Monday, September 13, 2010

CHER really needs to start dressing her age! [imagebrowser id=660]

The singer/actress, 64, shocked the world with a very revealing outfit at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards!

Reports earlier this year claimed Cher is playing “Russian roulette” with her health after she suffered a terrifying collapse just minutes before she was due to go on stage in Las Vegas on May 22.

“One minute she seemed fine, and she was getting her hair and makeup done in the dressing room,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Then about 20 minutes before the 7:30 p.m. show, she was in so much pain she couldn’t stand up.

“She fell back into her chair clutching her stomach.

“Despite her discomfort, Cher took the stage the following night, but it was clear she was ailing.

“She tried to make light of the situation, but by the middle of the show, her usual energy was really flagging, and she labored through the remaining songs.

“Some fans near the stage say at one point they heard her blurt out, ‘I’m in hell!’

“It was all she could do to make it to the end.

“She’s on the edge of complete exhaustion and a possible breakdown. Cher is… playing Russian roulette with her health.”

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  • paul

    Why would a 60 something year old woman wear clothes like this? It’s really gross, she looks like a grandmother trying to try on her granddaughters lingerie (as a joke). See the smile on her face? Cher looked cute (although always a little unusual) wearing stuff like this in the 70′s and 80′s. But in 2010, cmon. Act your age for God’s sake, if your going to sing sing, or act in a movie. But Jesus Christ a nearly 70 year old dressing like that? Really disgusting!

    • arny

      why do you care, its mtv

      not church

      • Chris

        Cher is stunning! she’s still 12years on me, but if I’d half a chance……..boy that’ll a lasting memory for me!
        so any female who can dress like that for me, I’ll hook up!
        maybe I’d never want to leave. XXXX

      • Jim

        I agree with Chris. Cher (I got you Babe) is the only female rocker that still has the looks!! Go for it, Cher.

      • guest

        R/U crazy maybe the “do” has to go, but that is one hot body;even if she were in her late 30′s or early forties.

      • guest

        even her hands look “young” which is a sign of great genes.

    • Aters

      Because she can…Cher is in great shape. The main reason she wore it was because it was a throw-back to an outfit she wore years ago…obviously, you didn’t catch on.

      • Kd

        She looks good, and it probably makes her feel good about herself. Honestly she doesnt have to act her age if she doesnt want to. You are stuck inwith this image on what people her age should look like. Get your head out of the clouds and see that people can dress the way they want to. And they could care less what you think!!!

      • Lily

        Cher is not the only female rocker that still has her looks. Stevie Nicks only being 2 years younger at 62 and no cosmetic surgery known looks pretty damn good too. She will always be the Queen of Rock!

    • Monica

      I’ll bet no matter what your age is, she probably looks better than you do! Man she looks great! You better pray to God you look this good at her age!

    • irvng.girl

      then do not look at each his own….aye???

      • guest

        ruth are need to yell though..(we will assume you were singing) Did you mean reb. (rebellious) joke or did you mean Rep. …(Republican) joke. Not one Rep. could look at her without trying to remove her from the internet. Smoking!!!

    • RUTH


  • Arthur

    WOW…the chick is 64 and still looks good enough to eat

    Cher…you go girl

    • maryp

      I agree with you Arthur! What a body for 64!

  • Kate

    It’s Cher, how eles is she going to dress! I hope to look that good when I am 60+. Still love her!

  • Angie

    She looks fabulous and I am glad that she does not give a damn about what people are thinking.
    She rocks!

  • http://Yahoo PANZA44

    64 and she’s still got it! Good for her. anyone who advises that she should dress/act her age is just plain jealous. for sure. Keep Going Cher. We love ya.

  • Joe Jones


  • AngelGirl

    I would dress like that now if I looked that good!! Cher – you look awesome! You go girl!!

  • http://yahoo s s m

    she looks great, and we all know if we could look as good as she does we would be happy. Iwish her the best and think she is beautiful.

  • Doug

    Hey, she can still carry it off, so she should go for it!

  • Crystal

    We’re talking about Cher folks! Is she not an entertainer? Are we not used to seeing her in these fabulous outfits? What is the problem? I know we’re not talking age, Cher looks dam good for 64, still slim, can sing and entertain; don’t be hating on her; her choice of outfits is what she is accustomed to and she looks good in them, you don’t see no belly bulge or fat hanging over, leave Cher to her life, the way she wants to live it, take note, hope you look that good at 64!!!! Love you Cher and you do your thang girl!!!!!!

  • vanesa

    WOW she looks great, Cher is unique and different…
    is amazing how well she looks

  • Doug

    Hey, she can still carry it off, so she should go for it!
    Old age isn’t a criteria for how you look.

  • al

    i wish my wife could look like that.if you got it flont it.

  • John

    Any woman looks that good at 64 should NOT be stuck in house coats and support hose. You rock, Cher!

  • Nicki

    Cher looks AMAZING!!! Her outfit is a throwback to one she wore in her “If I could Turn Back Time” video back in the late 80′s. I can only HOPE I look a fraction as good as she does at 64! God bless her.

  • Katie

    I thought she looked fabulous!We all wish we could look that good and in shape at her age.

  • Dorothy

    I guess some people have never read the fantastic piece called When A Am Old. It tells all of us that as we grow older, we have the right to dress as we wish — and this goes for Cher. She looks fabulous at 64 and she is not hurting anyone or disrespecting anyone. She has always had a unique style and I admire her for being true to who she is no matter what her age is. And furthermore, to those who criticize her, I think there is a bit of jealousy coming through. You go girl!!!!!!

  • Carlo R.

    Obviously Cher is experiencing some flaccid labia majora tissue droop since she’s wearing a man’s supporter cup with this outfit.

    • irvng.girl

      and you sir have a condition known as itybityteenyweeny….

  • Cracker Jax

    Ahhhh…the price of keeping up with fame and beauty!
    Cher should relax and stick to acting because that is what she is REALLY good at. Really now…who cares about a 64 y.o. shapely beauty queen? There aren’t many men around her age so she has to compete with younger and lovlier women for male attention. Time to raise puppies I say. Sorry, but that’s just how I feel. Hope Cher gets better and has nothing seriously wrong with her. She’s a nice and funny lady and has much to teach us.

  • sapphire

    Cher can dress like this because she looks great. Any woman who doesnt agree is jealous. I can only hope to look like her in my next life let alone when I am in my sixtys. Good for her! Tina Turner is another fine looking lady who looks hot for the age she is.

  • Gregory Johnson

    At some point in time, you have to longer care what people other people think, its how you become your own person. If you let other people control what you say you are not being true to yourself.

  • Sean

    I think she looks damn good for her age. I know that given the chance every guy I know would hit it!

  • Arlene

    I think Cher was very quietly making the point that she was the first and the original with the shocking awards outfits. Before GaGa before Madonna before Cyndy Lauper. She was just gently reminding us that she started it and damned if she can’t still carry it off. Good for Cher keep it up.

    • carol

      Thank you! Most people missed the point. As she said, she started it! Seeing them together just made my day! Also–who said 64 was old????

  • http://yahoo annmarie

    This is not the original Cher, she has been nipped and tucked over her entire body. Who knows what she really would look like at 64.

    • irvng.girl

      jealous little thing aren’t you???? heehee

      • Leslie

        I’m certainly not jealous of the numerous plastic surgeries (which Cher herself admits to) because she HAS to look good to compete in an industry that worships youth and beauty. But to think that any 64 year old woman could look that great without a lot of help is deluding themselves (i.e., Sophia Loren, Madonna, et al). She still looks like the original, fabulous Cher because of the surgeries. If I were 64 and had the money to make myself over, I’d do it in a heartbeat! I say good for her and I wish her well. I do hope she gets some obviously needed, well-deserved rest. The music industry would suffer a great loss if anything happened to her.


    I just wish she’d done something better with the hair style.
    I love the fact that she can still wear these outfits from her past and is look fit enough to flaunt it at the MTV Awards.

    Cheers CHER!!!!

  • Diana

    I thought Cher looked great! I would rather see and look at her than Lady Gaga. At least Cher looked sexy. Lady Gaga looks like a freak show. You don’t have to go that far to sing a song. Kudos to Cher! Still love her after all these years. Look at the videos of The Sonny and Cher Show and you’ll see why she’s still a favorite with many people.

  • kiki

    Isn’t this the kind of outfit we all expect from Cher ? And doesn’t she look fabulous still ? My goodness, the lady puts some females that could be her granddaughter to shame and she does it without insulting or putting-down anyone. BTW 60 is the new 40 – and 40 is prime !

  • Kathy

    She looks great and she can do whatever she wants. You don’t like it change the channel or don’t watch. If all women could age this well we all could flont it then and I am quite sure the men of all ages would love it:o)

  • Katie

    The reason why Cher can pull this off at 64 years of age is because she has taken care of herelf over the years.She has watched what she eats and exercises on a regular basis.Do you think she could look like this if she was a heavy drinker and smoker?No because when you drink heavily and smoke heavily on a regular basis it will age you quickly.

  • Kathy

    She looks great and she can do whatever she wants. You don’t like it change the channel or don’t watch. If all women could age this well we all could flaunt it then and I am quite sure the men of all ages would love it:o)

  • kks

    she looks great and she hasnt aged at all. she is beautiful as ever she is 15 years older than me i wish i could look like that!!eat your hearts out!

  • AlwaysNokie

    Cher is Cher, she can wear that outfit simply because she can. It was a throwback to the song, If I could turn back time. Cher will always be around and is still a superstar !

  • DanF

    Why should she start now! She is vivacious, stunning and most importantly not an imitator, she is the original….Cher! The madonna’s the gaga’s, and all the boo boo’s and baa baa’s of the future will only be replicating but never be inventing or originating the one and only. She is a captivating women and just a fun living life to the fullest human being….You go Cher, you go…and how about dinner? LOL

  • Jayne

    She looks great…I wish I knew who her plastic surgeon is…and her trainer…she looks damn good to me!

  • Del

    When two hundred years old you are, look as good you will not…

  • Gidge

    I totally agree with the masses. Cher has never been a follower and she has always worn what she wanted to wear. That is what she stood for. It sort of blows my mind how self righteous and critical we have become. I know we are going to hear why it is everyone else’s business.

  • http://showbizspy Donna

    Too much hair and to little clothes. Less is more doesn’t mean clothing.


    she does it because she can. i hope i can do that at her age



  • Toni

    Come on…this is CHER!!! OMG, she dresses like that because, she is Cher and she can and she looks good. I hope I look that good when I am her age. I love her. She doesn’t care what people think. Cher is still as amazing today as she always has been. You go girfriend.

    • irvng.girl

      thumbs up !!!!!!!

  • irvng.girl

    - They said in the article: – CHER really needs to start dressing her age!

    I think it is great that at her age she is still the beauty she was back in the 60′s/70′s – Anyone with a derogatory comment is just envious of her… You go Cher !!!!

  • jerry

    What freaking ever!!!!! She looks so good/hot/sexy for her age and better than most half her age. We all pray that our women look half as good at 60+….Any man that is complaining is a fool and only wishes he could, woman that complain, i would expect are jealous.

  • Kim

    I think Cher looked great! Good for her.

  • Rebecca

    I have to say Love Cher but her out fit was in bad taste I’m 45 and still dress pretty hot it’s a different time we live in and age is defined so differently now . I think she’s just living in the past thats her shick…. she’s needs to embrace her self at this point in her life and realize it’s just such bull shit to try and remain the same. Let it go and just be ….

  • Tahler

    WoW! Cher looks awesome. :D I am 24 and can only WISH for her body when I’m 64.

  • http://yahoo mary

    Hey people…I am 61 and like Cher I have worked like hell to look good. I have been an athlet all my life and just have carried into my middle years. And believe me I date way younger men and they love it and so do I. Cher is an outstanding preformer but she does give a damn like most women don’t after they hit a certain age. They give up because thety believe they are getting old. And who cares if she has had plastic surgury. Why not if it makes her feel good. You women are just jealous….just get off the coach and you will look like her to. You go GIRLS…

  • mc

    fans know that the outfit isn’t 20 years old, but more like 32. She was on cover of People in it in 1979.

  • mark

    Any woman that age that can still pull it off…more power to them! Screw the jealous ( “either catty or gay Im sure” )writer of this article!

  • DEB

    I think a lot of you missed the point she was the pioneer of SHOCKING OUTFITS , who better than to have her on the show.She is Cher she is also a pioneer of just using one name so many people have copied her over the years but she has always had her own style hey a lot of 64 year old women wish they had her figure .

  • Anissa

    She looks great is all I have to say.

  • Brian

    Isn’t it funny how this catty queen bitch that wrote this article can judge Cher!
    Cher looks amazing! And at 64..i say if you got it flaunt it! Look at Helen Miren..she dresses very sexy, does anyone break her balls? no.. so **ck off assbags and leave Cher alone!

  • thedevilmademedoit

    Did you notice it was the females that made the denegrating remarks? The guys — not so much. Let’s get real. You girls wish you had it — you boys would love to get it. 64 or 16 — the guys should have it so good. Right? Face it. There a a few women out there that are timeless — Sophia Loren, Michelle Pfieffer, Sigorney Weaver, Cher … Be honest,guys. These are the women you dream about. Be honest, girls … These are the women we wish we were. Plastic surgery or not. If I could have plastic surgery that would make me look like Sophia Loren at 70, I’d be in line at the clinic at 6PM the night before. Truth is a hard pill to swallow.

  • http://yahoo dawnn


  • jackie

    Cher should dress her age?

    she got her pic in this cheezy article didn’t she?

    She looks fab and haters can just suck it.

  • Sherri

    She wears it because SHE CAN. There are plenty of 30 and 40 year olds in nowhere near the shape that Cher is in. She looks terrific! What do you mean, ‘dress her age…” What has AGE got to do with how one dresses? If you’ve got it, flaunt it. And Cher has got it!

  • http://Yahoo Mark

    Cher is and always will be an icon! Age is just a number and Cher proves that! Whatever she’s done and whatever she will do in the future will be nothing but incredible because that’s what Cher’s about! Rock on Baby!!!

  • Robin

    Cher is Cher and she still looks great.I love her.The girl’s in there twenties don’t look like Cher.Cher is a fabulous entertainer and always wore fabulous costumes.Cher is all about the glam.Age is just a number and she Rocked that outfit at the MTV Award she looked great.She looked better than Lady Gaga.Lady Gaga should look that good at Cher’s age.

    • http://yahoo ellucas69


  • http://yahoo ellucas69


  • Just a guy

    Cher looks fantastic! Still incredibly hot, and I love seeing her in outfits like this. She’s 17 years older than me, and I’d go with a woman her age who looks that good in a New York minute!

  • Just a guy

    Just to add, I wouldn’t mind if she wore even skimpier outfits!

  • cindy

    NO ONE……….will ever be as timeless as Cher….all those applauding her are definitely tuned in…all of those naysayers have no idea what they are talking about or are looking at and have not followed her….she is fabulous and will always be

  • Rollie B

    not bad looking for a 84 yr old cougar

  • Angela

    She looks great……..and all of you who are critcizing her you can only hope your look that good when your 64….She is the Bomb and will always be The Bomb!”

  • http://yahoo Felipe

    Because she can!! At 64 Cher can still flaunt it. If we’d see her dressed any other way, we might not even recognize her. People need to acknowledge that Cher is a pop icon true to her fans and what she does. Kudos to you!! I’ve been following her since her show with Sonny Bono, together when they presented the beautifully blond Chastity (Chase nowadays, uff!!), and since her smash hit Half Breed. We are talking more that 35 years of a career!!

    • http://yahoo miracle54

      I’ve watched Cher since I was a young girl, when she and Sonny had the “Sonny and Cher Show”. Half of the mistic of “Cher”, was to see what she would be wearing? What would her “coustumes” be this week? That was and still is “Our Cher”.

  • tr cjuv hkn;

    aaaih!!!! damn it if ur grandchild dresses the same as u do hw wud u earn her respect as her granny. ur hot that is irrebutable especially considering ur age however there are better ways of luking good n appropriate. cucu weewe

  • mrpluto

    She’s amazing and so inspiring!

  • Tom Nunos

    Pretty tight blog. Very good and pretty informative..I’ll forsure be coming back again. Cheers