Friday, September 17, 2010

Dax ShepardDAX Shepard got banned from Conan O’Brien’s couch for five years!

The Hollywood funnyman — who’s engaged to actress Kristen Bell — says he was blacklisted from Late Night with Conan O’Brien after he turned up to the set drunk!

“I used to drink way too much,” said Dax, who’s been sober for six years.

“I had a bit of a problem…I had done the pre-interview in a total blackout.

“And then I just [pretend to] pass out and I go over the back of the chair. I break the table.

“The truth is I’m Gary Busey. I’m Jan Michael Vincent. I’m not Jack Nicholson. I’ll be a closed-head injury.”

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  • Keith

    Why don’t you give credit to Howard Stern?!?! He’s the one you got this info from?!?

  • Matt

    Amen Keith. God forbid they add “As Dax told Howard Stern . . .”

  • May Kadoodee

    Right on Matt & Keith… give credit to Howard Stern Douche Bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • May Kadoodee

    4:12 pm??? Does that mean I can go home in 45 minutes???

  • James Taylor

    Give Howard Stern some damn credit! They print this like they got the story from Dax!

  • May Kadoodee

    Right on James Taylor…
    I’ve been trying to find Dax’s off road race team website w/no luck… “so I’m going to Carolina in my mind”

  • B

    ..’As told on The Howard Stern Show’…!!
    They all steal from Howard and don’t give him the credit…but we fans know the truth!!

  • Stern Fan

    Another useless website that steals from Howard. Why not give him credit? Why act like your useless website did the interview? Douche Bags!!!!

  • Lil’ Lupe

    Oh Gaawwwwwwd…..

  • Lisa

    I’m so tired of Howard not getting credit for the incredible interviews he does. He get stars to admit things they would never say to anyone else!

  • Loyal Stern Fan

    Here is the editors email. We should all send this prick an email about stealing from Howard! How hard is it to give credit where credit is due?


  • Lafundah Bazzingoo

    Dax, honey – I know you are reading dis. You look so unhealthy, that’s right. Quit doing drugs, start takin’ vitamins, will, you hon?