Natalie Portman Conflicted About Lesbian Kiss!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Natalie PortmanNATALIE Portman feels conflicted about her onscreen kiss with pal Mila Kunis.

The sexy actress — who locks lips with Mila in new movie Black Swan — says the smooch was easy because it was her friend, but admits it would have been less-awkward if she shot the scene with someone she didn’t know.

“In some ways it makes it more comfortable (to kiss a friend) because we could laugh about it,” says Natalie.

“But in other ways it was harder because I think you’re better off kissing a stranger than one of your best friends.”

Portman recently revealed she’s careful about what she does onsceen because she doesn’t want her scenes to be taken out of context and used as porn!

“I’m definitely not a prude about sex or nudity, I just don’t want do something that will end up in a screen grab on a porn site,” she said.



  • Repp

    It just goes to show just how filthy, disgusting, and perverted society has become!!!

  • L

    That’s so disgusting.