Thursday, September 2, 2010

John TravoltaJOHN Travolta is cheating on his pregnant wife Kelly Preston — according to a bombshell new report.

American tabloid the National Enquirer has spoken to author Robert Randolph — who’s releasing a book called You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again, about the “secret gay spa culture” in Hollywood and claims Travolta has been having same sex dalliances for the past few years!

“John Travolta has been cheating on Kelly for years! And when the details emerge, he’s gonna make Tiger Woods look like a boy scout,” Randalph said.

Randalph — who passed a lie detector test for his interview with the Enquirer — says Travolta has engaged in “lewd sex acts with other men” on several occasions.

“I met John in 1998, after he had married Kelly. I believe the marriage is a total fraud because John is totally into guys and has been having sex with them behind Kelly’s back for years,” he said.

“He came on to me a number of times. I always turned him down. But there was always some guy who was willing to have sex with him. And John didn’t stop cheating on Kelly after either of their children was born. John’s a cheating dog. It’s just been wrong, because his wife seems like such a sweet woman.

“John’s secret gay life is one of Hollywood’s worst kept secrets. He blatantly cruises guys, and doesn’t seem to care who sees him. I saw him with his lover and he couldn’t get enough.”[imagebrowser id=321]


  • http://yahoo anna

    People dont you have anything better to do? Come on, is your life that drab you have to go and slander other people thats really sad…. I’ll pray for you. Please leave these people alone they are only human just like the rest of us.

    • me

      Well if Kelly needs a real man she can call me anytime!!!

    • DONT CARE!


      • Emily

        Hello! And WoW! This is awful! News,hmm selfish people making money off of others who are trying to live their life besides of fame. That is a shame!! God already can see what is going on for he don’t need these news.

  • Kamsy

    Get a life, people.

  • Bella Mia

    Had to click into this article to see how ridiculous it was. John cheat with men??? LOL!!! This Randalph guy has got to get over his unrequited love for John. He’s straight and having a baby with his wife – accept it!

    • Jackie

      I live in LA and you are wrong my friend. My friends are straight……..get over it. You must be thinking of San Francisco, big difference.

    • David

      Are you ridiculous yourself? 1) look into the picture of John Travolta kissing his “friend” and tell me a straight man would do that, 2) Scientology preaches that it can be cured and there are multiple instances when people have said they spoke with John as “proof” it can be cured. 3)The person who wrote the book has passed a lie detector test and showed photographic evidence to John Travolta’s lawyers – hence the book could be published without a liable case. 4) Look at John, what gay man would have a crush on him nowadays

  • Los Angeles Is For Gays, Queers and The Filthy Rich

    What Do You Expect From Someone In Hollywood, Have You Ever Been to Los Angeles, It’s Full Of Queers and Homos, Maybe Kelly P Should Give Johny Boy More Oral Related Attention, That Goes For All Women in Relationships.

    Men Need Oral Satisfaction First Thing in The Morning During Lunch and Right Before Bed.

    • DONT CARE!

      Oral is very important,couldnt agree more

    • http://google nb

      you know how sad you sound do you even know how big LA is or even southern cali. or how about he size of california its the 5th largest economy last time i checked and where ever you live most like midwest get a clue i have lived in la county for the past 47 years my whole life and just to let you know two main streets hollywood and vine or even sunset blvd for that matter do not make up calif. so check your damn facts we have the most churches of all states and our suburbs are loaded with middle class americans who are not homos although if you such a christian man you should know that god loves everyone hate the sin not the sinner john is a very decent and good man and after everything he’s been through in the past few years shame shame on you slanderer and gossip remember god hates all sins no sin is greater in god’s eyes just remember he hates people that judge remember how you judge god will judge you

  • dorothy

    This is rubbish. I hope they sue Inquirer magazine.who ever wrote this trash should be shot.

  • JT FAN


    • DONT CARE!


  • Loni

    Why do we like getting the dirt on everyone would you want your every move to be turn upside down?
    Kelly has enough to deal with without all this trash on the web

    • Emily

      Hi! People should pray more than to try to get into the others life .

  • Shania Jackson

    John is not gay 4 godsake that is a bunch of bs man i an tell he is not gay and i can’t see him being gay and also i can’t see him cheat on kelly!!!!!!!!!!! this is of bs srry but its true JOHN IS NOT GAY

    • girlscout

      you are SO right! J Travolta has been seen numerous times at a hotel in MDR with various male lovers. These people who say it isnt true are obviously not from LA! Just because someone is married means absolutely nothing (in LA)

      • ohboy

        Nothing against J. T. in fact i really like him and Kelly and feel sorry for their loss. But i’m afraid it’s probably true and like JB said in his comment i also worked at a hotel where he stayed and witnessed this first hand without a doubt. It’s just too bad it had to come out now when Kelly’s been thru so much and is soon to give birth. Anyway, just because he may be gay or bi doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his wife and kids (look at Cole Porter) he just should have been up front about it with Kelly. Nothing wrong with being gay in my book… it’s just the fact that he should have come clean with it quite awhile ago.

  • JB

    Hahaha I can guarantee this is true. I’ve been waiting for all of this to come out since he used to stay where I worked for months at a time and I never saw his wife. It’s not bad that he is gay, but if what I know is being written about, it’s going to be shocking!

  • Strongbad

    Are you kidding me? Travolta’s gay? That ranks right up there with “Sun rises in East”. Who the hell doesn’t know he’s gay? He’s about as straight as Ricky Martin.

  • none available

    If you notice, these types of articles are NEVER signed!

  • Kevin

    To all people who just CAN’T believe he’s gay. Check out this photo of him kissing a dude boarding a plane. Tell me how many of YOUR straight friends kiss their male friends like this…..

    • DONT CARE!


  • this could be true

    holy crap my roommate was telling me about how he came to their salon in arizona and started jacking off while some dude was giving him a massage…they ended up banning him from the resort. I know nobody wants to believe this but when i saw this article i couldn’t believe it because I know legit people that have actually witnessed it… just saying

  • sparky

    What biz it is of yours/ours if Travolta is gay?
    If his wife can tolerate him, you and I should.
    After all, his address is Hollyweird.

  • quietwave

    LOL The article reads like a spiteful teen wrote it for the school newsletter. But, even if the allegations were true, who cares? His personal life doesn’t change the fact that he’s a great actor and has always presented himself as being a great person. I have loved him from the Vinny Babarino days, won’t stop now.

  • Jackie

    Even if this article is true, who really cares?

  • Jonij13

    Why would it matter to me? The quality of his performances is the only thing we have a right to judge. You pay to see his movie, you have a right to an opinion.
    Why must people get such glee out of smut about others? When you get it perfect then and maybe only then might you say something. Have a little class.

  • Joyce

    Leave the alone for god sake!

  • harvardtcha

    what’s up with that photo where John’s kissing this guy getting on a plane? I wonder if he’s just a relative or something? but it looks a full one on the lips kinda’ kiss to me…

  • Kathleen

    Give me a break after all he has done for the needy and at Katrina and other eartquakes .My God dose this man need attention and money so bad that they would do this slander a man and his family like this. So sad that the scandal magazines and all have to stup this low to get money . God will judge them some day for this.

  • http://yahoo Sandra

    Please don’t believe everything you hear or read unless you see it with your own eyes!

  • wanted4ever

    lol its not true because travolta is a good man with values and believes and hollywood cant get enough of lies how sad

  • Stephanie

    I DON’T believe this for a minute! People need to get a life..

  • Angela

    He is totally gay you shouldent even kiss your relative like yhat

  • girlscout

    duh…old news! everyone in LA knew about this for several years.


    This is not exactly breaking news. It’s been rumored for years that travolta, and tom cruise are in the closet .
    Could really care less, I have loved Travolta since Welcome Back Kotter and nothing will ever change that.

  • Twilightsonlylove

    1st of all the person who started this rumor is probably a d**khead! Just wants his 15 minutes of fame and figures this is the best way to get it, and of all the papers he could have gone to he picked that rag the Enquirer! Please everybody knows that piece of s**t is not worth the paper, time and ink!The enquirer has been lying on celebs 4 years, that’s why Carol Burnett sued their a** and won, because they lied on her!

  • kbac

    I don’t believe this to be true. I’ve met John and Kelly and they seem very happy together. They were constantly holding hands and smiling at each other. Not to mention they’ve been married for 20 years. It would be hard to keep a secret for that long. They’re great people who do wonderful things for those in need. They’ve been through enough, let them be happy.

    • girlscout

      yes, they are happy together, and it’s not a secret. Kelly knows all about it. John just likes dudes thats all. whatever.

    • ohboy

      I am glad to hear that Kelly knows about it. That makes more sense to me. Just like Cole Porter and his wife. His wife always knew he perferred men physically but he always loved her emotionally.

    • http://ShowBizSpy David

      20 Years??? They were married in 1991.

  • Michael

    Really, like we don’t have enough real things to worry about. WHO CARES, leave the guy alone!

  • fizducus

    It is a sad,sad thing to have to feel good about talking s**t about someone,no matter who it is.And if he is gay…so what!!Mind your own business a**holes!!!When you can walk on water,then come see me(or him) until then keep your nasty comments to yourself and quit judging others!!

  • Brian Kraemer

    I hope John and his wife can just continue being themselves and enjoying each other and whoever else they might want to love. I don’t care if John is bisexual or if his wife is or they are or what anyone is doing sexually. If people are drawn to one another and of adult age, be who you want to be, love whomever you want to love. If we could embrace this simple way, such things would not be newsworthy.

  • endicott

    Most of the rubes in here shrieking “JOHN IS NOT GAY!!!!” are the EXACT demographic that his LAME-O movies are geared towards.

    Clueless cornfed cowtown hillbillies and sexually frustrated sowfraus.

    • Yarp

      It’s you that sounds sexually frustrated!

      Go give yourself a hand job – weirdo.

  • mhb

    Miss Travolta has likely had more penis in her than a urinal at Penn Station.

  • joanne

    Where’s the proof? No pictures?

  • WTF!!

    Google “Travolta Gay” and all you will get is a bunch of perverted gay stories that not one person can prove.

    For example ” I worked in this place and he would run around chatting up all the men” or ” I worked on the set of such a film and he was trying it on with every man” or “He visits gay spas – bars – and hotels regular with guys”

    Biggest lot of BS, and the fact this particular story remarks “eyewitness” saw everything, really is dangerous. You cannot spew out this type of story and have no name or evidence to back up the claim – I hope so much Travolta sues them.

    look – do you honestly think that if Travolta goes to the extent of marrying, having kids and playing happy families to conceal his sexuality – is he really going to act this reckless and be found out? I doubt it very much.

    Either way, even if he is gay/bisexual I fail to see why it should be such a scandal? It’s no wonder people stay in the closet with such homophobics out there. Filmstars/popstars have a habit of staying in closets when it comes to sexuality, and that’s because it would finish their careers. And that says more about the people of this world than it does about any gay superstar.

  • Jim Jones

    Pulp Fiction movie ever…if he’s gay I don’t really care but i’ll take his wife.

  • blah

    HAHA. Kelly…you better shape up…cause he needs a man

  • me

    Well if Kelly needs a real man she can call me anytime!!

  • Vicky

    I am so sick of these scum bags coming out of the woodwork. They lost a son and now they are having a Baby.Why not come out with this earlier? Every time someone is Happy in there lives there is always someone out there to ruin things. Lie detector given by who? The National Enquirer.I read magazines but this is not one of them.They have kept a low profile and never bothered anyone.I wonder how much the yo-yo got paid for this one.Leave these people alone. They have been through enough.JMO

  • Hollywood Ron

    He’s cool. A-list actor. Great looking wife. Movies make plenty of bucks so he’s rich. And you?

    • Emily

      Yes! I do like what you typed up Johnny!! : )

  • Johnny

    This has been an open secret for years. If he and his wife have worked out his attraction to men…that is their business…the media should leave him alone

  • bonnie

    kelly and john are probably both bisexual and have an open relationship; i’m sure they are aware of each others lovelives, but enjoy each others company enough to be a couple and raise a family together; kelly had several failed marriages before john, so she knows her way around the proverbial hollywood block…their life is their business.

  • Jules

    I know for a fact this story is not true. I have a friend that was just at the Travolta home in Ocala, FL on Labor Day and he was home and everything was fine. If it wasn’t I can assure you they wouldn’t have been there for the reason they were there. Also there are pictures to prove it! This is a load of BS. I guess the economy really sucks when they target these celebrities when they make the news legitimately and didn’t get the story so they just make one up!

  • aleasha

    Peoiple need to leave him alone…..its his choice of life if he is or isnt…..i dont think he is, and national is know for starting bad rumors on celebs

  • Saema

    if it is true n he is gay i wonder wat opinion his ella will form about him.I mean he always looks like the perfect daddy to her….wonder wat she might go thru

  • Robert Laity


    John hasn’t killed anyone,however:

    • Emily in MA

      Hi! Jodi!! How are you? Hope that everything will get better on your street with those media mean people. They should get a life and focus on it then they should be happy. But,people like that it is in their blood to hurt others.

  • Jodi L

    LJohn and Kelly live down the street from my husband and me. We feel people need to leave The Travolta’s alone. We hate the fact people lie and want to stir the kettle up with more lies. To the new media that was out in front of the home of John and Kelly’s, when their son died! (Ocala, FL). New Media did not care who they bothered in the middle of main street. Stoping everyone and trying to get a story from us all. You would think when they left, they would of clean up the area! NO YOU DID NOT! The New Media left garbage and paper all over. So what does that tell you about the New Media! John had his groundmen go clean up the trash the New Media left behind, that was left on another families property.
    Now the New Media talking “trash”! Leave our neighbor alone and stop the lying and gossip you are doing

  • Emily in MA

    The media has gone mad with everything!! Why don’t they go pick on the pope who knew about young boys getting beatn and rapped by their people in the church!! Why don’t the news go and put the time into something that needs to be done! Yet,they focus on Travolta when there are so many people out there that were abused and it should be put out there.

  • Emily in MA

    Hello! Everyone! Can you please pray for my client she just had another stroke that makes her 6th that she is going through again. My client is such a great women and it would mean alot to me if I could get lots of prayers from everyone!! For we are family in Gods eyes! IF you want to contact me and say hi I said a prayer for your client that would be great! 1(401)215 -8292 god bless everyone whom takes the time to pray for my client.

  • KMH

    Even if he was does it really matter? Is it anyone’s business one way or the other? Hell, Rock Hudson was gay and he was a heart throb for years. Get over it people and tend to your own backyards. Did anyone ever think that maybe Kelly already knew and that sometimes that’s the price you pay for success and to be with the person you love? The bottom line is whether he’s gay or not he’s still John and if you loved him before then you should still love him after. No one is perfect. And to the ones that are bashing him, your jealousy of his success shows like a gleaming beacon. People that are envious of someone else always wait in their blackness for that person to screw up or God forbid have faults. As if they don’t have their own.

  • Ruby Megonia

    PUHLEEZE! You really think Kelly isn’t aware of it and in on it? Beards in Hollywood are nothing new…it’s all about appeasing public perception.

    And don’t feel too bad for her, supposedly she has a long time boyfriend.

  • Wizcarol

    John is a Christian Scientist, pretty hard core, and there beliefs on homosexuality is that are pretty strict, they are convinced they can change a gay person into a straight and the religion does not allow for gays in their religion, hence the so called Brainwashing them into being straight philosop0hy. So if it is true maybe they will use their specialnprogram to make him straight. LOL. It is BS.

    • Wizcarol

      sorry for the typos above, and meant to say their beliefs, not there, its late here

  • Mimi

    Who cares?

  • brian

    I thought he might have been in love with gary coleman and the death of him broke his heart

  • http://hotmail raquelespinoza

    dat waz d dombess idea dat guy ever had when he waz about 2 have little girl i feel really bad 4 kelly she must of been umberess i just hate dat guy hes stupied

  • bruce

    When he did not become Olivia’s boyfriend or marry her I knew some thing was funny.

  • Sarah

    The Tabloids Mix shit upall the time and they are just so fricking cruel.

  • http://showbizspy Sydney

    Truth be known, closet gays are common in Hollywood. Rock Hudson was gay for years. Ellen Degeneres came out of the closet a few years ago. Neil Patrick Harris just came out. There are alot of them and it’s sad they have to hide it for so long. i don’t doubt for a minute that John Travolta could be a closet gay. i do believe it’s sleezy and wrong to exploit him and Kelly. The guy who wrote the book is a snake. It’s their private business. For me personally, John Travolta would be the perfect husband. Let me have the money honey, the house and the kids and no sex? Bingo, hit the jackpot!

  • http://showbizspy Sydney


  • http://showbizspy Sydney


  • http://showbizspy Sydney

    What on earth does Scientology have to do with or religion at all? In fact Tom Cruise is also a Scientologist and that leaves many questions. Bottom line, if he is secretly gay it’s because of our hideous Society. He obviously loves Kelly and sexual preference has nothing to do with loving anyone.If he is gay,he should come out and the man who is Exploiting him and Kelly obviously doesn’t care about Kelly being a sweet person or he wouldn’t exploit them.It’s there business. Besides heterosexual marriages are Far from perfect and have a higher ratio of divorce. What a joke!

  • DTorres

    Maybe Travolta’s wife, Kelly know it, if it’s true,
    and doesn’t care.
    If she’s okay, why should anyone else care.
    Besides that is their personal business.

    Is your life that boring?

  • paul

    I am gay too.
    Where are tabloids?

  • Mike Gallagher

    The older that Kelly Preston gets, the more beautiful she gets. I have always liked her film work and would like to see more or her and Diane Lane anytime.

  • An Observer

    I knew Doris Day years ago. She said all Hollywood actors have to sign a list of ALL the lovers they ever had, animals too (tongue in cheek? Don’t think she was kidding) so any potential scandals could be controlled. Gays were told to shut up and not get caught, if they were outed they were finished, not even a car-wash would employ them, they could even get sued for all the millions they had potentially yet to earn. Arranged marriages were the norm, even for straights. Hollywood is totally fake, it is all about image and MONEY. My impression was that it was more a case of who WASN’T gay in Hollywood, rather than the opposite. Doris? She told us she went wide-eyed, put on that wonky puzzled face she does so well, and cheekily suggested it was much quicker to note all the guys she HADN’T fucked! Boy, did we laugh!

  • soosoo

    Funny there are no photos of JOhn with other men. Paparazzi find ways, if there’s a picture to be taken.

    He’s married, obviously has sex with his wife, raises his children with her. Even if he were gay in his heart and in the closet, his lifestyle is heterosexual.

    His wife’s the only one who has a right to know. He’s not hurting anyone (the public). It’s his private business. The only one who should be asking him about it is his wife, no one else.

    If he is gay, he does a damn good job of hiding it and keeping everyone else’s mouth shut. Bit too ironic.

    If he is gay and he comes out with it, etc., doesn’t change any of my feelings about him, his character or his acting career.

    I really like him.

    Countless celebrities and artists, and everyone else, are publically gay anyway and people don’t love them any less (prob more).

  • soosoo

    A person announcing they are gay to the world is an incredibly personal choice. If one wanted it known, one would say so themselves.

    Carrie Fisher was out of line.

  • eizenheimer

    wow what a fag……

    • Elissa

      funny how you shitheads believe whatever you read….i’d rather be gay then dumb….sad to have such idiots roaming our beautiful earth….ill pray for your intellecutal retrieve…

      • Justinpcameron

        Go ahead and believe whatever you want, but the day will come when WE WILL ALL STAND BEFORE GOD AND GIVE ACCOUNT OF ONESELF, He’s not going to ask me about John Travolta 

      • Gvergararn

        Type your comment here. Wow, you may be fun of John Travolta. Unfortunately,  99.99% of gay rumors come out to be true. Sorry to burst your bubble…….

  • Mickey

    And an ugly fag, too.

    • Donnasking

      John Travolta’s cute

  • Bigtimjamestown47

    Maybe John Travolta should host Obama’s next 40,000.00 dollar a plate fund raiser

    • Saundrah

      You are an idiot. To have so much hate for Obama and for no valid reason, you will be judged someday and not by me. Get a life and learn true facts and not lies fed by Fox and Rush,

  • Queenmom11

    and then there was Tom Cruise, what do they have in common ?

  • Jeff

    These guys should do a little research before making lawsuits. John is happily married, with kids.

    Highly doubt he suffers from homosexuality.

    • Biggsp13

      Jeff.. Read above. That was in 2010.. Accusations now are in 2012 He rides men. that’s his choice. Sounds like like he’s in the closet… So, sad.

    • Loangye

      jeff u kidding

      • Loangye

        dude ive seen it it what it is!

  • jack la rue

    i could care less if travolta’s butthole is the size of the lincoln tunnel or the size of a ant anus.. the guy’s a damn good actor and thats what counts.. i want too be entertained not spoon fed some story about travolta and some hairy man entangled in a web of dirty massages and nipple sucking. lets grow up here, gosh dang it !!!!

  • Cassdixon

    I feel sorry for entertainers they have no personal life.When some one doesnt get enough of what kick backs they’ve been getting for secrets all of  a sudden comman knowledge of piers become public!!   Judge ye not!

  • Richardnjackie

    i love it , i and a jhon fan , and i love that he is gay , and a crossedress, you see iand tg and i were women cloth 24 seven , you go john  be proud to be gay i and , gay and proud  love Rickie

  • Rickie

    hi  John , be proud that you are gay i and gay and i love men  to  , and i dress as a women to love  love  Rickie

  • Allson

    I have no problem with people doing what makes them happy, just don’t use other people to cover it up…

  • Gary Whitehead

    I do not believe for a minute that John’s private encounters were ever without his wife’s knowledge. She’s not stupid. Some wives have perfectly happy marriages knowing full well of their husbands sexual escapades. This is no exception. Again, Kelly is not stupid and has all the financial resources to confirm her husbands sexual trysts.  

  • Gary Whitehead

    These are consenting adults who know exactly what the score is. Don’t have pity for Kelly, she’s get’s a nice ride.  

  • Katy

    I have no idea for sure, and have always been a Travolta fan. Whether is is bi, homo, or whatever is his business. He draws the people to the box office, he either has paid Kelly well for a straight looking life with kids, and I agree, she may be all savvy with John’s sexcapades. Personally I feel Tom is hiding something. I’m not crazy about his acting, only when he was younger, now he seems to be a controlling freak. Whatever makes them tick. 

  • Brendahopkins123

    If this is true, about Travolta, I hope his wife leaves him.

  • stan brown

    Sorry to say this is gettingn old, BUT is still extremetly important and necessary. This helps many teens and beyond , come to terms w.their sxuality. When they see stars and other people they idiolize or/and at least respect” come out”, They don;t feel so isolated. Can you imagine one day when most families can talk around the dinner table or whatever, and a gay member NOT having to go through  PRE-TRAUMATIC  feelings(which have many times have ended tragically) e.g.roommate taping of the room sharer w/o his knowledge and ended in his killing himself. Instead the  thought patterns would be much more like, John T., Ricky Martin,Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen Degeneres ……I could go on and on, and you see how succesfull, respected by others and themselves, even after they have” come out”. This turning the conversation to one where something like this goes on” I met the nicest, and to die for cute guy today, and I got the nerve to sit next to him and we talked a little about school work. What should I do next? I know he is gay, as he is an active membeer of a GLBT club at school.Any suggestions? Now that’s what I would call a great dinner time conversation on SO many levels.

  • Cromwelllarry

    You know that not one of us standing in judgment have a right to through a stone.  John, I have enjoyed your acting and dancing for many years.  I have lost family to AIDS, cancer and the unknown – it all hurts – and I love them all.  Be okay with God and yourself.  As we get up each morning, thank the Lord the he let you open your eyes to face another day.  Then thank him that your partner next to u opens their eyes and hopefully has a smile.  Treat people like u want to be treated.  And remember – it is all in God’s hands  – Be ok