Kate Bosworth Cheated on Alexander Skarsgard?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kate BosworthKATE Bosworth has been cheating on her hunky boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard — according to a new report.

Us Weekly
magazine says the 27-year-old has been hooking up with one of her former flames!

Bosworth recently went to visit her family in Massachussetts and she “made out with her high school boyfriend,” a source said.

Bosworth was apparently upset that her ex-beau Orlando Bloom had married his pregnant girlfriend Miranda Kerr.

“She was feeling down,” said the source. “Her high school ex is comfortable. And he’s still smitten with her.”



  • Atikur

    You are a very nice. but you naghity

  • Elizabeth

    What did you expect from from her…to be faithful!!! That word is NOT in her dictionary.

    • yup

      i totally agree he deserves better and I could be that person. ;) but seriously kate was never going to be good enough for him

  • omayra

    Finally, her true self has come out! I feel sorry for Alexander because he does have a big heart and is truly honest but he made a terrible mistake… laying his eyes on this anorexic, slot, low rat woman. He deserves much better. I hope the news gets to him and make him open his eyes about what she really is.

  • busybody

    This story is complete BS!

  • goddess

    bullshit or not, they don’t seem to me to be a couple that will survive. Bosworth’s tendency to keep their relationship on the “down-low” proves she’s not really committed to it. We all know that when you’re really in love, you want to sing it from the rooftops, not keep it a secret.

  • Betty

    I don`t understand why she would care about Orlando Bloom getting married. They`ve been done for years. If I had a man like Alex, I would not be worried about what old boyfriends are doing! I just keep reading negative things about her, and I don`t think it`s all fan jealousy. He seems to be the one who wanted to keep the relationship on the down low. He is a private person when it comes to his personal life, and he`s not a fan of the paparazzi. She wasn`t with him at the Emmys, so it might be true. I hope he can find a nice girl that he can spend his life with. It`s going to be hard to find one in Hollywood, though. That place is soooo not real.

  • Luisa

    It doesn’t matter, Alex is with Nina. Has anybody seen the book? Kate is old news!http://www.booksie.com/Nina_Simone

  • nata

    This is soo fucking gay, who ever wrote this needs to get a life. no offense to kate, i think alex deserves a better girl, but come on why would she go through all the trouble to rekindle with her old flame thats probably no one, shes rich so she can have any guy she wants

  • MIMI

    Oh please ! They are both out for what they can get from this relationship…attention.

  • skyhigh

    oh.. he deserves so much better!

  • sasha

    WHAT is she wearing? And will she ever get her own publicity without mentioning Orlando Bloom’s name to draw in the search engines?

  • sandy

    she wasn’t at the emmys with him. Was she making a movie? hum.

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    yes she wasn’t at the emmys and not see with him

  • Jenny

    Lucky girl! She has 2 guys. Wish I was her.

  • Maria

    She seems like a free-sprint airhead.
    Skarsgard needs a lady more like Anna Paquin who has very good looks, smart, funny, and not a cheap slut!

    She needs to eat a few hamburgers to fatten up a bit.
    There is nothing more uncomfortable than hitting bone when you go in for the dive!! Get my drift!

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