Fantasia Barrino Moving in With Married Lover!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fantasia BarrinoFANTASIA Barrino is planning to live with her married lover — even though her family doesn’t approve.

The American Idol alum — who was recently hospitalized after overdosing on drugs — is keen to live with beau Antwaun Cook — and the couple have been in talks with VH1 for a new reality show about their rollercoaster relationship, RadarOnline reports.

“Fantasia and Antwaun are going to move-in together despite the fact that his divorce has not been finalized,” said one loose-lipped insider.

“They are talking about getting married and have been approached to do a new reality show about their relationship together.

“Fantasia’s family has reservations about Antwaun because he’s married and that they also feel that he could be using her for his own ends.

“They feel that she is rushing into things too quickly without thinking it through fully and they have been trying to talk her out of moving-in with him.

“But Fantasia is forging ahead with her relationship with Antwaun regardless.”


  • Onad

    Fantasia is a dumb whore! I hope the guy takes all of her money because she thinks she can change the guy! He’s an ass, but I blame her because she knows what a lowlife he is.

    Fantasia, I’ll do you for all the money you’re spending on that piece of crap! I’m not married, and can “give you what you want!”

    • tee

      I bet you wouldn’t be saying SO WHAT if she were gay and she was taking your women, you dum ass. Since when is it ok to sleep with a married person. You have no morals just like her.

  • Tom

    SO WHAT — She’s taking a page from Angelina Jolie isn’t she?

    SO WHAT — If’s she’s doing what Bristol and Levi Johnston did for their Reality Show, and you uttered not a word.

    You DOUBLE-STANDARD bigots need to leave that girl alone, and go find out what Lindsey Lohan is up to this week!!

    • katie

      Tom-you first and then come back and tell us.Why did you bring the race card into it?Nobody was talking about that.If she was white or some other race people would be against her sleeping with a married man.When there are hundreds of thousands of single men for her to date and she chooses a married man,that basically says it all.I know she was raised in a poor neighborhood by people who were extremely poor.You would think that she would try her hardest to get out of that place monetairy and also moral wise.

      • Cuchino

        You’re an idiot!! Tom never mentioned “race”, you gravitated toward it for some reason, guess you know it’s true!!! Furthermore, who made you moral police of the world and where do you get off implying that if you’re poor, you obviously have NO morals….WHERE or HOW she grew up has NOTHING to do with her decision to date this man!!!!!!!!! FYI: Many poor people do thr RIGHT thing every day!!!!

  • Tom

    ONAD—Maybe Paris will let you star in a sex-tape with her instead!!

  • alic mc kiney

    Go for it kido but dump your hanger own BROTHER he is a scumm bag !!”

    • tee

      KATIE your only one of a handful, that still goes by the bible. good for you, people seem to think it’s ok to sleep with a married man. What God has joined together let no man put it aside. But, I guess the bible is no longer used in many households.

  • Katie

    Wasn’t this guy one of the reasons why she ended up in the hospital for a drug overdose the other week?It says alot about her wehn she goes after a married man.Yes the man could be going through a divorce with the other woman but out of class and decentcy you don’t sleep with the man untill the divorce is finalized.

    I also she was raised in the poor slums of her state where she lives but she doesn’t have to act like trailer trash either.

    • yolanda

      At the dumb #*? idiot that made the comment abt her coming from a poor environment and making a reference to her being trailer trash….that has to be the most ignorant thing you could’ve allowed to come out of your mouth!! We all have made mistakes but for u to say something like that u must be the trailer trash she is from my hometown & she has NEVER lived in a trailer! Just pray for her & nt condemn her. I hope u never do anything that u may regret later oh I’m sorry u wld never do that because u r perfect WHATEVER!! GET A LIFE!!

  • http://showbizspy cookie

    That’s her business I love her music that’s all we should be worried about, if you don’t like her that’s your business. She’s ok let people live!

  • http://o ladyd

    If this is true. Get your self a real man.

  • CynthiaV

    Fantasia is an individual of free will and have the ability to pick and choose her own future up and downs. This is how we are permitted to learn; it is from our own mistakes that we learn and profit from the knowledge. Obtained knowledge from personal experiences becomes wisdow when properly applied.

  • KaiserOne

    NOT A SINGLE LESSON FROM WHITNEY HOUSTON’s Downfall ???? I can see a Bobby Brown in this gold digger of a low life, marrying a stubborn and soon-to-be-a-druggie Fantasia looking more like Whitney Houston who turned deaf ears to all reasonable advice and married Bobby Brown instead.
    Now we know where that foolishness had led Whitney. Worse still, Fantasia doesnt even have half the talent that made Whitney all those hundreds of million dollars.

  • cw

    Its so funny how different blogs and sites will just print anything off of what they see elsewhere with no evidence, just hear say.

    Like seriously listing radaronline as a source? lmfao.

  • Delphene

    This is not our business it’s hers, so let her do what she needs to do and if it’s the wrong thing then she will have herself to blame. We have enough to do if we take care of our own affairs and try not to get involved with someone elses. What gives anyone the right to jude anyone else, we don’t have the right, only God is the judge. Fantasia is going to do what she wants to do and know one can determine her outlook, so people please go about your way and get a life and stay out of hers. By the way, have you looked in the mirror lately?

  • Jackie

    Its seems the married man and his wife set Fantasia up for her money, because he lied to Fantasia that he and his wife are divorcing, but befriend Fantasia to get some money to pay his expenses and his wife off. Shame on him for putting Fantasia through this mess. Be strong Fantasia and God bless you and He will see you through, so that you don’t lose what you work hard for.

  • Lana

    Fanstasia is an idiot for putting her career on the line for a guy who works at a T-Mobile store. Wow, she has very high standards. If you are going to mess with a married man, let it be on who has some money! What an idiot!

  • Lana

    Everyone keep saying Fantasia is being taken for her money. She doesn’t have any money, she almost lost her house and her family has been draining her finances.

  • Girlinthetshirt

    Wow! Opinions R like Azzholes everyone has one but many of you are being so judgemental & I can surely bet that you are all not perfect! I Don’t believe in messing with anyone’s husband nor their boyfriend either but I am not going to be bashing anyone either.

  • leana

    all i am gonna say is girl get it together go and get ur self one of them athletes u qualify child please ochocinco hmm great catch just a thought but any way girl there is some one out there for u he is checking u out now u dont even know it conduct ur self better a king wants a queen do not ruin urself with that married guy who cares if he is getting a divorce tell him bye and dont look back cover that tat and keep it movin we love u girl ur fans u r worth more look in the mirror and see it we do dont let urself and ur fans and family down is he worth and lets not for get God is watching…this is not a good comeback get it together…………

  • ebunch

    I think that Fantasia is very seft-concious. She knows deep down inside she is not Antwuan type of woman when it comes to looks. I feel that she is paying him to be with her. I also think she will be the one to make his child support and alimony payments. This is one of the main discussion they probably had before deciding to move in together.

  • Vera

    I don’t believe it. I really think she has more sense than this.

  • iyanna moms

    I Hope she knows what goes around comes around SMH

  • Cuchino

    @Tom…you’re absolutely right, double standards exist, whether the actions are wrong or right….in my opinion; it’s not right to date or see a married person, but other people think differently. @Kate, you’re an idiot!! Tom never mentioned “race”, you gravitated toward it for some reason, guess you know it’s true!!! Furthermore, who made you moral police of the world and where do you get off implying that if you’re poor, you obviously have NO morals….WHERE or HOW she grew up has NOTHING to do with her decision to date this man!!!!!!!!! FYI: Many poor people do thr RIGHT thing every day!!!!

  • T

    What a whore! Maybe everyone who is saying that she just made a mistake could reserve that compassion for the person who intrudes on their marriage. I don’t even have anything against her but come on let’s stop tiptoeing around the real issue just because people like the way she sings. Would you care about anyone’s talent or upbringing if they were sleeping with your spouse? She wanted the attention and being judged is a part of it. I know the married guy is the one who took the vows and maybe he would have cheated anyway but it doesn’t have to be with you. If the marriage was already in trouble then why put yourself in a position to be blamed for bringing it to an end. I don’t think she gets a pass because she grew up poor, I bet they could afford to teach her moralsl. Everyone who keeps saying that God is on her side should remember that marriage is sacred in His eyes. I guess I’m supposed to feel sorry for her because she’s stressed and depressed, well sometimes we are the carpenters of our own cross.

  • christy land

    If she does this, She will no longer be a fan of mine. Very disappointed.

  • cassandra

    Tom, she didn’t take a page from Angelinas book, but maybe she could take one from Jennifer Anistons and sleep with every man she comes into contact with!!!! What the “f” does one have to do with other.You flop

  • cassandra

    T,shut up

  • Hillary

    All I wanna say is I hope she get herself together and dont let this man be the reason her career goes down the drain!! She is a very talented woman and she needs to recognize that she doesnt need a man in her life to be happy. Take care of urself first girl U have a beautiful daughter that looks up to you. Please set the right example for her because she is who really matters. Not that Man!!!!!!! Regardless of what u do I still Love ur music!!!!

  • http://Explorer Leonie

    You got a new lease on life. Give God thanks and offer your life back to him. Take care of yourself and daughter.
    I voted you in so please continue to make me proud of you.
    Disregard all the lewd comments. Words hurt but doing the right thing for you and your fans could put your career over the top. You deserve the best. Go for it.

  • http://Facebook Jack J.

    Who’s to judge anybody? Who’s perfect? All that spoke against Fantasia, probably has a blemished life and feels guilty about it, but has to deal with it by demoralizing someone else. get your lives together before telling he or she how to live theirs. try praying before hating. lol.

  • Tan

    Leave Fantasia alone this is her own mistake to make. No I don’t agree with it, but everyone has make mistakes. The only problem is she’s in the spot light. Who are we to judge anyone only God can judge and that is who we all answer to in the end. She is human like anyone else and has to learn from her own mistakes. It her life and she’s get it together on day.



  • http://fantasiabarrino soni

    fantasia……do whatever makes u happy..but please dont try to hurt urself again,,im praying for u…no matter what ur my idol and will always be..luv u so much

  • http://fantasiabarrino Jamaican sister

    fantasia…let the haters show u the man without sin and let them cast the first stone….girl ur only human and what has happened to u can happen to anyone …only thing is ..some of us do and take things differently and more secretly. remember all u haters the only justification for looking down on somebody is to pick them up…..Pray for her and dont condem her.

  • Little Girl

    No matter what, Ms. Thang has to answer to her maker for sleeping with a married man! The man is equally at fault since it is his marriage but no one can make a self respecting woman sleep with another woman’s husband. A hurricane is on it’s way. Fantasia has brought the wrath of The Almighty down on the entire state of North Carolina! God don’t like ugly, and too much cute either! Ya’ll can let this slut bring her punishment down on you if you want to but I don’t hold with adultry and i can’t see anything good coming from this mess!

  • salem

    To sleep with amarried man is a sin. You may do to hell and also be punished by law for adultery.

  • Erica Jalone

    Younger men with older women or older men with younger women; both kinds of relationships will come under society’s fire because society does not like even the appearance of exploitation. If you both can handle the stress then go for it so long as you both are ‘legal’.

    “FANTASIA Barrino” ?
    the choice is up to you.but keep in mind what you are going to do will not be excepted by almost everyone.someone can say that it is your personal fact.but it will be exceptional case and we cannot use exceptional case as example.

  • keysha washington

    i think everybody thats on this page thats only looking at fantasia as tha bad person need to sit on their BITCH ASS,because it takes two to tangle not one.and i think once this is seattled she need to sue his wife and him for pain and suffering while this BITCH tring to get rich on fantasia,but to u fantasia i think u should say fuck him and shine on his ass with your music and blow his wife off the map with your music…….i love u and im waiting on the music do your thang and remember your fans still love u … DO YOUR THANG GIRL AND IM PRAYING FOR U…..remember ladies no man is faithful all the good ones r dead,in jail or with the wrong woman that dont deserve them….so im gona take what i got an work wit it……luv ya

  • Steven Duran

    Fantasia who?