Jennifer Aniston Hooks up With John Mayer

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jennifer AnistonJENNIFER Aniston just can’t seem to let go of her failed romance with rocker John Mayer!

Jen — who split from the rocker last year — visited Mayer backstage after his performance at Aaron’s Amphitheatre in Lakewood, Georgia, this past Wednesday.

“She looked gorgeous and seemed to be really enjoying herself,” a source told RadarOnline.

“She and John laughed a lot.”

After their backstage rendezvous, Jen, John and some of his roadies  went back to the actress’ hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, where he rented a private suite for an impromptu party.

John moved on to his next tour stop, Tampa, Florida, the next day. Jen is in Atlanta for several more weeks filming Wanderlust with Paul Rudd.



  • http://deleted andy

    this writer cracks me up he or she sound like their writing a kids book, “See John, run.” “See Jennifer, jump.” “See John and Jennifer laugh.” What a joke no FACTS just a made up article to stir things UP. People are starting to NOTICE, WHAT A PACK OF CLOWNS YOU ALL ARE. GET A REAL STORY.

  • Anonymous

    Look at Jennifer’s photo above. Her facial muscles are starting to sag.

    • jensux

      the chin too – oh wait, that’s her whole face

  • Oni

    Poor John. The old fart is after him.

  • jilly

    Oni, you are a hag yourself. Jennifer looks beautiful, in fact she has never looked better. Go take a look at yourself in the mirror and keep your mouth shut. Your main problem is your fallen angle who is actually the FALLEN DEMON, you know who I’m talking about, don’t you?

    • Oni

      Jennifer only look good in re-touched photos. Look at her photo at the article about her before this. She looks like a transvestite or something. Get real! And don’t call anybody a fallen demon, or you’d be in danger of going to hell yourself – where there’s a lot of anger, resentment, envy, jealousy, resentment, gnashing of teeth, unhappiness. Or, aren’t you there yet?

  • jensux

    jen trash is nothing but a clingy bitch

  • Nora

    jennifer aniston, kim kardashian, paris hilton, kate gosselin = hollywood’s resident skanks. no talent, pure sluts


    Nora, I think you are hurry with conclusions (may be you have some additional information). Jennifer doesn’t share some Brad with Jolie, but a MORAL LEADERSHIP.
    And she is in the center of the WIDE WORK concerning with destroying her reputation (main argument against Jolie). But she can’t get it for today. She can see concrete C.Cox inviting her into cheap sitcom. Or concrete J.Mayer (mister sincerity), or somebody else… She still can’t believe that C.Cox may have more important priorities then some old friendship…
    (to “jensux”: nice nick, anHOston!)

    • Oni

      Here’s morality for you, CL.GARRY. Brad is already in his 40s and still doesn’t have any children. Most men, I believe, want to have children at most in their 30s, if they hope to see their grandchildren someday. Jennifer wasn’t able to provide that in the 5 or more years they were together. She wants ‘more’ money and ‘more’ fame over a family? But now Angelina is showing how Jennifer could she have done it all – family, career, helping other people, etc.
      What is so hard to understand?

  • jensux

    nice try cl garry. have you ever considered that maybe anhoston is not the only person who abhor your slut idol? we do too, lots and lots of us. in our school sorority no one likes your aging ho idol. we all agree your jenslut is the biggest whore in hollywood, so self-centered but so lacking in brains. :)


    You say “sorority”? Lesby, like your idol? And kissing yours brothers?

  • jensux

    moron! sorority as in campus brains and beauties which your idol doesn’t possess. all she got is huge chin and her old sagging ass :)


    See, anHOston, it’s you! Try to develope your brain…


    Where do you see Jolie’s family, Oni? It’s a kindergarten! 6 bastards!
    Where is her “husband”? Spends a time with flight attendant!
    “etc” – it’s a heroin, stimulants and alcohol? Please, don’t talk about morality…

    • Oni

      I can’t believe you would say that to those children. What can of person are you? Your brain is full of garbage from those tabloid magazines. You are a living, breathing, walking garbage. Yes you are! Sorry, but it’s the truth.


    Of course, Oni, “bastard” – wrong word. But they will go to school very soon. And they will hear there much more stronger things. Does Brad remember that? Ask him!
    (What a problem to REGISTER a marriage? Then – go divorce in a minute, if you prefer a flight attendant!
    What morality you are talking about, saying Jennifer wants more money or more fame? Her life is DIFFERENT. Her career is DIFFERENT. Jolie and Aniston – it’s like moon and sun. No sense to compare…
    Is it so hard to understand?