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Posted by Adam

Drew BarrymoreDREW Barrymore likes “easy” relationships.

The Going the Distance actress — who is believed to be dating her costar Justin Long — admits she used to crave being in “crazy love”, but has become attracted to relaxed partners as and romances as she has grown older.

“When you’re young you just want to be in love,” she said. “I call it crazy love, because you just want to have fun and you’re not thinking about the future or kids. You just want to have a good time with that person.

“Then, as you get older, even children aside, you just think, ‘God, I actually like when it’s easy, and I want these attributes from this person. I need these kinds of systems in place to feel calm.”

The blonde actress admits she is also attracted to people who keep their word and don’t lie to her.

“Someone who, when they say they are going to do something, does it,” Drew said of her ideal man.

“I really, really am attracted to any person, personally or professionally, who keeps their word.”


  • Chris

    She’s hardly a role model herself.

  • Michelle

    She is perfect blend of beauty with brains.