Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dr. PhilTV STAR Dr. Phil is a sad, sad man!

According to a new report, the famous shrink planned his own surprise party to celebrate his 60th birthday — and has even practiced looking surprised!

Dr. Phil reportedly enlisted his wife Robin to host the celebration at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

“Leave it to Phil to plan his own surprise party,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“They ought to call him Dr. Ham! This is one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood! Phil even practiced his ‘shocked look’ for when he walked into the room.”

The party plans apparently began when Phil asked Robin if she was planning an “event” for his birthday.

“Robin was dumbfounded,” says the pal. “But Phil said he had a hole in his schedule, that he also needed upcoming programming and wanted something blockbuster.

“Since his one thousandth episode two years ago did very well, he decided to give his viewers another very special Dr. Phil show.”

Dr. Phil turns 60 today, September 1.[imagebrowser id=617]

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  • http://Yahoonews Marlett Els

    Oh this is realy sad!!!

  • mmc

    Who knows if this is true.If it is then why wasn’t it just a party and not a surprise.
    i need more info before i’ll believe …it sounds too weird to be true!

  • phhhhh

    Got on enough make-up? Poof.

    • ohh

      Yeah I noticed that as well. I thought they looked like caps.

  • bb

    Look at the difference between his teeth in these two pics.

  • TXKnows

    This guy is a fraud..
    Phil lost his license in Texas for messing around with his clients.

  • Sicko

    TXKnows- Yep, you are 100% correct. You know its sad when you have to throw your own “suprise” party. In another article it says that he did not want to leave it to his family or friends to do it….Hmmmm, sounds like all is not happy in the “DR” (I used that term loosely) household.

  • tender

    I think it’s funny and in fact, that’s what it was meant to be…he wasn’t trying to fool anyone, he just wanted to throw his own party! Rock on Dr. Phil.

  • http://None Jerry

    This guy is the worst. He lost me as a viewer for good.

  • SexxePaigE

    WoW That is really really sad ~!! I was on this funny site called, thatwasabust.com … now that was funny !! Check that out

  • Katy Texas

    What a douche. Well Mr. Phil, I guess the real surprise is which celebrity “friend” will show for your “surprise” party.

  • http://none Audrey

    I wish Dr. Phil the happiest of belated birthdays. I mean, c’mon, leave the guy alone. He spends his entire career helping people get their stuff together and, if you haven’t noticed, Robin absolutely must be at every show as God forbid, he could not have any limelight to himself. But of course he allows himself as he knows the way to keep Robin is to do what she wants.

  • Jtament

    Does it really matter either way?!?! He is a good guy trying to help people.

  • annie

    A good guy trying to help people? Please. He’s a blowhard famewhore trying to keep himself rich and famous.

  • sharonsky331

    I, too, wish Dr. Phil the happiest of birthdays albeit belated. I do, however, think Robin is the most self-serving woman I have ever heard of. In his show where the party was revealed… she couldn’t help but keep pointing at herself over and over and over again. I’ve wanted to say this for several years and finally a platform to tell how I REALLY feel. I get so tired of her face showing up on every episode where the cameras automatically pan to her facial expressions. I mean really! Is this the Dr. Phil show or the Robin McGraw and Dr. Phil show? Now that the new season has begun they’re even showing them kissing and hugging. Next? The cameras will probably end up in their bedroom! I love you Dr. Phil but who needs Robin other than your kids and you?

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