Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kelly OsbourneKELLY Osbourne doesn’t care that she’s only famous because of her parents.

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant says she knows she’s only been successful in showbiz because of her parents, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne.

“Why do people think its an insult to say, ‘Your only famous because of who you parents are’!’” Kelly wrote on her Twitter page.

“No s**t thats a fact not an insult!!!!!

“I’m very proud of who I am and where I come from.”

Recent reports claimed Kelly — who ended her engagement with Luke Worrall in July amid speculation the model had cheated on her — is dating Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford.

“Kelly and Chace have been on a couple of dates and are trying desperately to keep things on the down low,” a source told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

“Kelly is wary, she had zero confidence before she met Luke and look how that turned out.

“She wants to keep their romance out of the spotlight until she’s sure it’s the real thing. She’s had a tough time of it since splitting from Luke.

“But she’s looking great and is finally starting to feel that way too.”

The 25-year-old star — who has shed more than 10lbs since splitting with Luke — has been impressing Chace with her outspoken views and wit.

“Kelly is really unique and opinionated — something that Chace finds very cool — she also looks stunning but in a very unique and hip way, they could be Manhattan’s new hip couple,” said the pal.

“Neither one of them are bothered about red carpets in a traditional sense, she grew up with all that debacle and he’s a Texan boy at heart.”[imagebrowser id=458]


  • Maybe

    Stunning… Hmmm? I not so sure I would use that word..

  • ben.a

    i think kelly is hot. did you see the nude pics she posed for earlier this year? go to

  • susieq

    l love her mom ,not so sure about pops,but kelly seem
    to come off pretty well on DWTS

  • Diane

    Kelly sounds like a real person. I admire her for admitting her famous parents have opened doors for her she may not have been able to open for herself. There should be no shame in that. She has come a long way and it sounds like she is becoming a really beautiful person, inside and out!

  • Redina

    kelly may have started her “career” being the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon, but she is coming into her own, and i think she’s defining for the world who she is, what she’s about, and where she’s going…i like her…i wish the best for her…

  • john

    who cares if she is famous because of her parents she hot and wanting to be in show biz. Jealous!!!!

  • john

    Hey what about kim kardanshian and paris hilton what have they done. Their only famous because of their parents.

  • Linda

    Since Kelly has gone through the crazy, punky stage in her life, she has become a very pretty, classy young woman. I didn’t care for her before, but have changed my mind. I hope she continues down this road. I’ve become a 67 year old fan of Kelly.

  • alic mc kiney

    Kelly, you are OKAY sweeti and beautiful toooooooooooo!!!!