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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mariah CareyMARIAH Carey is either very pregnant or very fat!

The singer performed a show in São Paulo, Brazil, on Saturday — and she looked larger and rounder in the belly, fueling speculation she’s with child.

Mariah’s husband, singer/actor Nick Cannon, has previously spoken of his desire to start a family with the We Belong Together hitmaker.

“We absolutely plan to have a family,” he said earlier this year. “But we gotta prioritize, because that’s a major, major priority.

“That’s like the only priority in life, when you think about it, is starting and raising a family. We want to make sure everything is out of the way and that we don’t have any distractions.

“She’s on tour right now, I’m doing a bunch of stuff, so eventually we want to be able to say it’s time to have a kid, and set everything up.

“But we’re definitely moving toward.”

Mariah revealed last year that she and Nick have “discussed” having kids.

“We’ve definitely discussed it,” she said in November. “The only thing is that at this particular moment, it’s almost Christmas. He’s doing his work and I’m promoting and doing all this stuff. Right now is not the moment.

“My parents were divorced and it’s not like, ‘Oh, woe is me!’ A lot of people’s parents are divorced but I would just like to have a nice, normal life for that moment.”

Sources said earlier this month that Mariah is still in negotiations to become an American Idol judge.

“She wants it,” said one insider. “She’s seen what America’s Got Talent has done for Nick and thinks it will be a good career move.”

The source says Idol execs are keen to have Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Carey, with a possible alternating guest judge’s chair.

“Randy and Mariah have great chemistry,” said the insider.[imagebrowser id=90]

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  • SweetgirlforJC74

    You know it would be great if Mariah and her hubby have a baby, that is a blessing.
    I just don’t understand…Just because people are stars, do we have to know 100+% of their lives? Where’s the privacy..They’re still Human afterall we need to leave them alone! They sneeze and it’s all over the news. No respect…Just anything for the almighty dollar and it saddens me. Let’s wish this happy couple well and pray for them. If Mariah is over weight, so what. Let’s pray that she gets healthy, BUT not love her conditionally based on what she weighs. Let’s just love her because she’s GOD’S Beautiful Creation simply because of what is inside of her….HIS heart of Gold

  • Ian

    everyone back off of the buxom and beautiful Mariah woman (she isnt a little girl anymore) and she is fantastic!!

    • driggs

      there are some new pics of mariah bare chested posted at

      • whomever

        She’s certainly proud of her boob job!


    If these are the pics you are using to support your headline, then this article is highly exagerrated. Her face is a LITTLE fuller and her “some assembly required” breasts are much more noticeable now. Other than that, she looks like a beautiful 40 year old woman, and she is FAR from being “extremely overweight”. She looks very beautiful.

    • brownin329

      She is overweight (in this picture). She’s just not sloppy. She looks good but she doesn’t look pregnant here. This must be an old picture.

  • anon

    if she’s pregnant, congratulations the blessed couple!! wish them all the best in the world for their family.

  • Cassy

    Who cares if PARIAH is pregnant? She’s a spoiled BRAT with a wus for a husband.

  • Retta

    You know it’s sad…She is pushing 50 so that is that. If she is pregnant GREAT!! Now the funny thing is if she were skinny and pushing 50 the article would read “Mariah has an eating disorder!”….Damn make up your minds!!!

    • wendy

      she is not pushing 50 you idiot get it straight

    • Brandon

      How is 40 pushing 50? She is pregnant I think, but even if she isn’t she still looks better than most and I would take a hot 40 something over a 20 something skank a n y d a y!

  • elle

    is THAT what you call extremely overwieght? LMAOOOOOO.

  • Heywood Jabloume

    That fat skanky HO is going to look like Aretha phatass Frankin in 5 years.

    • http://yahoo non ya

      you are a pig

    • dee

      You are a pig

  • Bohica

    Who cares? I’d still bend her over and go deep on her. Big knockers and I’m sure she’d squeal real good!!

    the hica

    • whomever

      You’re sick, please get some help.

  • Jerry M.

    Wish I was the baby with those things…

  • http://yahoo non ya

    i would like to look like her if i was pregnant. she carries her weight well

  • UruKaDoo

    Who Cares!!!!!

  • Anon

    Oh yeah that’s “extremely overweight” That picture is so disgusting I can’t believe they dared to show it.

    Since you can’t tell tone on the internet, I’ll tell you. That was sarcasm. If she isn’t pregnant, she may be a little overweight. A LITTLE. Trust me, I’ve seen “Extremely overweight” and this ain’t it.

  • http://Tracy1 Sydney

    She looks overweight but not pregnant. (Where’s the baby bump?) Leave da goil alone. We should be so lucky as to be so beautiful, talented and moneyed. (Fat and all)

  • Carrie

    Mariah is BEAUTIFUL!! Always has been…and to the idiot who wrote this, SHE IS FAR FROM EXTREMELY OVERWEIGHT!!!

  • Anon

    She’s just fat.

  • p

    She could gain another 100 pounds and I’d still worship her, she’s yummy when she’s chubby!!!!

  • Naibaby

    I wish I looked this good! This must not be the supposed pregnancy photo, if so shame on all of you

  • ant

    lmao so what if he put on weight
    she not a stick figure BACK OFF

  • Just Joshin

    I’d make a mess on those.

  • dee

    she looks absolutely fantastic if she is pregnant, there is not an ounce of fat on her. People are just haters, Hey Mariah, you look great!!!!!

    • Brandon

      Very true

  • GetALifePeople

    Who really gives flying **ck? It’s not like she’s the Virgin Mary and this would be an Immaculate Conception. So if she’s pregnant, she’s just like a million other women out there. One thing for sure, she’s definitely trying to out do Pamela Anderson in the “I want the biggest fake boobs of them all” department. And so what if it’s just that she put on some weight. At least her boobs are bigger now and it might not show as much if she gains a few pounds. Geez people, get a freakin’ life.

  • Dee

    Wow…that’s extremely overweight, yeah right. She’s really pretty.

  • Janice Inman

    What idiot took the pictures? How can you even tell if she’s with child, when all the pictures are of her boobs? Women don’t carry their babies in their boobs. Next time take some pics of her mid section at an angle. Take some photography lessons, pig!

  • Meganluv bieber

    Shes not even fat ;p

  • Latin Goddess

    She’s beautiful to me…

  • Patti

    Rumor has it, Jack Wagner is the father of the baby

  • Bunicque Divas

    Yep she is def preggo..check out some more pics at

  • Carman

    The top picture is from the Oscars in February. I saw a picture of her in Brazil last week. She looks pregnant. If she is, maybe she just doesn’t want to talk about it.

  • Dana

    I saw the picture they were talking about and it definitely looks like a baby bump. I hope it is because that baby will be so freaking beautiful!


    This is your idea of fat and overweight ????????? no wonder theirs an epidemic of eating disorder .Shame on you

  • http://showbizspy kris

    stop it ! ! !
    you’ all not helping…you’re destroying what’s beautiful…

  • Taylor

    This is just plain RUDE calling someone fat. Who ever wrote this is an ignorant fool. You are why us ladies have body issue images. Who cares what she looks like she beautiful the way she is.

  • Big Bad Barry

    You know, I’m not really a fan of Mariah Carey and I don’t consider myself a gentleman. I’ll be the first person to call a girl fat when she’s put on a little extra weight. But to the author of this article, if this is what you consider extremely overweight then you must be a full-on retard. You know, like the kind of tard you see trying to bite his own ear. It’s safe to say that I’m a pig, but if I’m a pig then you must be some kind of sociopath.

  • Steven

    Nope, not pregnant- just a Heffer.

  • http://yahoo zina boo

    Mariah need a serious makeover and Nick Cannon could have done better

  • Danah

    Where in the world have you all been?! She and Nick confirmed she was pregnant several MONTHS ago!!!

    Man, you guys are idiots!

  • Frank Needles

    I would fistfuck that bitch!

  • Keebler Cookies

    id still tear it up

  • lm

    she has always been on the chunky side but the girl can sing

    • ddd

      Like Whitney, she used to be able to sing. Did you hear her at MJ’s funeral? AWFUL!

  • Newlove

    If this is what illustrates very fat.. i would like to see a picture of the author of this article.

  • Truth teller

    shes a stinky crazy skank

  • james brown

    this site sucks

  • steve

    Y’all should leave her alone. That is how you guys confuse
    grown folks. She is 40 yrs old, married and she is supposed to be pregnant. What is the big deal? She looks very nice and not overweight. None of these pictures proves anything. Are you overweight?

  • Steve Miller

    Always look at a woman’s upper arms to determine whether or not she’s overweight. From the looks of Ms Carey’s arms between shoulder and elbow she can’t be even ten pounds overweight, if that. On the other hand, her ample breasts look like those of many expectant mothers in their last trimester of pregnancy. Whether or not it’s anyone else’s business she appears to me to be pregnant. SLM

  • san sebastian

    showbiz spy has jumped the shark. this post has just made you into a laughing stock of a web site. epic failure. very fat? extremely overweight? epic.

  • Pheasant Legrand

    Dem is some titties!!

  • ashley

    Extremely Fat??!! WOOOW! No wonder why the rates of anorexia are going up in this country, especially in the youth! WATCH WHAT YOU SAY! IF a 13 year old girl reads this and realizes that she is overweight and the next day has an eating disorder, I wouldn’t be surprised. How do you sleep..

    Anyway, when I am mariah carey’s age, I would LOVE to look like that

  • DJ Sandee

    Let’s concentrate on what a fantastic SINGER she is and leave her private life alone.

    She doesn’t need our permission.

  • ddd

    Mariah has been fat ever since her divorce, the Glitter fiasco and her HORRIBLY done boob job… she has just not been able to pull herself together. It must be hard for her to realize that Madonna is 50 and is way hotter. But then again, Madonna has always been able to keep her act together!

  • JJ

    A few facts:

    Mariah is 41, she will be 42 in March – she is getting towards 50 in my eyes.

    She is not pregnant. She is just fat.

    Madonna is ten years older and in better shape and looks so much better – I am sure that is killing Mariah.

    Mariah’s career is over.

  • JJ

    More facts:

    Her boobs are not real.

    You don;t get fat all over your body when you are in your early pregnancy.

    She has had two nose jobs and extensive botox.

  • susie

    These negative remarks about Mariah is a sign of jealousy.Plain and simple. Its just so clear that she has been blessed in every single way. She is the best.

  • http://showbizspy susie

    These negative comments about Mariah are coming from people who feel jealous of her. Full stop.

  • Angie

    She is pregnant.. and just to let some people know, you can get fat all over in early pregnancy it just depends on how some girls bodies handle it, no one has the same body image nor is every girl the same, now if you guys didnt see the video im sure the reason why they didn’t want to say anything is because she lost her first baby.. Sorry to her i know how that feels, second i have no idea where any one of you come off to where you can judge anyone, and for the record, no Celebs have no privacy, its called TV. Try being a Celeb and see if you really get alone time.. anyways this is not to piss anyone off but just like everyone else on here we have our own opinion and i am free to express it..and no need to really comment on this im just venting but do so if you must its not really like i’ll be reading it anyways.. thanks for reading…

  • biggest mariah fan

    leave her alone so wat if she nput on some fucking pounds u bitches just shut tha hell up cuz i know some of yall fat as hell motherfuckers now wat

  • biggest mariah fan

    jj and anon and others who have bad things to say just shut up

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