Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sean ConnerySEAN Connery is done with Hollywood!

The Scottish actor — who has starred in films such as The Man Who Would Be King, Marnie, A Bridge Too Far, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, Time Bandits and seven Bond films between 1962 and 1983 — celebrates his 80th birthday today, August 25, and insists unlikely we will ever see him grace the silver screen again.

“I don’t think I’ll ever act again. I have so many wonderful memories but those days are over,” he told Britain’s Daily Record newspaper.

“I’ve done a voiceover for an 85-minute animated film called Sir Billi, which I enjoyed and it will be exciting to see that project finished. Shirley Bassey sings the theme and Ruby Wax was also involved.”

Sean the revealed which of his films he enjoyed the most.

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade,” he said.

“I was working with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. The teamwork was special. It was a great adventure and Harrison Ford and Denholm Elliot were wonderful actors. I had so much fun.”

His worst film? Meteor, an early 1970s sci-fi thriller about an asteroid on a collision course with Earth which co-starred Natalie Wood.

“It’s probably top of my worst films list. It just bombed,” Connery said.

“It had a great director, it had good actors including Karl Malden but the special effects were a bit limited.”[imagebrowser id=591]


  • Ian

    I think that Sir Sean Connery has made the right decision!
    He is 80 yrs old and should be retired.

    • marty hawkins

      Dear Mr. Connery,
      Don’t listen to that guy. I’m 67 and you look younger than me! Retire when you want, but, just think, George Allen was 125 when he made the “God” movies!!!!! Thank you for all the enjoyment that you have given over the years. I go to or watch movies to be entertained and not to see if the critics are right. Sir Sean, you have done more than just fine. Thanks again and I wish you the best. Please do the “Favre”…….Regards, Marty

      • Harvey

        I do agree with you. Of course he could always change his mind. I say once an actor always an actor. Just write a great part for him that he can not resist and just like Arnold, he’ll be back. by the way – Did you men to say George Burns and not George Allen?

      • marty hawkins

        OOOPS..Yes George Burns… “say good night Marty”.

      • http://yahoo Robin

        OMG!!! George Burns may have looked like he was 125, but he only 100 when he died. Google it if you don’t believe me.

      • Steve

        Did you really think his last name was Allen and that he was 125 years old? Seriously?

    • R Wasserman

      How about George Burns—Gracie Allen was his wife

      • marty hawkins

        I know his name was Burns and his wife was Gracie Allen. I also know he was not 125! My dyslexia kicked in for a moment. Get over it!!! I was thanking Sean Connery and..and..oh, hell, figure it out yourselves.

  • Jason

    Um Sir Connery? Does Zardoz ring a bell?

    • tom

      you sound like… a loser

  • Tim

    I was 16 when I saw Goldfinger and I wanted to be Sean Connery when I grew up. I’m 62 now, and I still do.

  • Jacquie

    Still as sexy as ever. He still does it for me after all these years!

  • Jacquie

    RE Ian’s comment (#1): Eighty-years-old or not, the man can still act. Acting has nothing to do with age. It’s up to him.

  • Leyah

    Happy 80th Birthday, Mr. Connery. You are still best & the most handsome James Bond ever. I miss seeing you on the big screen, but glad to hear that you are doing voice overs. Enjoy those golden years that lay ahead of you.

  • Nicole

    Happy Birthday Sir Sean!!
    You Have and Always Will be one of My all time favorite actors.
    So Many Great Films,The Untouchables,Man Who Would be King,Marnie,Presidio,The Rock,Highlander…Too Many to Mention…and of course goes without saying…
    Sir Sean IS the Only James Bond…a True Icon of our Time
    Enjoy your retirement.You have given the World So Much.
    Thank You
    Happy Birthday!!

    • jc

      We will all miss seeing you, but you gave us some great movies that we can watch over and over. Believe it or not
      The Medicene Man is my favorite. I have lots of your movies and I agree you were the Best James Bond no one can top you. You will love retirement we are !!!!!

  • Alex Trebek

    Will Sir Sean still appear on Celebrity Jeopardy! His best role ever.

  • Bob

    Heres to you Sir Sean, you have left us with many a great movies and great memories, your will be missed and I’m glad that you are still working, I think one of my great movies you did,”Dragon Heart”, the voice of Draco, it is funny yet touching. And need I say more for all your Bond films, Masterpieces. Happy Birthday and many more, take care.

  • http://yahoo jim

    love your films especially james bond and indiana jones , think your one of the best have a happy retirement and thanks for the films and if ever you make more movies always a fan , i will watch them

  • Beth McGregor

    Thank you Sean for making so many memorable films which, when repeated, are still as good as when they were first screened. We share the same birthday although I am 77 – not 80. You were born in the house in which my sister in law lived for many years during the 70′s – so many coincidences. You were also the life guard at the swimming pool where my husband frequented and, I believe, you were on speaking terms. Happy birthday and many more of them.

  • Ellen

    Sean Connery is a wonderful actor, one of my favorite since childhood. I always liked his films. I watch them with a great interest.

  • Zardoz

    Zardoz was a GREAT Movie….just needed to read between the lines

  • Rick Morse

    Thank you Sir Sean, Hollywood would never be the same with out your fantastic roles which you portrayed with such unbelievable finesse. My wife and me have a major part of your work on DVD, and will always cherish your wonderfully classy style. Please stay well, and enjoy your retirement from film acting.

    • S.Gonzalez

      This is a Real Gentleman and A Real Actor, I met him once in the early 1990′s at a Country Club in Florida where I was employed at the time, he was gracious and had a sense of Fun about him, he let all the employees take as many photos of him and signed autographs as well, although the group of people he was seated with were stiffs, He truly is one of a kind! I always get a kick out of his body of work, so diverse. Long Live Sean Connery !

  • Larry

    I was 13 and at the drive in with my parents when the previews came on for Goldfinger. I thought the Aston Martin was the coolest car (at the time) I’d ever seen. James Bond got all the cool toys and got to nail all the hot women. what young boy back then didn’t want to be James Bond-or buy a guitar and be a rock star. Beatles began about the same time. Good luck to you Mr. Connery.

  • keith Grant

    How about the ‘Untouchables” one of my favorites. You are an exemplary actor and an Icon, you will be missed!!

  • Right on

    The man was great and thank you for your work Sir. It doesn’t really matter anyway now. I mean, have you seen all the crap films these days? And all the new so-called “actors.” Such a shame what hollywood has come to. No originality, few good actors left, underrated actors that have been in the business for years yet have managed to gain no attention. But, he’s 80! Few actors work after those years but I think it’s a good choice anyways. He worked in really great films and will always be the only James Bond. Happy birthday!

  • http://yahoo Buddy

    Why not Mr.Connery? Betty White is doing it and she’s 88.

  • Colleen

    Sir Sean Connery is, and will always be, one of the greatest actors ever lived. He has been in countless films, which spans generations. If you opt to never again act we are still blessed to have enjoyed you. My first encounter with Mr. Connery was in “Darby O’Gill and the little people”, and has enjoyed everything thereafter. We salute you!


    MR. Connery was the best BOND ever and all the other films he played where all oustanding and yes I agree with him Retirement is a good thing and as the writer says enjoy the fruits of your labor and at 85 its time to relax the body

  • tj

    Never Say Never Again!

  • Erik Cassidy

    Simmply the best!!! one of a kind actor, best and only action hero. Very nice human being, enjoy life Mr Connery, enjoy your own adventures!!! We wil miss seeing you in the big screen.

  • Luke Johnson

    Good Luck With All you do Mr. Connery. You will be greatly missed on the big screen. I’m quite a bit younger that alot of your fans on this post (41) but still a huge fan of yours. Well wishes to you and your family, and God Bless You. Luke Johnson

    • marilu

      Read his bio–he is most definitely Scottish!! Love it when people are so adamantly wrong!

  • Robert C. Smith

    Sean Connery is Welsh, not Scottish.

  • ajo

    Happy Birthday Sir Sean. I have had the wonderful opportunity to have been an extra in the film Never Say Never. We had so much fun and to hear you sing on the set was one I will never forget. I have fantastic photos to show for it. Funny my husband’s birthday is on the same day.
    Just enjoy your day special day. Now I must prepare the birthday breakfast. Love You

  • Jim

    What can I say I agree with all the positive comments about Sir Sean. Every since I first saw him in a bond film in the sixties I thought he was the coolest guy I had ever seen. All the other bond films with out him were nothing to me no one was bond but Sir Sean.
    Thank you Mr. Connery for being the best actor ever.

  • Rick Averill

    Somebody beat me to it but hasn’t Sean Connery already said NEVER AGAIN before?
    And let’s not leave out Hunt for the Red October.

  • Bob

    Just a quote, ” And now, without you, Sean,(Dracos), what will we do, where will we turn, Sean(Dracos), to the stars Bowen, to the stars.

  • taffy

    Sie Sean i am a big fan i have a lot of on screen boyfriends but you were always my husband lol Happy retirement you have made a lot of lives fuller now rest and enjoy yourself good luck you are truely one of a kind

  • Paul Warfford

    Sean Connery has more going in his little finger then most actors have in their whole body. He is capable of living a life without be an actor. So he now can do what he likes and that is good but I will miss seeing him on the big screen.

  • Roger Moore

    Damn! I always thought I was the greatest Bond!

  • Donald Grant aka Robert Shaw

    Way to go “old Man”!

  • ellie

    He is most definitely Scottish. Read his bio. Love it when people are so adamant about being wrong.

  • Ron

    Mr. Connery is always impressive, and he gets better with age. Like the other writer, I have spent my whole life trying to live up to Sean Connery’s James Bond image. I never quite got there, but I still try. My favorite non Bond is The Rock. It was as if James Bond had been held captive all those years then he was free. It was an exciting and great movie.

  • Big Fan

    Sir Sean Connery:

    “Never Say Never Again”

  • Loren

    Happy retirement Sir Sean, you’re one of my favorite actors and hate knowing you wont make anymore movies but you’ve earned it. My personal favorite is Hunt for Red October

  • Will-Edward

    We should all be so lucky to be able to decide when to retire. There are so many people in their 60′s and 70′s in which retirement is not an option. The man has and extended file of very successful movies and other ventures. What more could an actor want? I think it’s great that he gets to decide wheather he wants to continue or bow out gracefully. You are a well tought of actor Mr. Connery. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed your work. We’ve appreciated you and your work. They don’t make them like you anymore unfortunately, we respect whatever decision you make. We’ll see you around the way buddy.

  • Sir Lord

    Sir Sean Connery has definitely aged gracefully as He has remained in a class by Himself for being such a talented, dynamic actor in not only Hollywood but the world. It’s been said that life is a stage, but He remains the key, distinguishable actor on that stage we call life!

  • http://yahoo kathy riboli

    I’ve always loved Sean Connery !! As a young girl (12-13) in the mid 1960′s they would show James Bond movies. Still to this day I love to watch him, he had a most gorgeous body & face and I had a crush. If any Bond movie is showing, I always turn it on, just to see him. I like the theme songs too, especially when Tom Jones sings “Thunder Ball”. James – Happy Birthday !!! You’ve done a great job – love your movies & your voice – ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR GREATEST FANS !!!!!

  • teresa de manila

    happy birthday to THE james bond! best wishes for Sir Sean Connery. like good wine, he gets better with age. unlike most actors who lose their zing as they grow older, you not only retain your appeal–you even successfully project wisdom and grace. no decision is irrevocable. should you change your mind and wish to act again, i’ll watch your movies with enthusiasm, as before. but if you really want to stay out of camera range for the rest of your life, i’ll wish you the best that life has to offer, and keep you in my prayers that you enjoy your golden years in joy and peace!

  • J J Varca

    Bond…James Bond.

    The one and only

  • Jo

    Sir Sean
    Happy Birthday. You are one of a kind and a true icon. Thank you so much for all your great work in films. You will always be my favorite actor (and I am 71). I wish they still made movies as good as the ones you were in. Actors today for the most part rely too much on special effects and few know really how to act. Bless you, Sir! I will miss you in films, but can relate to your desire to quit while you are ahead.

  • Bobby Valentine

    Finding Forrester was underrated too

  • William Hillman

    Dear Sir Sean Connery,
    I’m pleased to say I’ve been a fan since “Darby O’Gill”. Iam a fan of the genre. No one and I mean No One has given me as many hours of enjoyment as yourself. If you choose not to act again, it will deffinitly be our loss. But, I also know you know what is best for yourself. Thanks so much for your efforts to entertain us sitting out here in the dark.

  • Steve Witmer

    Happy Birthday and Thanks for all the GREAT Movies, Their was never a James Bond after you I quit watching but enjoyed all that you did in other movies.

  • Gail Skaggs

    I have always loved to watch your films and listen to your voice. It is an honor to share my birthday also with someone with such great talent and flair. They do not make actors and actresses like you anymore, with such style. May God bless you richly. Narnia will suffer if you do not do the Lion, sorry it will not be the same.

  • Martijn Hasebos

    Stay in good health for many more years!

  • Rob

    You are a special man, Sean. Enjoy your retirement, and we will miss you greatly and your vast talent. God bless.

  • Dee

    What an icon. It’s his decision, whatever makes him happy. By the way, he is incredibly good-looking!

  • Jayne

    Sir Sean,
    I loved your acting. I loved you and named my youngest son after you. I think you still look great and I bet if they come up with the right script you will be back on the silver screen again. Your an actor, a good script will never be turned down by you or any other actor or actress.
    xoxo Jayne

  • Cheri

    Happy Birthday, Sir Connery. Many well wishers above have said it all. You will be missed on the screen. I’ve enjoyed ALL your movies and when I heard you were in a movie, I immediately made arrangements to see it. As much as I will miss seeing you on the big screen, I’m glad you have decided to enjoy retirement. So many of us work so hard over the years and look forward to the day we can sit back and relax. Happy Birthday and Happy Retirement! This is sad news for the movie business.

  • speshelle

    “entrapment “

  • erik

    SIR CONNERY. You stated you enjoyed making Indiana Jones film. Do the last one and go out with a bang, you will find being retired isnt all cracked uo it claims to be, Besides do the world and yourself a favor abd do it. You are only as old as you feel. You look like you are in your 60′s. Please do this last film that Lucas wants to write you into and give us a great movie to remember you by. The Indiana Jones films are the best films of all times. I recently watched them all and they are timeless. Even the first one which is almost 30 years old. They are better then the crap coming out today and the last 20 plus years and look as if they were made recently. Please do this last one for yourself and fans around the world.

  • James Beck

    Sean Connery will return in OCTO-BOND

  • Alex Trebek

    Happy Birthday old man. Leave me alone.

  • kay jiannone

    Sir Sean;
    A note to say we will miss that wonderful face,
    true sex appeal and your unique personality which comes across the stage no matter the film….truly a loss for those of us that loved your work in films..Kay.

  • sam sgambati

    Nobodys mentioned the Wind And The LIon which I thought to be one of his best roles. Do you agree with me, Mr. Connery?

  • sexxeebrianna

    Who cares his last couple of movies were bombs!! anyway has anyone ever been to a site called , ?So Funny!

  • Emeka Ajiere

    Sir Sean Connery, MoreAnthony Hopkins, Roger Moore, Gene Hackman, My greats of all time but you Sir, are Top of the Pack. Happy Birthday Sir!!!

  • Emeka Ajiere

    Sir Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Roger Moore, Gene Hackman, My greats of all time but you Sir, are Top of the Pack. Happy Birthday Sir!!!

  • James

    Happy Birthday To you Sean Connery. May you have a happy long life ahead of you. We’ll still remember you for your movies and your great talents that will live with us forever.

  • pacbella

    Sir Sean – We have loved you for ages and will sorely miss you in new appearances. Your classy sexy-ness appeals to “girls” of all ages. Enjoy a long, happy retirement!

  • http://ShowbizSpy William Hillman

    I have watched you since “Darby O’Gill. Thank you for the many, many hours of quality entertainment you have provided me. If Sir Sean Connery never acts again we have with us a library of work that is envied throughout his industry. But, perhaps we could persuade Catherine Z. to ask you to co-star with her again. That might coax the infamous 007 to return to the screen. God Bless You and Keep you well.

  • Lorraine Perry

    Happy Birthday Sir Sean…I always had a crush on well as a “Million other ladies…On Sean’s arm is tattoo reads” SCOTLAND Forever” I love all the James Bond Movies I have All of them and will watch them over and over again
    Big Kiss and Love Lorraine

  • CW Holland

    What a marvelous career you have had, Sir Sean. You have earned the right to retire if you wish. Your many fans will miss you, but there is no way they can want any more for you than your happiness. You can always come out of retirement for the right part. God willing, I’ll be there to see you perform.
    Happy Birthday and thanks for all you have done.

  • angela silano

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you Dear Sir Sean Connery,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Thank you for a memorable day in August 1972. You were so kind, thoughful and considerate to a fan; you gave me a day I will never forget. You handled my emberassment with grace, when I could load my camera…you helped. What a great, distinguished, kind man ( and ) actor you are. I still follow your career and will miss you on screen. May you enjoy your retirement, have many more birthdays to enjoy with your family and friends. I know you probably don’ remember that day or me ( I sent you golf balls ) and you in turn gave me the great opportunity of a memory of a life time.

    Thank you again,
    Angela Silano

    Sorry you didn’t feel well this summer and I hope your is better.

  • just a dude

    S. Connery is the man!

  • Tom

    If Sean is in it, I’m there and always will be – period.

  • Robert Cunningham

    THE 007 ASTIN CAR 12 CYL $270,000. CLEAR

  • Darby

    Ya’ gotta love the guy no matter what. He’s a brilliant actor and damn dashing at 80. We should all be so lucky!

    And by the way, the worst film…Zardoz, hands down!

  • Maryann

    Sir Sean,

    I hope you read all these wonderful messages to you on this milestone birthday. My first memory of you was as James Bond in Goldfinger. I have to say my fav movies of yours are “The Man Who Would be King” “the Untouchables” “The Name of the Rose” “A Good Man in Africa” and a movie I just rewatched “The Russia House”. I have been waiting for a new movie with you starring for many years now. You stopped working so young. I wish I could have met you in person..what a lovely man you seem to be. I wish all good things for you in the future, Maryann. You look bettr than ever!

  • Dibango

    When i first watched “You only live twice” i said to myself ” oh thats me” kept on admirin your actin skills,lifestyle to the point of acquirin your name ‘illegally’(changed one of my school names).4eva YOUNG…

  • Debi

    To me he is still Mae Ianto ni yn dipyn o aderyn,but I
    ^ ^
    still say, Paid a chodi pais ar ol piso!
    It is his right Rwy’n barod i roi’r ffidil yn y to

    You will be missed!

  • Ian

    Quit while your ahead i say!!

  • guest

    Mr. Connery, you ARE James Bond..and even though I have enjoyed so many of your films including The Untouchables for which you won your Oscar, I will forever love you as 007. Please accept that as a sincere compliment. God Bless and a long life.


    He looks good. Much more better comparing to Clint Eastwood. 
    He can act anytime. 

  • Sir-Reel

    Sir Thomas Sean Connery will always be to me the best person/actor that has ever embraced acting. Enjoyed his wife artwork too. One extremely talented family.

  • Lassiegirl

    without a doubt the Most sexy man alive. Have enjoyed watching him on the silver screen, and find him to be very humble. Will always be a big fan!