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Posted by Adam

Jennifer AnistonJENNIFER Aniston admits she wakes up looking a mess!

And it’s not because of all those men she’s allegedly been going to bed with!

The former Friends star, 41, insists she isn’t a bundle of beauty when she gets up in the mornings.

“Everyday! Unless I had somebody with a hair brush and a blow dryer right when I rolled out of bed. I mean come on, of course,” she said.

Recent reports claimed The Switch actress Aniston — who’s divorced from Brad Pitt – has had her eggs frozen at a Southern California fertility clinic.

“She will be an amazing mother,” said an Aniston insider. “Jen is incredible with children. For so many years she’s wanted to have children.

“She’s financially positioned to bring kids into the world and provide them with an amazing life.

“There’s definitely someone new in Jen’s life and he’s not a player in the superficial Hollywood scene. That’s all I can say.”

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  • Larry Lee Moniz

    You guys make TMZ look like the Washington Post.
    This is the stupidest thing you’ve posted.

  • Hitter N’daChitter

    I’ll bet she looks fine with her face to the mattress and her a$$ up in the air.

    • lee.fostlin

      there are some behind-the-scenes pics of jen from her nude GQ shoot where you can see her bare breasts and snatch posted at

      • ddik


      • tbt

        hi, are you nice?

    • Tom m

      I’ll bet she does too! If she wants kids I would be more than happy to give them to her!

    • Mr Brock Peters.

      Brad Pitt would know that view too well. Now he get’s to see Angelina’s @ss up in the air. Dayum! He’s a P.I.M.P!


    Hittler-chittler, you are real “GIANT” in the internet! If your father will find that, YOUR a@@ will be up in the air. And your face – in the lavatory pan.


    Jen is Jen 24/7!!!

  • Gary

    why would someone that every got?

  • wetskii

    wtf is it abought this blonde bimbo!!!!who a gives fuck she is so fucking boring …her movies are just as cheesy an boring as she is…wtf has she done lately but change another ratty ass hairstyle …get the spotligt off this blonde ditz and put it on the super hot girls like megan fox , or angelina jolie, megan good, or scarlet johansen….fuck her an her soccer mom look this bitch is knocking fithy in the ass , enough of her already!!!!!shes late ,….she drove brad away…im sure shes gonna drive another hot man away into another sex symbol arms ….history repeats itself!!!!!!

  • Julie BubbleGums Lil SIS

    Does anyone else realise what is really being done to Jennifer Aniston by the press? For over 5 years they have been setting things in place for another Britney Spears Breakdown! Why do we allow the press to hound them by paying for their garbage. I don’t want to know if Jennifer Aniston has frozen her eggs. And I don’t need a magazine to tell me that she looks just like the rest of us do in the morning! I don’t care if Jolie-Pitts are busting up or splitting up. I do care about the movies I can anticipate to purchase of Jennifer Aniston’s latest movies. I don’t care if a critic likes it or not. And I don’t believe the BS about the movie being bad because of how much it did not make at the theaters because guess what I would love to go out to the theaters and watch her movie sucky or not I am going to watch it. The thing I understand about movies and actors/actesses is that they grow and evolve. And I will witness it good or bad as long as I continue to keep an open mind. I have found that when the critics love a movie I hate it! And when they claim it is a bomb I love it! I love when the fashion patrol claim certain ones bombed on the red carpet. Then see those who were wearing hideous clothing getting an A+ rating, I am smart enough to figure out a deal was reached. That person gave them photo ops for when they would be out and about. It also meant that person who was given those opportunities agree to claim they are A+ even when they are a -F. Think about this how is it that Jolie-Pitt can stay out of the press and suddenly they are photographed all over the place. It is a little thing of allowing staff to drop the information of when and where. So it can be claimed as they got them when no one else could. It means a whole lot of money to them. They have rode the Jolie-Pitt, Aniston trilogy in the ground. So now it is Jennifer Aniston who is being screwed over because she doesn’t just get out there and give them all what they want. A tawdry cat fight. So for all the Aniston fans such as myself, lets get a big message across to all the rag tag magazines we are done waiting for them to push another one over the edge. What Britney Spears went through in my opinion was criminal. And quite honestly I think there should be a law against media stalking and setting things in motion for a break down or worst (pushing someone into commiting suicide) I think it should be against the law for them to take pictures of them out in their personal life. I think if the photos are not from a legitimate interview, then it would be against the law for them to use the photos and make millions of dollars the actors/actresses do not get paid for. Or make it a law that in order for any such photos to be used they have to go to that person have them approved and pay them for it. Because whether or not anyone has thought about it, their being a famous person does not give the right for their lives to be picked apart online or in line at the supermarket. Look at what happened to Princess Diana. And in most cases in my opinion it is what drives more and more to drinking and drugging simply because they can not escape the fish bowl. So while every one is commenting how about letting all of the media know enough is enough!

    • http://deleted andy

      Jennifer is no Princess Diana, but I have to say I am sick of hearing stupid article on Jennifer because it never fails they always have to say the ex of Brad Pitt, that for me is enough we all know she is the ex so why repeat it with every article they print, she is the ex, the slut, the movie flopper, the nipple pointer, the I want babies but let someone else have them, I don’t want to ruin my lovely body, the hair flipper, the Rachel in every movie must I go on its been more than 5 long years, ENOUGH OF THE EX OF BRAD PITT.

      • Yanah

        Jennifer is a normal woman, not a woman who had nervous breakdown like Princess Diana or the mental unstable Angelina. Jen is a celebrity but she is not an airhead.

    • jim/dee

      Good for you!!! I agree wholehartedly with what you are saying!! The less I have to hear about Angie the better.
      No matter how many children she adopts, she should spend more time with the children she gave birth to instead of letting a crew of nannys raise them. I think Brad is having second thoughts about what he has gotten himself into and maybe a little regret.


    wetskii, go kiss your sister like your idol Jolie!

    • dede

      YEP!!!!! Jolies disgusting and phony. All of a sudden shes a saint. Ugh… She has a beautiful face but aside from that she got a nasty lookin skinny tall body wit NO ASS.

      • Yanah

        Her face looks like a old grandma now, minus the cheeks but plus the wide disgusting veiny forehead.

      • Kirsten

        at least angie’s not afraid to show her real face unlike highly botoxed old tv star with nothing but bomb films to her credit

  • Eric

    Wow. The 90% of the commentators on this post are morons who are incapable of spelling, they’re about 1,000 times more idiotic than the post itself.

    Buy a dictionary people.

    • mlrs

      You hit the nail on the head. I just heard about a high school student that failed his history exam because the teacher who corrected it could not understand his “text-abbreviation” spelling. His parents are now taking the teacher to court. I say no more. In this case, the parents sound even more stupid than the student….if this is even possible! You were kind-hearted when you stated only 90% couldn’t spell. Their message is so often loss in their mess!

    • http://deleted andy


    • Justice

      I bet You do have one “dictionary”, but maybe you did not check it properly to find the real meaning of commentators and the appropriate word under the context…and more “idiotic” ? maybe your dictionary is torn.

  • annette

    i am so sick and tired of seeing this no talent, thinks its 1990, movies stinks, can not act, dresses like a teenager, has’t change her hair style since 1990. i will never go see her bad movies, not worth the money and its been five years since brad left her because she did not want kids and she is to into her looks and body to even consider ever having babies, so brad was right…..

  • Pam Algonquin

    She ALWAYS looks messy, no matter what time of day. Her hair is her worst feature. It’s dead and hangs there, doing nothing. Why she doesn’t change hairdressers and have it cut into a cute style is beyond me.

  • http://showbizspy ROB1CRAZYDUDE


  • Truth teller

    The bitch has no talent. Het claim to fame was showing nipples and super short skirts. Even noe on talk shows all she does is sit there making stupid faces hoping every one thinks she is cute. What a waste of space

  • http://dsl AMERICA


    WELL KARMA BIT YOU BACK!…you lost Brad, you lost self respect, lost good movie roles, lost every man!


    • Wendy

      Jen is hot, and so youthful. Plus she is a classy, nice, person. That’s why pretty boys are after her, not her problem if she is chased by them, who wouldn’t?

      • Kirsten

        and they all ran away from her after a while, didn’t they? so much for class, i think aniston has a stinking personality that guys couldn’t bear and is kept to the public.

  • eva marina

    Jennifer looking like a hot mess sounds . . . well, hot!!! I should look so terrible!

  • blewis

    I can wake up to that mess anytime. Is the headline writer a little too…

  • LostSymbol

    These alleged bloggerheads have no sensual taste in their women. What they see is skin deep, hence my go to match for Jen is right under her pretty nose. My bet is Jen is going to marry, have seventeen beautiful, intelligent and articulate children.


    LostSymbol, 17 children – it’s too much. OK, 7 may burn Jen, but other 10 – it’s for husband…

  • Wow

    Boy, you can definitely tell when Brangeloonies are around. Angelina Jolie’s fans are certifiable, and need to seek help, STAT. They stalk Jennifer Aniston sites more than they comment on their idol sites.

    • Frumpy

      OMG are you kidding me? Who wants to see you in the morning? Get over yourself you are not hot as Jen.

    • http://deleted andy

      How would you know that idiot, unless unless?

      • Yanah

        You know the mental fans of Angelina by how they give psycho and dumb comments.

      • Kirsten

        like you whore jen fans post at angie’s pages? you should be thankful without us here there is only 2 or 3 of you posting under diff nicks :)

  • fallofdarkness7785

    This is the world’s dumbest article ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! so what if she wakes looking like a mess. i look like a mess when i wake up too. so is that news-worthy too? papparazies are so fucking stupid.

    • http://deleted andy


  • Siren

    Who makes these titles?! “Jennifer Aniston Looks Like a Mess in the Mornings!” could have been easily translated into “Jennifer Aniston Admits Waking Up and Looking Like a Mess.”

    And the other one they had “Jennifer Aniston Behaving Like a Filthy Hussy.” How biased can this site get?


    I take a shit and let it harden. Then I put my underwear back on and don’t shower for a month. That’s how you make the bling see.



  • Negative

    I hate to say it but this girl has looked like a mess ever since she hit 32. She was honestly hotter prior to getting the nose job and going anorexic. Sorry Jen, you may be a sweatheart in person but you are one of the celebrities that just did not age well.

    • Positive

      And what do you look like pray tell? Jen looks very hot as she got older, so you can suck it!

  • Flo B Dap

    I don’t know if I believe that she really looks a mess in the morning when she wakes up. I would like to wake up next to her and just see for myself.

  • Henry

    Thats a mess I would like to see getting out of my bed in the morning

  • Dianne

    Y’all that are talkin’ trash need to get over yourselves. The internet is just one big Jerry Springer show.

  • george

    i wish she was my girl she is a great person ive been waiting 6 years fir the rught momen and still lookin “go jen”, as lookin like a mess in the morn all women do so why would some one put this up leave her alone.

  • http://n/a sheryl wilson

    Dianne you are right!! Jen seems like a nice enough gal, at least she doesn’t adopt kids as an accessory! We are consumed with other people’s short comings,makes me wonder why….is it because we have so many ourselves?? Also such hate speech, that is a form of self hatred too…lighten up folks she just a gal out here trying to make a living. She never claimed to be a rocket scientist and she has poor taste in men…many women do! She is cute, talented with a rock solid bod, I wish her good luck….she’s a cute Greek gal and I have a cute, smart Greek boy for her (m.d.) any regular guy would think she’s hot, hot hot!!!

  • Lgjr

    She can have my son

  • Barney

    why does she always look like she needs to be slapped really hard? Is it the fact that she is on every magazine cover at the stands, blog, and “news” article everywhere on the internet? Could it be she is an aging actress who still thinks she is 20? The lack of talent? Or is it she hasn’t fucked everyone in Hollywood yet to find the “perfect” man who can put up with her whiney shit? What ever it is I would like to personally smack the shit out of her, and let her know that is part of the reason her movies bomb because people are sick of her and her crap, that and the fact all her roles are basically the same fucking role, and people are sick to death of it, unless they are some homely ass woman sitting around fantasizing that this shit could be reality you know the same ones who read Harlequin romance novels and then wonder why men aren’t really like that.

  • Raven

    She’s got the money to be a “great mom.” She’ll have a nanny raise it until it goes off to boarding school. Now that’s real bonding and parental involvement!

    • Wendy

      She’s no Angelina. That’s why Jen would become a nice, sweet, caring mom in the future.


    Barney, try to imagine you told all that about your mother…

  • JJ

    Jen is a nice ideal woman who still has no luck of finding the right man for her. Of course, Mr. right is only one in a million, so her problems is shared by other billions of women out there. She just had made a mistake of marrying Mr. Wrong (Brad) who is into mentally unsound woman like Jolie. I’m sure, Jen will find her best match in the right time, and besides, she looks younger and younger compare to other women who is in their 30′s but looks like they are in their 50′s, already.

  • Jennifer Anistion Looks Great For 40 Something

    She Looks Better Than My 35 Year Old Girlfriend, That is All I Have to Say.!


    Nice nick. May be 4 words enough?

  • george

    as for her whining all women wine i would love to have jen being with someone is give and take if you are not in it dont lead her on the poor girl is lookin for a good person and should look other than her kind rich etc.look out side of the box jen im sure you will have luck bless you jen you look great pitts a moron for doing what he did.i was in a 12 year relationship and it was my fault then when i wanted to be a good boy it was to late ive learnd im looking for what shes lookin for. good luck jen god bless

  • george

    im 31 id go with her and treat her right theres my wine drink up


    Wake up, george!

  • Truth teller

    She is a butt ugly whore

    • Positive

      This from a 300 lb heffer. Check your self before you make such nasty remarks.

  • videos

    lol..thats funny