Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brad PittBRAD Pitt has been cheating on Angelina Jolie with a much younger lady — according to a new report.

America’s Star magazine claims the hunky Hollywood actor — who raises six children with the skinny Salt star — has been bumping uglies with a sexy French model named Racine.

Racine reportedly moonlights as a flight attendant for a private jet company that caters to A-listers, including Brad.

The woman — who claims she has slept with at least three men that Angelina has also shared a bed with –  says that she likes to sleep with married or attached men because, “They get so excited when they cheat! It turns me on because I’m able to give them what they lack.”

Recent reports claimed Jolie no longer wants to have sex with Pitt.

“Angie gets very irritable at times and poor Brad’s often in the firing line,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“As everyone knows, they’ve had problems, but their sex life has always been good. Now I hear even that’s been affected. It’s not like Angie to lose interest in the sack!”[imagebrowser id=563]



  • lovejoliepitt

    Showbiz:Is Ian talking to you & Star again after his famous book bomb!
    Please,its so sad that all you do is LIE AND LIE!
    Recycling Stories over and over again!!!

  • JJ

    This is GOOD! Now Angelina the whore adulterer will get to taste what it is like to be cheated. As for Brad, he can’t be trusted!

    • http://australia wikig


      • nora

        Oh, but they have an open relationship, remember?
        Forgot about the pottyplay in the hotel during Salt?

      • Biance

        Brad has never cheated on Angie? HAHAHAHA Go ask Brad when the reporter in not in sight. He was breaking things with her for the longest time that’s why Angelina is having too many false suicides, lately. As for Brad, he must be thinking of ways to save not only him but the children. Angelina has no life, her psycho disease is her only life and a man named Brad who wants out.

      • Scarlett

        How do you know, you loser Star reader??? do you live with them?
        Honestly get a life. You don’t even know what is going on in your PARENT’S home let alone some freakish Hollywood celeb-tard you never met.


    • Susanna

      Sorry JJ the report has been denied I quote Brads publicist says “TOTALLY FALSE” He did not cheat on Angelina Jolie September 9th 2010!!!! So keep dreaming!

    • leila

      ur right she is jealous until now to aniston hope she will kick brad if she learned about the model these two ruined their reputation because of their cheating on aniston. good for them and they have to pretend as humanitarians to cover their evil things

    • Kaye

      And how do you know Brad was and is not cheating? LOL Does Brad has to say and confirmed it on national television? Brad is fvckingly miserable looking. His cheating is not a surprise.

      • nora

        Did he ever confirmed he cheated with the town pump on his wife? No. But he still did.

  • kris

    that faggot brad would never fuck a hot french model… He likes boring cum bucket jennifer and nigger buying psycho trash angelina. You all have a good day :D

    • rage z rage

      LOL U suck! LOL

  • kris’s left nut

    Angelina jolie is fugly

    • rage z rage

      HATIN BITCH U ARE!!!!!!! LOL

  • Beth

    The source is the same guy who said that Brad was having an affair with a model. Two years in a row he said she was supposed confront Brad at Cannes, before and after giving birth. That never happened. Hater and and Showbiz believe everything. You would think 5 years of fake rumors people would they are lies by now. I’m sure a lot of haters have had heart attacks when they found out the rumors are lies.

    • Indigo

      Just wait and see. Brad is making home base to a french FA.

  • Carol

    Even if not true, makes Angelina look bad. No one likes her and she is fugly lately.

    • Emilie

      CORRECT!!!!! I’m a big fan of Angelina here in the Philippines!

      • Biance

        Angelina is an adulterer. You have a whore idol who is a psycho. Good luck.

  • getalife

    Carol: Why would Angelina look bad? To you but the world knows who Angelina is – person who don’t waste time judging other but helping others.
    Brad and Angie will always be the gossips to these tabs cause without them they would not have a job.
    See, you Xfans really are the pathetic ones that spend week after week continuing bringing down Brad or Angie but you cannot pinned anything on them cause its a LIE.
    All this mumble jumble about Angie and the hate because there are 2 words: BRAD PITT.
    Its been 6 years and you still pinning for BP that is not real but the fantasy in your pathetic minds.
    Get laid and find a real guy and I am sure BP would be terrify if he knew these bitter and hateful people fantasies on him.
    Its like that Xfan that jumped on BP.
    God bless the joli-pitt family!

    • Scarlett

      Nice command of English, tard

  • jilly

    Let’s say, it would make angelina lose her freaking mind!!! I love it :)

  • jilly

    getalife: I have to tell you again, STOP DREAMING ABOUT BRAD, HE IS NOT GAY!!!

  • getalife

    jilly: I don’t have to dream about Brad cause Angelina have him day in and day out!(thats real- ha, ha!!!)

    Xfans you can’t let go of your hate to angie cause BRAD PITT LOVES HIS ANGIE AND DUMPED X=deadend (he said that)!
    Its been 6 years and you still hate angie so keep fantasy going xfans cause you’ll never have the real one!
    Keep on hating !!!

    • Biance

      You can dream of Jolie. She all yours, she is gay and a mental freak. lol

  • jilly

    Pleeeeeese!!!! No more Brad for your angie, sorry. He has moved on to prettier and younger ladies. I feel bad for all of you stupid fans.

  • http://showbizspy adrienne

    Her gown is not flattering on her. It looks like a curtain.

  • wow

    man, no one beats Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson when it comes to attention. These are all the comments on Brangelina? Boards on K and R are always filled with comments. Just saying…

  • lili

    Angelina is beautiful, intelligent woman and many are jealous of her…I don’t believe that young stupid low life french attendant story.Anyway she may have some serious unknown venerians diseases if she claim that she bang every client who book a private jet to France.Typical,dumm dum, brain dead who use sex for power. it never last anyway!

  • sue

    This flight attendant has one up on Angie! She ADMITS she likes sleeping with attached men and it excites her!she’s more honest!No fake Mother Theresa act here!

  • Karen

    Jolie is not young, beautiful, sexy but in contrast, she is too old for her age like 45 or something, abnormally skinny, and has a drug user looks. Brad wants a fresher cow who produces fresher milk minus the weird mental drama of Angelina. What goes around comes around for the anorexic and odd psychotic Jolie.

  • jilly

    To all the deluded Jolie fans: One reason that I believe the article is that they are naming the woman and the story is coming from her, true or not we can say that there is a source and I’m pretty sure there is something there.
    TO WOW: We don’t give a f*ck about Kristen and Robert. They are not even a couple, she is a lesbian and he is forced to play the boyfriend. Go back to their site, we are not interested.`

    • Alex

      how about go back to jen’s sites and leave jilly? for a supposed hater you’ve been a regular staple on angie’s page. i’m new here but i’ve checked the other articles and you posted in all of them, just how pathetic is that? for an angie hater, you sure stalk her pages too much, aren’t you ashamed of that? you and your friend garry here make me laugh. losers!!

    • Dan

      That curtain makes Angelina the psycho old grandmother from hell. And those eyes again, her evil eyes and vampire skin. Scary to look at this insane scarecrow bitch.

  • Indigo

    Brad finally snag a normal HOT young woman after hooking up with a disgusting mental sick corpse Jolie.

  • Aaron

    Brad finally came to his senses and made the right choice by dropping this disease ridden skank and mentally sick stick Jolie!

  • ThatsMcTarded

    So.. what we now have a french version of Kat Stacks? That’s gross…

    i smell a syphilis-infested love triangle. I wonder if people will get the exclusive First Photos.

    maybe she an angie can compare crab shampoos.

  • Alex

    anyone seen a picture of this so-called flight attendant aka other woman? none? why? cause she doesn’t exist!! tabs just want to fire up your anger jenistoons and you are all way too dumb to give in. :)

    • Dan

      Just wait a little longer. They are too busy hiding from paparazi and hooking up while Jolie is still in the Pakistan. It won’t be long, if there’s a stinky smoke, for sure, there is helluva of fire. And Jolie suddenly went away to Pakistan to escape the shame of her cheating partner.

      • joanne

        dan, aren’t you tired of waiting? move on. jen did already. why are you still stuck with brad dumping angie? just because he did it to your idol doesn’t mean he’ll do the same to angie, afterall he proclaimed to the world that she’s the love of his life, and his soulmate. stop holding your breath and don’t get too excited about these lies. you’re just showing how dumb you are (and the rest of jen’s stupid fans) for biting hard on this.

    • Dan

      I’m not tired at all. Its only been 6 years and the suicide attempts of the insane scarecrow bitch Angelina is not working on Brad, anymore. So she has to fly to Pakistan in no time because a razor blade and a pillow full of tears are a lonely partner. Proclaimed to the world like 5 years ago. Now he proclaims to the world that a normal, hot, young, and gorgeous flight attendant makes Brad blood boils again while shutting his phone off so the scary insane bitch can get the message to just stay her skinny ass in Pakistan. The children has nannies, and Brad has FA.

      • Just Thinking

        then hold your breath longer dan. don’t blame angie though when your lungs explode, or when you get blood clot from having too much air in your blood stream and on your head. shall we start the countdown now? goodluck :)

      • Just Thinking

        hey dan, ever seen a pic of this normal, hot, young, and gorgeous flight attendant who makes Brad blood boils again while shutting his phone off so angie cant get thru him??? none, right? so include that in your long, long, long, long wait. :)

      • Dan

        The scary insane bitch Angelina hide her poor rejected ass in Pakistan while Brad is having a blast doing the FA. The only partners/friends that won’t leave her are her precious possession of guns and knives. Brad, you’re the man!

      • Just Thinking

        Dan, either you’re blind or you can’t read. my question is – have you seen a picture of this supposed french tart? stop yapping about pakistan and us waiting a little longer, guns and knives blah blah blah. it’s clear now, you’re celebrating for nothing at all. no pics of this fictional french hottie surface cause maybe she doesn’t exist? have u ever thought that racine could be miss ex, dreaming about brad again – like she does for 5 years now?

      • Dan

        The insane scarecrow bitch Angelina is looking for a refuge in other country because Brad refused to be with her, while he is having a blast with a normal gf. The pictures can wait, the fact that Brad turned off his cellphone from the skinny bitch, says a lot. :)

  • Lauren xx


  • Bread Pitt Brazil

    I dont believe this is real.

  • GingerSnap

    Hey, What’s the surprise. He cheated on Jennifer, now he’s cheating on Angelina. And denying it. But a leopard can’t change his spots. A cheater is a cheater. What goes around comes around. It’s Angie’s turn to cry.

  • dolly

    well i just hope he leaves angie she is so such a bit** i hope you read this angie and get back to me i dont like what ur dont even know how to take care of your kids like come on helping everyone else but ur own is selfish you fucking hore dog slut lol so true now back off and give brad some credit hehehehehe hahahahahaha you

  • Lovely

    The nutcase Angelina can’t even take care of Brad or the kids but she can appear during photoshoot in Pakistan. I’m so elated that Brad has a relationship with the flight stewardess. Angelina can go back to her hole now and stay there or act as fake as she can and pretend that she is not affected. But whatever, Brad I’m so happy you cheated her. Of all women in the world who deserves to be cheated, its should be Angelina so she’ll know what it feels, for some other woman to take someone’s partner. WOW, bad karma for Angelina is raining on her nonstop. :)

  • Duude

    It only becomes cheating to Jolie if Brad doesn’t share the flight attendant with her.

  • jilly

    Alex: Shut up.

    Duude: I don’t think they would like to share their hot and steamy bed with a cold skeleton, it would totally ruin the fun. Angie can stick to Alex’s DILDO :)

  • Becky

    Can’t stand Angelina or Brad

  • Becky

    All that crap written all over her arms looks stupid.Does she think it looks good. gross!

  • Susie

    I hope that it is not true. (Although I would want to be the one Brad cheated on her with!) If she is cheating on him than she is dumber than she looks!
    Also, I don’t even know how you would have time to have sex with 6 kids!! Oh yah, that’s right, Nannies! Poor people like me wouldn’t know what that’s like!

  • dd

    So this Racine chick works for Netjets…yea most of the FA or either fucking the customer or the pilots……beware of the one with the int.. jw

  • dd

    sorry for what i said on oct. 18 …..that was wrong of me …..I have no idea what the FA do with customers ….I sure they are just doing there job…and as far as the pilots i really don’t know…..I am just really angry with one FA because she caused a lot of problems in my life … it just made me hate the all…..sorry for what i said ….i didn’t mean it I was just very angry with this one woman…..don’t know what Racine or anyother FA did….again I am sorry

  • nadine

    Who cares? That’s their personal life. I am still a big fan of them because they are such a good actor and actress. I love their movies but Brad cheat or not and if their relationship will not work….I don’t care. Thats their own problem. They are celebrities they kind of have 2 different world which are the personal and showbiz world. So, why should we enter to their personal world…..we should also let them have privacy.

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