wev’e got real fuckin problems. What a sick and superfical world we live in! WE need help as a society if this is what it’s come to! I feel sorry for women who get brest implants and feel they have sloved all the world’ problems. It’s funny and sad at the same time. Do your Tits really define you! Really! God help us all! What a mess were all in if this is the most imporant topic to discuss with all the world’s real problem’s! The thirt’s generation sucks. There usless an un original and they are superfical! So srry for you! Kathy.

  • http://showbizspy M. McKenna

    She was great in the Book of Eli, hope to see more of her. Go Mila!

  • James

    Mila is perfect the way she is. Very SEXY!! Size is vastly over rated. To a man “location” is much more impotant than size.

  • Roger

    Go to your room Meg !

  • taz29

    u r gorgeous,mila.u r as perfect as 1 pers0n can get.u dnt need 2 change any parts of ur body just because other people said harsh things about you.they are just people who d0esn’t ackn0wledge beauty as stunning as you.& ur smart,d0wn 2 earth.that’s y u still enj0y being on the limelight of sh0wbiz as your private life.

  • Barbara

    Folks the movie is not about lesbianism period.

  • Henry Evans x0x Mila

    Fuck you Jenny! You know what bitch go fuck yourself! You don’t give a flying fuck about Macaulay, i do.. and fyi.. I know the real Macaulay Culkin.. you don’t.. your a stupid pathetic jealous bitch and the sad part is, you don’t even look close to Mila so fucking get me started. If you actually want a boyfriend maybe try and actually go out and get one rather than sit on the net and pick on women way hotter than u.. stupid kunt.

  • Henry Evans x0x Mila

    okay jenny.. leave mila alone and leave macaulay alone! macaulay is not interested in you! and he doesn’t like you.. I know the real one.. now bye.

  • Henry Evans x0x Mila

    sorry jenny… but out of any person in the world why are you attacking Mila? Just curious.. because mila doesn’t actually know u exist and i’m sure she doesn’t care.. and do you actually care about Macaulay? Cause all I heard you talking about is money but you never mentioned his movies or Home Alone. Well I love Mila and Mack and they’re sick of attacks against them so why not try finding a life. Goodbye.

  • ********

    Hey Jenny,
    If your such a Macaulay fan and loves u so much.. Do you mind posting a link of what fan sites and stuff you owns and support.. youtube, photo collections, original or copied links of your sites??? Or are you just hating on Mila and after Macaulays money which is why ur own here posting your broke??? I have tons of proof. Where is your proof? k :) Thanks

  • http://showbizspy RICKY D MULLINS


  • Uh

    Um one chick here ragging on me…”Henru Evens” actually called mila ugly everysingle day on yahoo. Go search mila kunis on yahoo answers every single day ragging on milas appearence same chick. She has a twitter. Mackculkin google it. No seriously google it. Shes the last person that should be insulting anyones appearence. Shes threatened to stab, yes stab mila and jessica simpson. And the guy challenging me on here is alledgedly according to her my ex bf. Who i met on craigslist who took herion and threw a woman out of his car while speeding down the highway. This female oh btw…. Offered anal sex to adam green big Culkin fan…anyways back to the alleged ex bf I found child porn on his
    Computer. These two fucked up sinister bastards popped in here to give me crap? I never once insulted mks appearence and Im not the one stalking an ex gf for ten cocksucking years amazingly. Pthefucks im writing this on an ipod so im not bothering with spelling or punctuation. In conclusion fuck off. Pps i was a fan of culin in 02 get with the fucking program.

  • Uh/ jen

    And i do not want a bf and im faaar faar more attractive than Mackculkin twitter aka henry evens aka dirty spick least i dont have a moustache yo bi polar psycotic bitch from hell. So sad when people are as superficial yet ugly as yall. You know the real mc that has been proven false. I could have told you too retard. You found this cus i told u my name pissed cus I said culkins singing sucked. Your own child was taken by dss because you cut your fucking self over these celebs you sick obessive fucks. This news is litteraly so last year but you cunt bring it up. My child molesting herion addict woman abuser ex bf here told yah I have issues eh. I wish you could hook up you sick fucks.

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  • silver handbags

    The subsequent time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I do know it was my option to read, however I really thought youd have one thing fascinating to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you possibly can fix in the event you werent too busy searching for attention.

  • Jim

    Mila you dont need a boob job. I think you are perfect just how you are. You are my number one actress. Just in case you are reading this.

    • joe

      She’s not.

  • jilly

    Her boyfriend has a tiny little weeny too, so they’re even!