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Posted by Adam

Brad PittBRAD Pitt is one generous dude!

The millionaire actor — who raises six children with partner Angelina Jolie — bought a woman a house during his visit to New Orleans this past weekend.

The Hollywood hunk was in the Big Easy to mark the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

“Brad kept asking me ‘was there anything I needed? How could he help?’ But the truth is he has already done more than enough if it wasn’t for his Make It Right Foundation, we would not be here,” Melba Leggett Barnes told RadarOnline.

“Brad loves New Orleans and he is a cool guy. He has given me a house that I will be in until I die and I will be forever grateful for that.

“More people are coming back all the time and the residents here are actively involved in the process too. After Katrina people were getting ripped-off all the time by corrupt contractors but now we advise them to go through The Make It Right Foundation if they need work done.

“We had a lot of fun at our event and Brad took time to talk with a lot of people and that was really appreciated.

“Angelina was not with him this time but, hopefully, we will get to see her over the holidays with her kids.

“They have visited our home before, and I like her she is really down-to-earth and their kids are very happy and fun-loving too. Brad really likes my ‘corn-porn’ (her special corn recipe) which I make with green onions and I want to give her the recipe.

“Brad and Angelina have a home in New Orleans, and I think it is important for them to spend time here and for their kids to learn about our history too.

“We still have a lot of work to do but I’m confident that in time the city and lower Ninth Ward will recover with people like Brad Pitt willing to help us out.”[imagebrowser id=470]


  • Oni

    Brad and Angelina are really cool! May GOD bless them more!

    • Nabokov

      Agreed!!!!.I am not a fan of any of their movies but I love them for just being lovely,compassionate human beings.

      • no ASSumptions here

        Randy: Point of view is twisted to say the least. Nobody said anything about a handout/freeloader and for all your narrow-minded ass knows maybe this woman was saving up to get her own house there are not enough details to make a comment or even better yet an ASSumption as such. Reality: you chose to take care of an elderly gent because you just might have some kind of moral, actuality: you could put him in a nursing or rehab center. This womans house was taken down by a natural disater (or in the insurance industry, An Act Of God), thus being a unfore seen/uncontrollable circumstance. Damn people are so selfish and always think their tax dollars are being “abused” but does any one realize that their tax dollars are going to other “people”(you know who) to distrub before any “abuse” happens? Don’t get mad at the recipents, get mad at the people distrubing.

  • Randy

    Hey Brad! I could use some help. I actually work and try to take care of my family and an elderly gent in a wheelchair who lives with us. I could use a better place. How about an interest free loan? $100K should do nicely. I don’t even want a freebie, as I believe people should be responsible for themselves and not freeload off the taxpayers. I’ll pay the loan back. So…how about redistributing some of your wealth my way?

  • Charlies Farrar

    “corn-porn”? I think that’s a typo.

  • http://dsl AMERICA

    BRAD, GET RID OF JOLIE THE PSYCHO…just cause you had kids with her does not mean you have to stay!!!

    YOU DESERVE A NORMAL WOMAN…anybody but Angelina with the ugly chicken legs!

  • linda

    u know how hard it has been for us workin people and all we ask for is break yes we have owned home and lost it b/c of hard times just help us here also and i feel for the people in New Oleans but we nee help here too , not bein selfish but we need help also ty

  • linda

    i also whated to day that i know that i will never get a response or an answer from u but had to speak my peace tc and god bless

  • Anon

    No. 4 Brad is not going anywhere .. now that he has found his soulmate Angelina Jolie and according to him his married to his X was a DEADEND no wonder he dumped the UGLY NEUROTIC pathetic X of his!!

  • http://blog fran

    she is a little weird, but she does good things, and brad seems to be a real person who is not about money and fame , i think he rather go out and help people, they are both good people and have a lot of money,at least they give some of it