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Posted by Adam

Prince HarryTRAGIC Princess Diana allegedly confided to pals that she didn’t think Prince Harry was the biological son of Prince Charles.

According to author Ian Halperin, the late former British royal revealed two months before Harry was born that she thought her son was another man’s child.

“She broke down and cried to me several times,” said one insider.

“She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to tell the real father but feared the wrath of the Queen and Prince Philip. There’s no doubt in my mind Harry was fathered by another man.”

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  • Jillian G.

    great article showbizspy. I always suspected something was fishy with Harry.

    • tanya


    • rod

      In the first place this article shouldnt be news.Showbiz should be talking about Prince William getting married.Showbiz is pathetic.This is old news.Why shouldnt people be happy with Prince William.How many people really want to revisit their past if its shameful

      • Incognito/Anonymous D

        Hey genuis! Look at the date of the article! Prince William wasn’t engaged on September 20th. :roll:

  • Jags

    It is story of a desperate and sex hungry royal lady.But Harry can be biological son of Charles also. It is easliy verifiable. Diana, it seems did not know the fact that despite Harry’s looks matching with Diana herself, he can still be son of Charles. Diana should never have behaved the way she did, it only made her image into a harlot. Also her children have had a very traumatic life because of her shameful sexual relations with wiered men. All these things do not go well with the royal image.She behaved like a sex starved kitten.

    • Rach

      She wasn’t perfect, but definetely didn’t deserve to die.

      • Rach

        Sorry, that was meant for the next comment…

      • charlene

        Would you have stayed faithful to a man that never really loved you!!! The best thing she ever done was get rid of him! she deserved so much better than that. If you look at it Harry is nothing like his so called father or his brother, he is so much like his loving beautiful mother which is a excellent thing. So stop sticking up for the prince and his mother cause they treated Diana horribly which she did not deserve they deserved to be treated like dirt!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • alex

      It is easily verifiable??? I tell you know that no one could verify this ever!!!

    • walker

      that is a funny comment considering Prince Charles was going with Camilla Parker Bowles before, during his marriage to Diana. When he married Diana he never planned on giving up Camilla. Diana was a marriage of convenience for him and his family.

  • mohammad

    diana was a bitch she was a street prostitute she deserves to die

    • Dame Hedwig

      What a well reasoned argument there mohammad. Well done you!

      • Elmo


    • Susan

      What a charmer you are. You probably believe in stoning women. But I suppose it’s okay if some whining, rodent-faced man with a big nose, whose teaspoon has to be at a certain angle in his saucer or he has a fit, can mess around for years with a horse-faced, raddled old bag – already married to someone else. Diana was worth 1000 times more than slimey, repulsive Charlie Boy, but obviously she had a liking for weasel-like men.

      • Amit

        Then she should had left him, right? Charles surely didn’t deserve to be cheated on.

      • Big Errol

        Well Mohammed your are correct in that she was a street prostitute. Apparently her biggest client was Imran Khan who regularly gave her a right royal rooting

    • Anu

      Whatever she was ,much better than !@#holes who covers women like Bodies and stone them to death .She had freedom to love and she practiced it well.And she is respected for not hiding what she was.
      Better you watch the mulla gigolos :) than watching prostitutes after all you shouldnt be even talking of Kaafirs is it brings misfortune unto you by the most merciful !

    • sara

      This kind of commets are fanaticHave a opne mind. every soulhas & should have the redom of doingwhat they wish as longa it it not hurting aanother soulbetter than terroisum.LOVE IS After all that LOVE it is theame solour of that prostitute of partner.

    • Amit

      Truly a muslim, aren’t you?

    • Dottie

      WHAT AN UGLY THING TO SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • charlene

      How dare you, you lil punk, if anyone deserves to die its you!!!!

    • MassiveDick

      seriously mohammad …. i your are a total piece of $hit. someone needs to shove a MassiveDick up your a$$ … but you would probably love that wouldn’t you.

      • Elmo

        I SECOND THAT!!!!

    • Mayita

      I agree: Your comment is TRULY MUSLEM! That is why your multiple wives are the so afraid of you and they cover their whole body and faces and walk behind you… We are in 2011 ; not in the middle ages my frind.

  • http://Showbizspy Donna

    Wow,really?? Why now?? For those of you who talked smack about Diana, It was always just alright Charles skirting around while they were married?? Oh,yea,that’s right… Guys usually do think it’s alright to do that,then blame the woman.( I’m not saying ALL women are innocent!!) But the crap that Diana was put through… And Charles always came out shining like a new penny!! Get over it !!!!! She’s dead let her rest in peace,since she’s not here to defend herself,and people can say whatever they want since she’s not here to say any different.

  • Huxley

    I think almost everyone already suspected this.

    Harry is the absolute double of that slimy dog James Gilby

    • Huxley

      Or James Hewitt lol sorry my mistake as she was sleeping with James Gilby as well.

  • Britgirl

    Princess Diana wasn’t perfect and she made many mistakes, but she also helped and inspired so many people and was loved by millions and that is what she will be remembered for. And to say she deserved to die was completly disrespectful to her memory.

    • Anu

      i agree , do magnify her mistakes as anyone will do who hasn’t made any.
      No one is qualified , at least not men !

  • Neo

    do a DNA test and find out.The insiders would have already done that and they know what is the truth. Anyways whats the hue and cry about this issue specially in western culture. If women can have children without marraige then what the big deal with adultery. Can anybody expect a women who has had 10 sex partners since puberty suddenly become committed and loyal to man or same with the western man. What does exchanging rings and piece of paper change ?? People who want to do it will do married or not married.Its all about upbringing and culture. Diana is no exception but since she is dead let her rest in peace.

    • Gaurav

      Very well said. close this chapter. what is in there for discussion.

  • kate

    Prince Harry is Diana & Charles’ son….. look at the resemblence between him and her side family, namely her brother Earl, as well as, he has some of Charles’ facial features.

    • Elmo

      Have you looked at prince harry! He has NONE of prince charles’ features! It is obvious that he is not charles’ son. So there.

      • JASON

        Yahhh a very sexy sexy whore she was indeed!!!!
        I would have loved to have fuckd her tight cunt…and Charles and all those pricks that got to fuck her cunt…eat her cunt too the bone.

        she was a sexy, naughty girl… and I would have enjoyed it very much if I ever had the chance to FUCK HER

        SEXY WHORE!!!

  • V

    What a beautiful whore Princess DIana was !!

    • walker

      looks like Charles like whore than because Camilla fits the bill. He cheated with Camilla before, and during his marriage to Diana.

  • Taj Muhammad


  • Brian Hart

    Big Errol is correct this princess and I use the term loosely needed a man and er husband was not up to it. So what if she put it about, at least she didnt get jiggy with er father in law.

  • Prakash

    Once wed into the Royal family or whatever, she had no business sleeping left and right with so many guys. I would say she was a royal whore. Whatever she wanted to do, she had to do after divorcing prince Charles. Charles didn’t chase any skirts. He was in love with only Camilla. Women commit more rampant adultery than men of today and hide it well.

  • Razaque

    She is dead but she has two sons..they also have wud anybody feel if people talked abt their mother cheaply..let her rest in peace..and the point is its a cheap tactic of some writer to sell his book…..whatever diana did was her personal life..the only people that can question her is her family..she did not run for any office and she was not elected by the people…may be a royal has to be behave in a certain way but there are thousands of famous people alive with questionable lifestyle but we still talk abt diana even after so many years of her death…

  • voice of reason

    If Charles loved Camilla from the outset, he should have had the guts to marry her despite what his mum said. He shouldn’t have ensnared a young girl in a horrible situation and screwed around with Camilla the entire time. Diana was a woman in need of love and made mistakes in finding it. As far as whores go, I think Camilla would be the one to bear that title. From what I read now, Camilla can’t stand to be around the jug-eared jerk any more either. What a damaged piece of humanity Charles is. The Queen might be alright as a sovereign, particularly one that is merely a figurehead, but she’s awful as a parent. Just look at the histories of her children. Maybe she learned something by the time Edward came around…he seems to be holding it together, or at least I haven’t read anything to the contrary.

    • Explorer

      I agree. Camilla is the whore. Charles is the jackass. Diana is the victim. Poor kids. They deserve to be with their real mother. Too sad someone arranged her accident.
      No doubt, Camilla, Charles and the whole royal family are in on it.

  • me

    umm if you look closely and stare long enough at harry’s face. you will see the spitting image of charles. these people are pathetic. harry it too charles son and for people to deny that is disrespectful and disgusting.

  • sharma

    If true, it shows how Diana was deceiving her husband. But in any case author shouldn’t have reveiled it now, when she is no more alive. It will only and only hurt the young prince. Does the author have any regard for the sentiments of the person (prince) who is not guilty at all.

    • Explorer

      The author is a liar. Why reveal now when Diana cannot answer back. It’s all about money. The author has no regard for Diana or anyone else. As long as he can make money from his lies and stir some mean gossips, he could care less. Don’t buy his book/books.

  • insider

    the author should not have revealed it now ..agreed …it will hurt harry…..but what is more surprising is that ‘she didnt think that harry was charles son ‘ ….so she herself is not sure of it…she is definitly a whore…if she didnt want charles, she must have first had a divorce and then go back of another men than commit adultery…she is definilty the most beautiful whore ever born on planet…i love her beauty…but this news just made me hate her and she desrved that death.and who knows whether this author just needed cheap publicity…

  • Yahweh

    You lot are a bunch of idiots – just because she had sex with other men dosen’t make her a whore (he who has no sin cast the first stone)

    Anyway ive off to bang your mums up the poo hole

  • sheba

    Total BS – he is the one who looks more like the royal family. His eyes are prince charles’ eyes and he looks like the queen handsdown. So stop your malicious gossip and respect Diana as she is gone and cannot defend herself.

    • Explorer

      You must not know the meaning of whore. Diana is not a whore. She was a good mother and a good wife. Charles and Camilla are the whores. They cheated and deceived Diana from the start. Charles was having sex with Camilla while still married to Diana. Get your facts straight.

      • Elmo

        No… Charles was having sex with Camilla since BEFORE he married Di that’s how much of a shitface he is. Go fuck yourself Camilla!

    • Explorer

      I agree with you. The reply below belongs to the other comment from someone else. Sorry.

  • nicole

    well we should not disrespect her memory. There is no point talking about the issue prince charles is not complaining so what is your stress. i really dont care what she did. we dont know the whole story. she is dead so it is all gone prince charles has since moved on.

  • Tracy

    I was brought up with the belief that we who are still alive should not speak ill of the dead. Diana is resting peacefully so just stop it. Do you really have such animosity toward her or those boys that she loved so dearly? I agree completely with Nicole. Just move on!!

  • phoenix

    This is for Anu. Blasting muslims is one thing,but speaking ill of the Creator? Really! Shame on you!

  • James Robinson

    No sh1T. its taken you this long to work out he is actually James Hewitts son?

  • http://showbiz Corinne Smreczak

    I really think it doesn’t matter at all,because he was well taken care of and not left abandoned by Princess Diana.

  • latifah

    I love her for her humanity, understanding and compassion towards the unfortunate. She doesn’t have to do all those hard work looking after the interest of the sick, the poor and the forgotten people but she did. She work and help these people and my admiration for such compassion given to others when in fact she is the one who need it more in certain part of her life. She is not perfect neither are we but she still have it in her no matter how bad her life is to think about others. Let her rest in peace, its not fair for her, she’s not here to defend herself.

    • Lora

      Diana didn’t spend her own money. It’s good to be generous when you spend somebody’s money.

  • Shelly Rhodes

    First of all. None of us were in her shoes and don’t really know what she went through. We know some things that went on and happened and people need to show some respect and look on both sides. I’m not saying to go cheat on your husband, I never have and never will, but, and a BIG BUT, I have no doubt that she was doing this without consciousness or without considering what could happen, but you really think she could have just left Charles. It is not the simple like one of us would have to do. Her fairytale was not the pretty picture she thought it would be and she was unhappy after awhile. After years of unhappiness and bitterness, a person has needs and deserves to get out of the situation.

  • http://AOL Carolyn

    Doesn’t anyone have more respect for Harry, who is innocent of the situation,than to say such things on a public venue?

    • Kim

      Thank you for posting that.

  • Kim

    OMG, please let her rest in peace,

  • sammie

    let her rest in peace . and for the names people are calling her . so every man who has had sex with more then one person is a whore ? she loved her husband and what did she get but heart break over him.she loved her boys , and at the end of the day that what she had the love of her sons . harry look so much like his grams .

  • http://PrincessDiana crissy

    ALL you people bashing Diana shame on you!!!! Don’t you all have some thing better to do.. Believe me Charles was no prize!!!!!

    • EILEEN

      this statement by jazzn707 is true wake up all you nasty people SHE WAS A VICTIM OFF THE ROYAL FAMILY

  • jazzn707




  • Pam

    Despicable people, get a flipping life.

  • wole fatunla

    it’s unfortunate such is coming at this time of the day.However l do not agreed to this.Diana,used to much to hard drinks as a result of this she is drunk while saying this to her pal.And for the pal is too late for her to reveal such an ugly thing.
    Let DNA proof!

  • Cee

    Complete nonsense. Diana of *all* people would know better than to confide such sensitive information in anyone–she never, ever would’ve risked hurting her son like that.

  • Wonderfull

    Haznat khan claimed to be mr wonderfull, rubbish..that was name diana gave to me since i was a child, this message is for all that call her a whore. And every pakistani bastered that claims to slept with her.. Make wild claims again and i will defend her honour with my or your, shut your mouth or i will shut it for 61457089 and you can test if i am joking, more wild claims and i will deal to you, you impertenant scum, you to clooney you maggot

    • Elmo


  • http://yahoo Silver

    Well, well..the comments here are interesting to say the least. To be glad that someone is dead is unthinkable.
    As for Diana cheating on Charles?..Hold on a minute!!!
    HE was messing around with Camilla long before Diana ever did anything!!!!! So, to call her a harlot, prostitute, loose woman or whatever..isn’t fair. One of you said Charles didn’t deserve to be cheated on. What the h*** was HE doing!!? NEVER did he give up his relationship with the “rotweiller”. It was ok for him to do what he did, but Diana is criticized?? Lop-sided opinions here to say the least.
    As for the parentage of Harry..who gives a cr*p? Charles & Diana accepted him as THEIR son. He’s always referred to as the “son of Prince Charles & the late Diana, Princess of Wales”. DNA will never come into Harry has been accepted as the natural son of the heir to the throne
    as though there were never any question. Even if it was proven that Charles was not his’s far too late for anything to be done about it.
    Get a life, people..get a life.

    • Elmo

      I would argue for Di but some of you are doing it for me!!! Good job with that!!! Thank you!!!

  • Mary Donaldson

    Diana was a manipulative and vindictive whore. End of. In fact she really should have been tried for treason. Even her own mother thought she was a whore. She was foul-mouthed and disgusting and the world would never even have heard about her if she had not married Charles. Harry could be anybodys given the whore she was. My money is on Maj. Hewitt.

    Never mind letting her rest in peace, the cunt should be left to rot in hell.

    • http://ShowbizSpy paggie

      Mary– Those are very harsh words. What did she do to you? Did she steal your man, or why would you hate her so much? Did you even know the lady?

    • Elmo

      You rot in hell,you bitch. How would you like it if after you died someone said that about you when you had done nothing wrong?

  • Sophie

    So what if Diana cheated last time i checked Charles cheated too! and lots of women cheat not just her. its the 21st centurey its common for women and men to cheat. its not right but its true! So lay off her and let her rest in peace!

  • Sophie

    p.s.leav mohammad alone what he siad was mean but its no reason to start throwing slander.

  • Jimmy Hewitt

    TWO THINGS: – She was NEVER “Princess Diana” and YES, she did have loads of lovers…….

  • Harry Windsor

    So what ?. I am certain Charles sired lots of sprogs over the years too

  • http://ShowbizSpy paggie

    I didn’t pay a lot of attention to Mz. Diana’s life. But how do you people know she was sleeping around, while she lived with her husband? If it’s from this media report, forget about it.

  • Harry Windsor

    O no, paggie, its from the horses mouth.
    I wonder what made her such a whore ?

  • ada

    harry is what they call a BASTARD CHILD

    • Donna

      Diana needed to find comfort some place else, wasn’t Charles always in love with Camila!!! You don’t think he was sneaking around seeing her and Diana didn’t know??? Good for you Diana, it’s ashamed your still not here with your boys.

      • Elmo


  • Carole Heath

    The question on Harry is debateable, but to call Diana a whore which some people on this site have is very nasty i think. Yes he may not be Charles son only Diana knew the truth and unfortunately she died at such an early age very sad. Diana entered a marriage which she was not happy in that happens to people who are not Royal too in life sadly. Charles should have married Camilla in the first place she is his soul mate but she was already married, i am a republican i don’t subscribe to the monarchy at all, if you look back in history Prince of Wales have carried on in the same vain as Charles look at Edward V11 and Alice Keppel, Lily Langtree, of course Diana had affairs as well. With the monarchy they have the power and money to act like they do there has always been a law for the rich and a law for the poor nothing changes does it.

  • USVI Willda

    Look closely at a phote of Diane see how sad her eyes was, it sadden me to see how unhappy she was. Let her rest in peace and her kids live their life.They are humans andhave feelimg too.

  • Kitty Cambridge

    There was nothing in Diana’s eyes only sheer jealousy and greed. She wasn’t unhappy. She was the most photographed woman in the world and she loved it. Diana Spencer was a NOBODY without the Royal Family. No man could ever have been enough for her as she was so demanding and manipulative. She was the mother of the heir to the throne and she acted like a common whore….even her OWN family thought so. The monarchy is WELL RID OF HER. She was disgusting.

    • Elmo

      Go fuck yourself.

  • Fkin immigrants

    Mohammed should go back to his own country strap a bomb to his chest. That’s all those people are goodfor humanbombs.
    The middle east should be blown up get rid of all the alla lovers die bitches. Diana was way better then unreels of nature. Hail Allah fuckers

  • Fkin immigrants

    Kitty Cambridge should strap on a bomb too you fucking diease filled fat whore. Got get on the corner and make me money bitch

  • kitty Cambridge

    Ya. You Brits would know all about bombs.
    How do you know whether I am a fat or a thin whore ?
    If Diana was employed on a corner maybe she would have made somebody happy at least.
    You know, if all the immigrants went back to where they came from, you wouldnt have a fucking royal family at all..anyone who allows their taxes to pay for a lifestyle for these inbreds is who needs to strap something on…..
    Jeesh, Hitler had the right idea but the wrong race….fucking British cunts….

  • kitty Cambridge

    On a corner ????? It is a pity you British bastards didnt put all your royal whores to work on corners for you, maybe then your economy wouldnt be so fucked up. Just think of the money that Margaret, Anne, Fergie, Diana and even the old Bowes-Lyon whore could have made if properly handled ??
    “The sun will never go down on the British Empire”…but the royal whores will go down on anyone.
    I,d ask for my money back.

  • Elmo

    Whoa! Just let me say this. When I said it was obvious that harry was not charles’ son, I wasn’t attacking Diana. I was just saying, he’s probably not. But could you blame her? Prince Charles was cheating on her and putting her through hell, so she needed to find comfort. I’m leaving now. The hearts of all you Diana haters will dissolve inside my stomach someday. MARK MY WORDS!!!

  • Nadiel

    RIP sweet lady, you are missed. No you were not perfect and none of us are. Those of you judging should


  • kitty Cambridge

    ….poor sweet, manipulative whore never walked a mile in anyone’s Laboutins but her own…the ultimate narcissist…and we are still expected to lament her passing 14 years later ….

    • Elmo

      P.S.S. FUCK YOU.

  • Susan

    And for all your nastiness, Kitty, it seems that Diana was NOT the one who married planning to cheat on their spouse, (Like Charles and HIS whore) who spent the most time and effort on raising her children to be decent, caring people, and actually, came out of the whole mudfest better off than the Royals.
    And (ahem) wasn’t she actually working as a kindergarten teacher and making her own way in the world when she married? Pretty hard work for a “laboutin-shod narcissist”. And oh wait, she also advocated for AIDS victims and 3rd world causes BEFORE it was popular. Yep. What a selfish woman. Really, it IS too bad that she fell for Charle’s line and married the selfish, entitled ass. She would have had a longer, happier life had she stayed “nobody” and actually married a man who loved her.
    BTW- Its been whispered that the British people STILL dislike Camilla and Charles so much that it’s likely to vote to do away with the monarchy completely rather than allow him to ascend the throne. Which is why Elizabeth is holding on and refusing to retire.

  • Elmo

    P.S. Not likely. However, I do think the reason QE is still the queen is because everyone dislikes Charles so much and does not want him to be king. I hope Charles dies before the queen. Even if he dosen’t, he will reign for a very short time. Prince Charles. The literal king for a day.

  • Elmo


  • Madchris

    I want to know how you are so sure she was a whore? Did you sleep with her? Did your brother, father, uncle? Did you watch her procreate with another man? Why would you assume she did? And, if she did, when then turn about is fair play? Her husband had an affair with a married woman before, during and after their marriage. So Prince Charles can cheat and Princess Diana can’t. Personally I think no one should have cheated; if Prince Charles didn’t love her he should not have married her. Why is was the 20th century? Plus Charles flaunted his mistress infront of the entire world! How humiliating this must have been for her. So yes, she has passed so why try to tarnish her reputation anymore? The ROYALS killed her. Shouldn’t they be in jail? Just tell me why this is any of our business anyway?

  • kitty Cambridge

    Charles cheated with only one woman the love of his life.
    Diana fucked anything with a pulse who would give her any attention. Hewitt, Gilbey, Oliver Hoare, Will Carling, David Linley, Hasnat Khan, Dodi – she had them all and got paid one way or another. THAT, IMO makes her a whore.

  • Nisa

    God, why u made such humans? An ill fated woman who passed away more than 10 yrs ago us still thrown stones at!? Who are we to judge and pass comments on her? She has suffered and died tragically. Leave her alone. Throw stones at charles n camilla.

  • AlthorpHo

    Charles has ended up with Camilla as his wife. If Diana had been allowed to live, would she have been the same ?
    No , I beleive she would be still whoring around and using men like she always did. The monarchy and her sons are soo much better off thats she is gone..

  • nickol

    God bless you diana,dont listen to them there are peoples that love you,and miss you,the most important thing is that they are still talking about you then they still remmember you,they will some day realize that they were wrong,how many bad things you had is not important,the love that you showed to the poor and sick is important,the way you kissed and huged them was and wwill alwayes remain in our memories,keep your beatifful smile,God bless you,wish you sleep in peace and comfort

  • farzaneh

    i’m a moslim,and a iranian girl,but i love diana more than my lifeeeeeee,i grow up in england and i simply remember the day diana left us,and i have been crying for her evry night,she was my true aingel,she was my life,waching the royal wedding i could really feel her empty place at williams side,nickols right the world will never forget you,as you said:the world will some day know my story,my life,my sadness,and the way i will leave,God bless you,plz keep your happy smile,love you,

  • Guest

    Oh please…shut up.

  • Bearville

    Who cares?

  • marlio

    Well even if he is James Hewitts son, which he probably is, he still has more royal blood in him than the Queen.  Princess Diana was descended from the Mary Stuart line and has more blue blood in her lineage.

    • Emmie Faison

      I don’t beleive he is hewitt son but that dumb charles keep letting this go on; because he cause that young lady to do a lot of thing she was in love with the nut and he didn’t care nothing about her only that hag camilla strand parker bowles;

  • Guest

    and diana real father is ???

    • Itoldyouso

      Who knows ?. …..her mother was just as much of a tart as she was so it could be anyone…..

      • Emmie Faison

        your dad I quess or camilla strand parker bowles dad

  • Cporter

    She was a whore!!! Always looking for money.

    • Emmie Faison

      and you are a whore a double one at that!!!

  • Glen Cram

    it should be easy to find out. he certainly spreads his dna around!

    • Emmie Faison

      How many have you spreads around for you to beleive something like that you mush have done it. No one eles would beleive something like that but a fool

  • rose young-stewart

    Which of her lovers had curly red hair? He liked horses, want me to tell you? Think how awful harry must feel.

    • Emmie Faison

      Which of your lover you had childrens bye I guess about 12 different woman. Stupid



    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dianne was a whore. Harry and William are not Charles sons. Any idiot can see that.

    • Emmie Faison

      You are the stupided person I ever read about Prince William and Prince Harry is charles I guess you say camilla strand parker bowles two is charles he keep them up and keep things from being written about

      • Archie Caldwell

        *I haven’t got a clue what u just said.*

      • Emmie Faison

        because you are stupid, stupid, stupid,

      • Archie Caldwell

        *I no wot i am do u no wot u r?*

      • Archie Caldwell

        *Do u always talk to stupid people? duh?? *

      • Emmie Faison

        Yes I do! I feel like they don’t know no better, and need someome to love them:

      • Archie Caldwell

        *Wot sort of luvvin do u need? *

      • Emmie Faison

        I’m sure u don’t know because u don’t know what love is. I’m talking about the God type of love the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, I will love the hell out of u and there is nothing u can do about it: u don’t even love yourself!!! your mind is alway in the ghetto. u want to see how many time u can
        get a hit on your site sorry I’m sounding off , I will not read anything eles u post

      • Archie Caldwell

        *Of course u will read everything I post. U need me, u are a failed marriage and miserable life I can bring ur life back for u. * *Also leave god out of it go it alone.. he’s just a joke someone perpertrated on man kind. * *Tell me more*

      • Archie Caldwell

        *Im ready wen u r.*

      • Archie Caldwell

        *Im ready get naked.*

      • Archie Caldwell

        last i herd Harry was romping around in the dam nude.

      • Archie Caldwell

        *U have been duped.*

  • Archie Caldwell

    Send me ur details U might be my type.. No fat need apply.

  • Archie Caldwell

    Any fool could see that. He doesn’t have Charles’s ears.

    • jlo

      Harry is definitely Hewitt’s. But who is going to admit that. Their needed a spare and and heir. Charles would not admit it – he tried-but was told to shut up for the above reason. They took Diana out ’cause she was going to reveal this and that there are others like Prince Andrew out there. Queenie didn’t want that known about her nor did Prince Phillip want it known about him and his ‘willie’
      They are all related anyway. England is such a small country and both Prince Phillip and Prince Charles have love children. A lot of inbreeding going on.

      • Archie Caldwell

        *Just a bunch of bed hoppers. And I heared Charlie was getting it on with his buttler.*

  • Archie Caldwell

    Dianna was just a brood mare for the palace.

  • Archie Caldwell

    Get naked I’m ready.

  • Anonymous

    She was just a low life Sand Nword Fluker. . . They should have done he in much sooner!

  • margo

    Agreed, why The English still want to keep their monarchs beyond me. But. why Americans care about even more puzzling. We had a revolution to rid ourselves of kings and now we drool over British royalty?
    Though American leaders getting creepier by the minute. Looking like dictator territory here these days.

  • Pauline O’ Donovan

    Prince Charles is Harry’s father. Anyone with average eyesight can see that. He also has a great look of Prince Philip about him. Anyone with basic mathematics can work it out; Harry was born in 1984 and Diana began her affair with James Hewitt in 1987

  • Pauline O’ Donovan

    Lady Sarah and Earl Spencer both were red-heads when young.