Friday, August 27, 2010

Kate GosselinKATE Gosselin‘s eight kids are turning against her — according to a new report.

The reality TV star is apparently so obsessed with making money that she leaves her big brood in the hands of nannies — and now they prefer to spend time with their dad Jon.

“Kate’s stressed to the max because she’s responsible for the family’s entire income,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“When she’s not with the kids, she’s hustling for work.

“She knows that she’s not spending enough time with them, but she needs to earn the money to support them all.”

The source adds that Kate’s estate in Wernersville, Pa., is more like a corporate office than a family home, added another source.

“Everything is for show. You’re not there unless you or someone is being paid,” said the insider.

“Kate always says the kids love filming, and they do — because it forces her to interact with them.”

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  • http://yahoo mary b

    Does this surprise anyone. The pictures of the kids show their saddness. They never look happy. Of course Kate is always in every picture SMILING

  • Barbra

    It would be nice if some would get over trying to make people buy the idea that she is only gone when she is working. She is out forcing her persona on the public because she NEEDS the attention. What she is doing, she has already done and it was marginally interesting the first time (only due to the tups being toddlers). NOW at age 6, they are not interesting or even cute, they act very immature for their age (thanks to MOM keeping them small and ‘undeveloped’ for the Brand Image – cute little tups). Well, tlc has replaced them, they are repeating the show themes (a lot like the tups repeat each other when they are in the ‘interview chair’, where they have NO reason to be). It has been said she is trying to promote the twins or tups for ANYTHING IN THE BUSINESS. Well, that is a waste of time, as like their mother, none of them has talent of any sort and just aren’t personable enough to make it!

  • http://yahoo mary b

    Jon at least does activities with the kids and is not DRAGGING THEM ALL AROUND TO SEE THINGS OR PLACES that he has not seen. All Kate does is drag them all around to places that SHE wants to see and use TLC TO PAY FOR HER HER HER TRIPS. It is getting sorry to watch A SINGLE MOTHER HA HA HA drag her kids to better herself on TV. Then in the next breath say she is doing it for the KIDS. She is not kidding the public anymore. We are sick of seeing and hearing about her POOR POOR POOR KATE.

  • http://yahoo mary b

    Any one read( FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC) I think that is what Kate wants. She really enjoys the SPOTLIGHT without the kids she can really put on her phoney smile then. Or is really a much better than it is when she is with the kids. All she does when she is on TLC is give that stupid scream ehen she does something new. Or when she screams at the kids. Of course don’t forget the trips also means that HER BODY GAURD GETS TO GO WITH HER WITHOUT THE KIDS. What a story she will have to explain to her kids some day. And she thinks Jon was bad.

  • http://showbizspy.com jojo

    This is very irresponsible stupid media hype. You have no business stating something so personal about these small children. They surely love both of their paents…for God’s sake…the divorce is not even a year old. You people ought to be shot for putting the kids in a story like this to get hits. Trash tabloid stuff you are!

  • Jen

    they could always let her become an actress and she could play Lindsay Lohans mother Dinah. Or if she hasn’t got work, she could always turn her estate into a trailer park, after all she grew up in one. There are ways for her to earn money without her selling her kids lives.

  • Lola B

    Seriously, Is she the first and only person to have 8 kids? She hasn’t made enough and is freaking out?? Yea right. My parents raised 9 kids and sent us to college without a reality show. She needs to stop uisng the kids as her excuse to stay in the spotlight. Everyone knows she’s a millionare times over and gets 22k per month in chilc support

  • paisleejane

    seriously…..the National Enquirer? c’mon now!

  • http://www.acaiberryllc.com/ Rick Gutman

    Come on she is a Joke.

  • Marie

    Leave her alone. My goodness if you aren’t starting rumors about her and the bodyguard then it’s the children. The kids not liking their Mother is ridiculus. All children Love their parents.

  • stacie

    Maybe MOST children love their parents, but not all of them like their parents. Time will tell.

  • lui

    It’s been reported she’s made over a million dollars so far this year–isn’t that enough to support the kids for a while? Thousands of bigger families get by on much less and are thrilled to do so.

  • D-Lo

    She earned her money the hard way. Sucking hard dick

  • macgruder

    HEr jaws should be tired by now

  • Elle

    Just more lies. Everyone should know better than to believe this crap.

  • Elle

    Everyone should know better than to believe this crap. This is total lies.

    • Kareen

      I am sure your family didn’t live in a over million dollar estate, had nannies, cook and gardener. LOL
      My hat off to any family who can do it without exploiting their own kids.

  • Kate Hate

    So Jon pays $22 THOUSAND every single month and she’s poor? I don’t think so….My family raised six kids on $22k a YEAR!!!

  • mimi

    Jon pays $22 THOUSAND every single month? Where does he get $22 THOUSAND? Does he even have a job?

  • Kareen

    Just wait until they are teenagers and they fully understand what Kate is all about.

  • Donna

    I can see right through this so called woman. It is so hard for me to even imagine that some people can’t. It is so obvious that she is all about Kate. I think she loves her kids, but they are no where near number one in her life anymore. She thinks she is number one. She really has her priority’s mixed up. And the television execs don’t help with her thinking she has any kind of talent. I can’t believe anyone would want her on their show or invite her to the Emmy’s. What the hell was she doing there? Are they nuts?

  • Fariborz

    not a good Mom.