Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scott WeilandSCOTT Weiland has fallen off the wagon.

The Stone Temple Pilots rocker says he’s taking a break from touring because he has started drinking and taking drugs again.

“I started drinking again,” he said.

“My whole world basically spun around and so yo know what? I’m going to take care of myself because that’s what I need to take care of.”

Weiland — who has completed several stints in rehab and was treated for a heroin overdose in 1999 — has struggled with drugs for nearly a decade and has been arrested three times for possession of substances such as heroin and cocaine.


  • FgY

    What the hell?
    He is not on drugs? Can you read? He started drinking.
    Listen closely, asshole.

  • Clint

    Haha. Drugs? Epic showbizspy fail.
    It was clearly said that Scott is off the drugs but boozing.

  • Thomas

    Did a monkey write this article?

  • brian johnson

    alcohol is a drug retards

  • concerned citizen

    Good for him. maybe he’s just tired of all the same old crap. go scott! Cheers!

  • Anonymouse

    Cool, maybe he’ll actually put out good music again… I hate to say it but his music sucks when he isn’t on something… All the greats are like that…

  • Mari

    Whoa dude that does NOT look like him…oh wait he doesn’t have any make-up on. Still, he looks drunk in the picture. He’s a musician and I hope he can overcome whatever he’s going through and make some more kick-ass music. STP is great, and Velvet Revolver rocks … “we with pain will succumb to it one way or another”…

  • GT

    Alcohol is not only a drug, it causes more devastation to society than ALL ILLEGAL DRUGS COMBINED.

    Not only is alcohol dangerous to the user, but it is responsible for a large percentage of assaults and even murders.

    Often the alcoholic does not remember the acts which they commit while under the influence of this toxic drug.

    The fact that alcohol is legal means that marijuana should have been legal decades ago.

    • http://yahoo luverlylynda

      AMEN to legalization

  • sandy

    scott weiland is a piece of shit! all that money and fame and he cant keep his shit together! he is constantly letting his bandmates,family and fans down with his behavior. plus he aint much of a singer anyway. velvet revolver were fools for hiring this dip shit as a lead singer. you think they would have learned about druggers and diva behavior from their years with asshole rose.

  • manster

    he’s an alcoholic. at least he knows, and is getting help. Happy in golashes was a kick ass album!TAKE CARE SCOTT!!!!

  • http://yahoo luverlylynda

    This sucks… I have tickets to concert for tomorrow….Cancelled

    I hope that Scott can get well and we will be able to see his talent.

  • Steve

    Saw them last 2 years in Cincy. Great concerts! Well, . . . Bing Bang would be nice. Their talent and work is excellent. That they could come back together as if there had been no break is a testament to their talent. This band works well together. It’s a shame Weiland has addiction problems. I wish him the best and hope to see more from STP. I would also like to see them on stage a few more times, at least.

  • Chris

    I met Scott and hes an awsome guy, all these fools talking shit have no idea what its like…they just think, you got some money and ur a rock star and life should be good… its so easy to sit at your desk at at some 9-5 job or at home living with your mom and dad and slamm someone… Id rather struggle with a stubstance abuse problem and have accomplished something in my life and have left something that people will remember me by then live a boreing ass nothing exsitance…

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