Thursday, September 2, 2010

Drew BarrymoreDREW Barrymore hates the single life — because she’s not a fan of “being alone”.

The actress — who refuses to confirm the status of her romance with on/off beau Justin Long — admits she’s a relationship kinda girl.

“The worst part of being single is being alone. But I don’t get the benefit of having any help because I’m in a relationship with a person I never see,” the Going the Distance star told Stylist magazine when asked how she feels about lost-distance romances.

“So I think sometimes, I feel like I’m just in a weird purgatory. And I have definitely had my freak-outs about that.”

Drew recently admitted she likes to sit down to a good old rom-com after a rubbish day.

“I need them at the end of a crap day — a nice happy ending and a fairytale,” she said.

“On the other hand I like movies that are very grounded in reality but still maintain their comedy.”

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  • L

    That’s cuz the slut has daddy issues. Men are her security blankets

    • lee

      drew gets hotter with age. they just posted some new naked pics of her from some magazine in europe at http://wowurl.com/11bq9

  • Dennis

    Hey Drew, i’ll keeep you company anytime.

    • http://dsl AMERICA

      Well said! Were this crazy girl not born into the Barrymore family line, who would notice her??

  • http://yahoo wayne capinegro

    I am a 79 year old white man, and I am better looking than Drew Barrymore.
    I am sure that I can act better as well. If she were born into any other family, she would be doing honest work for a living.

    • http://dsl AMERICA

      NO! DREW BARRYMORE CANNOT SUSTAIN A MAN IN HER LIFE BECAUSE SHE IS A LESBIAN!! And she is mentally disturbed and you have a recipe for a lost soul

  • http://www.NexusMagicStore.com Jason

    She just has not met the right man, I think most men see her as this powerful talented woman, but fail to also see her as a human being an individual with needs, wants, and desires like anyone else. She also has a rebel side that most men are intimidated by. She needs a man who can challenge her without disrespect and love her for who she is. Life is only as complicated as you make it for yourself. Drew comes from a lineage of acting talent her great Grandfather John Barrymore had his troubles too.I think it is safe to say that we are representatives of our experiences in life and love. Drew’s experiences have brought her to where she is today. She will find her place in life and in love. But she will also have to find a person she can be vulnerable with and trust. She I am sure has so much love behind those eyes waiting for the right man. And what a fortunate soul he will be in my opinion. :o)

  • w sutton

    when you find the right person you will both change things so you can be togather intell then its learning and a wast of time your call i know iam there work work work no life …we all hope one day ,but steal have things we feel need to be done good luck to you he will be a very lucky man and you a lucky lady best wishes we all have hope you want a custom house built thats me i build dreams

  • harry anchovi

    I’m sorry, but that is one of the most unattractive women in Hollywood. Doesn’t help that she smokes cigarettes. Otherwise attractive women like Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria and others who smoke drop to skank level as soon as they light up.

  • w sutton

    what she needs is to hire me to build her a dream house spend time with this o boy and be happy

  • w sutton

    what you needs is to hire me to build her a dream house spend time with this o boy and be happy

  • http://jimmysinternetmarketing.com Jimmy Bryant

    So hollywood stars are normal like the rest of us, duh, what else is new?

  • henry

    i also can relate to how she feels, iam a fan of hers i also have never replied to any thing like this, i know its hard to try to live a natural live when everyone wonnts to live there lives thru yours. being famaous or in the spot light i belive everyone deserves the right there freedom , the spot light makes it harder to find your soulmate ,cause everyone is chaseing you. an then you just cant be who you really are .i hope she finds her true love and no one takes that away from her, ps, drew you get sexer in time

  • http://dsl AMERICA

    She is just pathetic… with all that money and she is miserable! Listen up folks: NO HOMOSEXUALS LIKE DREW CAN EVER BE HAPPY ! They live a life of chaos.

  • http://dsl AMERICA

    DREW NEEDS TO FIX HER UGLY MOUTH WITH SURGERY…not a good luck babe. Oh, and try THERAPY — honestly, what person can stand to be around anyone so confused??

  • Leah

    I love her movies :)
    Shes in my top 4 favorite actresses. Hope she has better luck in the love department soon :)

  • sAM




  • Lucy

    Dang, after all these years I just have to speak up.

    Drew reminds me of Kate Gosselin, both are pathetic. Just give it up why don’t you. Both are bound and determined to be in the spotlight to the point of seeming desperate and kissing ass. For some reason it’s working for Drew, speech impediment and all. I change the station when I see the cosmetic commercials. The girl looks like a boop-ooo-pee-doo, cupie doll. This is NOT an attractive look. These days she drowns it in makeup, too little, too late.

    I will never understand how this girl was an actress past ET. Sure, I’m being harsh but there is something about Kate and Drew that sounds like total desperation. Not to compare the two in any way except the desperation part.

    Thanks for reading.



    REALLY people you are simple minded drones!! Anyone else want to post a jealous or stupid comment on her life.You idiots cant even live your so-called normal lives try living hers. She has never been without a photo of her every day of her life. People like you doubting and hating her. I would have to say she turned out pretty well considering she has had to listen to everyday trash like the people I see blogging there comments here ( excluding only a small few). She is a free spirit and has problems …who doesn’t have issues I mean come on look at you people and your stupid comments. Sometimes you people should just grow up. She’s human she has good roles and bad like anyone in Hollywood. You people need a life.

  • w sutton

    you people dont even live on this planet you love people for who they are i think shes great quite trying to chang people .if you dont like what you see than the proublem is in you you need to look inside because averthing out here is great

  • http://emccawley@yahoo.com eric

    why is everyone hating on here for we grew up watching her remember et shes great

  • Tina

    LMFAO at these comments. YOU are the ones that are stupid, not her. Do me a favor… look at yourself and ask why you’re so unhappy that you have to rag on other people and post anonymous, stupid comments. Take an English or grammar class while you’re at it. You’re not adding to your case when you sound that dumb.

    • really?

      Well said!
      And where the he ll did they come up w/the shiz that she’s a lesbian? WTF is that about. Pathetic losers.
      I think she’s great, beautiful and talented. On her worst no make up day I’m willing to bet she’s more gorgeous than the idiots posting here.
      Jealous much?

  • http://YAHOO FRED

    YOU ME TO TAKE CARE OF YOU ,I can make you laugh hold you when your lonely ,protect you and love you and im no nut case .

  • Sonny

    well im here and got plenty of time and Ive dang near wrecked my car getting back to girl that had her eyes once. Yeah she was hot and took her out that night, but she had a boyfriend in prison, and, well, that was enough for me, so i said next time it’d have be Drew herself

  • Heywood Jabloume

    I love Screw Barrymore.

    I mean I’d love to screw drew barrymore

    I hope she likes it in the browneye.

  • SexxePaigE

    maybe if she never married tom greene someone would want to date her! lol jking i feel bad . anyway I was just on this really funny site called, peopleofthemta.com … has anyone ever been to it ? HysTerical!!!

  • http://yahoo not a drew fan anymore

    Bumped into her one time a long time ago…Off Melrose in a clothing shop while she was hanging with loser Balthazar Getty….she was a B_TCH! Sad……..

  • Brian

    I think Drew is a beautiful woman. I am a very good read on peoples character and she just seems like a lost little girl who needs a best friend and someone to love / be loved by. I think with her whole Hollywood upbringing she lost the opportunity to develop into herself as a person and only has the BS Hollywood standards to try to live up to now….and as everyone knows striving for those things will NEVER get you happy. If I wasn’t happily married for 21 years I would be her “bo” in a second. A little good / tough love and support / encouragement and she could be a whole person again.Sooo -you go Drew and don’t listen to any of that negative crap they say about you. You are a very attractive and special individual….with faults…..just like the rest of us!!

  • http://twitter.com/Joselynjur Caton

    i use justin bieber as my wallpaper

  • Lourdes

    WTF!!! Why are so many men bashing her!! I’ll bet the ones who are going out their way to talk bad about her have worse skeletons in their own closets!…You’re all no better! People who lives in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Drew is a young, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, funny and heart warming, sensitive woman who is comfortable in her own skin in addition to being an extremely, accomplished hollywood executive and humanitarian. Now THAT is WINNING combination!!! Don’t HATE!!

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    I’m not sure why but this web site is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

  • Matt

    I’d cure her single status in a heartbeat! I’ve had a crush on here since I was five or six!