Friday, September 10, 2010

Bristol PalinBRISTOL Palin doesn’t want anything to do with her baby daddy ex Levi Johnston!

The 19-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin has reportedly demanded that Levi — the father her baby son Tripp — be barred from the audience when she takes part on Dancing With Stars.

“The last thing in the world Bristol wants is to look up from her cha-cha-cha and see his big goofy grin looking at her,” a source told the Pop Eater website.

“This is her time to shine and she doesn’t want him trying to steal her spotlight.

“I wouldn’t put it past him to try and sneak into a taping.

“The only person that loves the press more than the Palins is Levi himself.”

“Security is very tight at Dancing With the Stars,” added an ABC executive. “If someone is not wanted in the ballroom, I can assure you they will not get in.”



  • http://yahoo linda

    Its OK, I will not be watching because she is just as bad as he is, she is not a star. DWTS just wants the drama, so guess what you got it.

  • Cherie

    Ditto–Don’t watch the Palin Dancing Bear. She is publicly ridiculing the father of her son–and this behavior is in very poor taste. Bristol, Grow up and handle your problems in private. Stop riding your Mother’s coat tails and using her money, power and celebrity status to knock Levi. Both of you are media whores and trying to get on the gravy or grifter’s train. We all are tired of hearing about the trash that occurs in Wasilla. Show a little class.

  • Twila

    There doesn’t seem to be anyone else in the publics’ eyes that is always snipping at everyone, as if the Palins think that will put them up a notch for earning public respect. I wondered if maybe all Alaskans were on the wild side and thought it admirable to have disgusting behavior like acting like a barracude or a pit bull. Sarah Palin actually brags about this obnoxious behavior! Looking at the average education level for the adults living in Wasilla, the internet says they have a 10th grade education. It seems to me that Levi, Sarah, Willow, Bristol and Todd all need to see if they can start behaving at a higher level. Most people do not want to be known as divisive or polarizing or negative. The Palins should recognize that they are acting like babies.

  • Brad

    This whole Dancing with the Stars appearance is crazy. Everyone wonders why Bristol is even on the program, because she really hasn’t done anything other than having a mother that is a political figure and has a lot of money and wants to be in the news all the time. First Bristol says that she knows she will do well, because she is so athletic. Then she says that she is so clutzy and has never done anything remotely athletic, so she knows she won’t do very well. Then she gets angry because they ask her questions about her mother, and aren’t really interested in her stardom. Then Bristol gets upset because she has never watched Dancing with the Stars and didn’t know that she would have to dance and it was competitive. She said she never thought twice about whether or not she would sign the contract–that seems kind of dumb for a 19 year old. Then she got upset because she thought the outfits were too revealing–but initially she said she liked the idea of being on the program because she would have her own beauticians, hair stylists, expensive clothing given to her. Now she has decided that she will wear fur–because Alaska is cold and everyone there wears fur coats and her Mom is a great hunter. (What is she going to wear–grizzly skins or moose antlers?) Now she is complaining because she doesn’t want Levi to be there judging her–but she insists that her family be seated in the front row. And she thinks that she isn’t being a DIVA??? My guess is that all the stars are embarrassed by Bristol’s behavior–she is coming across as a stupid, spoiled little rich girl who thinks she can order people around.

  • Laughing

    Reports on TV show that Bristol is acting the diva and her mother denies those reports and that her daughter could behave in such a way. She looks like she would be a spoiled individual. No worries. I’m sure she will be the first to get kicked off so we won’t be putting up too much with her.

  • Curtis

    Sarah would say we should all put her in our cross hairs and be ready to reload. I guess that means target her and make sure she is the first one eliminated. Let’s see if Sarah finds these comments hateful when it comes to discussing one of her own family!

  • Kerri

    Bristol Palin is turning DWTS into a comedy show. Looks like she will be blaming everyone else if something goes wrong. She didn’t know that she had to do anything to get the $125,000? Does she get an extra $30,000 if she spouts off her speech about abstinence and Levi being a celebrity wannabee?

  • Tim

    Awww Leave Bristol alone! DWTS INVITE people to be part of THEIR show! lol Margaret Cho Ho is the weirdest one chosen to be on the show!

  • Leeann Springer

    Bristol did a great job! She is a beautiful girl like her mother. Why is it that some call the Palins controversial?
    Are they controversial because they are Christians? Those of you with the acid tongues, go cool off, will you? I hope Bristol brings down the house. Mark Ballas is a terrific dancer and looks cute with Bristol.

  • Bob

    You guys are all envious of Bristol. She’s just a nice normal red blooded American kid. How about giving her a break and leaving politics out of it? She’s been putting a lot of effort into DWTS and I wish her well.