Mark Wahlberg Embarrassed About His Music Career

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mark WahlbergMARK Wahlberg is “embarrassed” about his music career.

The 39-year-old star — who was an original member of New Kids on the Block before quitting because he didn’t like their musical style and going on to find fame as rapper Marky Mark — admits he realizes now he wasn’t as cool as he once thought.

“Ah man, embarrassed,” he said when asked about his singing carer. “I thought I was so cool back then, but when I see the footage, I was such an a*s.”

However, his family won’t let him forget his solo career and a nickname from the era still plagues him.

“I remember seeing this thing on VH1, some Sexy People Of The 90s show. My brother Paul was watching with me and my assistant they were just killing themselves with laughter,” he said.

“To top if off I was number one! So for ages afters whenever they’d call, they’d be, ‘Can we speak to the Sexiest Man Of The 90s please? They keep killing me.”

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  • http://Showbizspy Patty Fitz

    Too funny! I never did like him as a rapper but I do now.

  • MissVampireDiaries

    Aww, lol. He was hot though.

  • PositiveVibe

    He shouldn’t be embarrassed. His music was just fine and he was a young guy who had fun and thought he’d be really cool. Look at the audience in his videos. They’re loving it. It was back then, now he has moved on. All is well. ;-)