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Angelina Jolie Slams Pastor Terry Jones!

Posted by Adam

Angelina JolieANGELINA Jolie has slammed an American church for its plans to burn copies of the Quran.

The 35-year-old actress — who is currently in Pakistan, to help draw attention to the flood victims of the nation — took time out to speak about her disappointment at plans by the Dove World Outreach Center to burn the religious book on the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks in New York City.

“I have hardly the words that somebody would do that to somebody’s religious book,” she said.

The book burning is being organized by Pastor Terry Jones of the anti-Islam, evangelical Christian church Dove World Outreach Center, in Florida.

Angelina also spoke about her sympathy for the people of Pakistan where 1,500 people have been killed and a further 20 million affected by the floods.

“I was shocked especially by how high the flood waters went. In some of the people’s houses, it was 9 feet high,” she said.

“There’s lots of speculation about why this one has not gotten the attention it deserves. Even all of the wonderful coverage … is not getting the response that usually it’s able to get.”


  • anonymous

    This tramp is always quick to ride on people’s grief to help her own PR as a goody-saint after she herself ruined other families – and by the vain and dubious look on her face is only now doing the charity to show how good she is – dressing up now in muslim clothes when she is heavily photograpohed in Pakistan and putting on her usual crocodile tears act on her face too, it is disgusting that she is using the vulnerable for her own image.

  • nora

    Doesn’t she have 6 kids to attend to, now that StuPitt is “working” on Moneyball? Oh yes, the Salt promoting is over. It’s waiting for The Tourist-PR to kick off and then she’ll be Supermom again.
    This woman makes me vomit.

  • http://yahoo jo

    before she comment on what others are doing she should look at what she did. Breaking up someones marrage is burning a holy vow so why lash out at someone when you are doing the same! In some parts of the world she would have been banished you get my poin?

    • Anita

      holy vow my a$$. as long as americans do not vote to repeal divorce then you are bound to see broken families now and forever. why not make a change jo and push for the abolition of divorce? then you can stop yapping about brad having to divorce jen. i’m just saying if not angie, brad would have fallen for someone else cause jen is a worthless piece of ass who is so in love with herself and herself alone. eat that.

  • nora

    Doen’t she know that according to the Qoran she should be stoned to death because of her slutty adulturious behavoir???

    • Anita

      another idiot here. fyi, angie happens to be a non-muslim so the quran laws do not apply to her. she’s sympathetic to not burning their holy book as millions of americans do. stop being stupid for once and think how the book burning would affect the lives of troops and ameican civilians in moslem countries. the problem with you morons is that you are so obsessed with attacking someone you hate and not think of its possible effect. do you hate president obama too for opposing this devious plan? stop being airheads

  • Laughing

    This slut has some business opening up her mouth about a Pastor. If she opened the doors and entered a Church a little more often, instead of her legs to married men, she could then speak! She knew Brad Pitt was married, but she entered into an adulterous relationship with him. She has personally told interviewers that she entered relationships with other woman. She’s exhibited bizarre behavior throughout most of her life. She’s a piece of crap and garbage like that wouldn’t be where she is today, if it wasn’t for her father. Her poor father. I feel for him for having such a tramp as a daughter like that.

  • anonymous

    Exactly – she thinks she put on a local outfit and couple of tears on her dubious face and she can go to another country and tell the world what to do just because she has security guards with her – if not for that and if she was a local she would be stoned to death according to local laws of this country – now what saint Jolie will tell the whole world how to change laws and Bible? I am not saying things should not be said and changed but this tramp after ruining a happy families in front on the world cameras should keep her mouth and legs shut now for a long time out of decency – which she has no idea about and therefore so proudly crusading. And about her father – of course she only got a green light to start thatnks to him – and immediately chucked him off as soon as she did not need him anymore. That is the length of this woman’s heart.

  • Bratt

    This is a desperate woman seeking the attention of the better part of the world.I think we would all be served, for the safety of ourselves and for those that protect us each day, to cover something besides Angelina Jolie every hour on the hour.There was about 3000′ workers in twin towers in New York on Sept 11, 2001 killed by the devil radicals some were of Islam faith as well as other faiths I am sure the quoran along with other holy bibles were burned not by any westerners, it was Muslim pilots who were responsible,…May Allah forgive them along with GOD.

    • kaylee

      funny how those who hate reading news about angie are always the first ones to comment. how pathetic can you haters get? lol

  • sanus

    Jolie said d reality, cause d holy Quran is d book dat muslim with. let me ask you Nora ist wise for non christan to proudly say that to burn Bible? and dont use this opportunity to accuse innocent Jolie.

  • Erica yun lee

    All you sick bitches ! leaving sick comments, just like yourselves. You can never be Angie or Pastor Jones, even if you got several chances in life.
    Grow up kidos ! or educate yourselves more ! I mean not just book wise , also street wise. Get out of your boxes.
    Pastor Jones is correct in his own way and Angie is too.
    Pastor Jones is venting his anger on what took the lives of innocent people, and Angie is just trying a peace attempt.She’s a celebrity ! cum on guys . You’d never even dare to go where these people have gone. You guys are not worth shit, so you see shit in others! Grow up !!! Pastor Jones and Angie both know the consequences of burning the Quran. But…hey ! The message Jones is trying to put across is ” why do christians keep mum when their bibles and churches are burned ” Don’t you guys read the news India , Malaysia, Iraq christens are persecuted on a daily basis !!! Just his intention caused an uproar, imagine what would have happened if he went through with his actions???
    By doing this he’s woken us(Christians and the rest of the world) up ???


    Oh mhy God ,you all are sooo full of hate ..camaaaan ,I think angie is smart because she undrestand respect for all holy fate is a good I dont think it is good to disrespect any fate becuse we all are the children of God and thank to Angie After all i have respect for her ….it is ok some one stoled my exhusbend and I thank her for that ..may be she faverd Jan . But lets not forget the big moran is the f..B.Pet not angie. He shouldent cheet on his wife ..I dont blame the women who took my ex husbend I blame my exhusbend but after all I thank my ex misstrusee who took him from me ..LOL..I’m sooo happy..BRAD PET is the shit not Angie nor Jann..think and talk .


      Oh my God I just read the comment you guys wrot waaaaaawoa.You all call your self nice …that is good for your mom raising good kids with bad mouth ..Hey you all know one thing Angie is a nice Jewish girl for respecting Quran and God bliess her and all the jews and the rest of you haters shame on you and that disrespectfull pastore after all I cant blieve it he call’s him self a man of God ..? it is amazing Because Holy Father never hated any one …If you hate than what is the diffrent between you and the trreorest ha? Wake up and dont hate. A nice jewsh girl who has respect for Holy Book Of God …And yes you can disrespect Brad because he is a cheeter and Game player Not Angie Nor Jann…you should all be ashamed calling her name and admiring that moran guy who calls him selv a Man of God he is not a man he is the Davil.