September 23, 2010 by Adam

Bristol PalinBRISTOL Palin isn’t on the hunt for another boyfriend!

The 19-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin — who recently broke off her brief second engagement to baby daddy Levi Johnston — insists she’s “not looking for a father figure for Tripp right now.”

Bristol also denied rumors she’s dating her fellow Dancing With the Stars contestant Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

“Isn’t he like 30?” she asks, laughing. “We met for two seconds. I do not have a crush on him.”

Meanwhile, sources insist Bristol is serious about her stint on DWTS.

“Bristol is taking this very seriously,” an insider told the PopEater website.

“She knows this is her big chance to reintroduce herself to the American public, who only really know her as a teen mom and Sarah Palin’s daughter. That said, she is also aware that her mother could be a huge liability in this competition.

“It’s always great to get reaction shots of family members when the stars perform.

“And when that family member happens to be someone as controversial as Sarah Palin, it’s TV gold.”


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  • llulu

    there are some pretty naughty pics of bristol posted at . mama wouldn’t approve.

  • susieq

    don’t like the name palin.can’t stand her mom at all. shes dumb as there is and I hope that the US never stoops that low to allow her any activity,more than she already is getting .she proved herself the first time around.

    as far as bristol .you can’t chose your family,but you can choose your friends

    • Talia

      The education system failed you, didn’t it? Dumbass.

  • Kathy

    I wish her all the luck in the world.

  • DickGozinya

    Go Bristol Baby Go! I loved that shot of her all tanned sitting on the steps,and when she took off that jacket to reveal her sexy red dress,that was hawt.Team Bristol can get it together and nail them steps down Baby Yeahhh!

    • Talia

      And you’re just fuckin’ creepy.

  • Talin

    Really, susieq? You’re calling Sarah dumb when you can’t even use proper punctuation? That’s nice.

  • Uncle Sam

    @susieq is a “Liberal” of the worst kind. This article is about BRISTOL Palin NOT Sarah Palin!!!

    The poster suffers from a mental disorder known as “liberalism” and one symptom is not being able to distinguish venues and the proper behavior at/in such venues.

    Maybe, with the new health care plan, they will all get their xanax and we can finally get back to running this country in a manner that it will work.

    susieq, we will pray for you and your healing :)

    • alicmckinney

      No you are the IDIOT!!!@##$% give me back ma country . Bush is the one and your gummsy trailer park trash that vote in the party that hates working class Americans . Yet you are all on SSI. Medicare, free food banks help from your church . Wake up you MORON!!!!

  • mnv

    I may not approve of her mother but I know Bristol has the sense not to try and date someone like “the situation.” Besides, shes too good for him.

  • smelly dancing

    dumb and dumber pretending they have talent! hilarious stupidity!

  • rick

    Come’on now folks did you seen Bristol she looked like she is about 5 months pregeant and had more chens than a chinesse phonebook. There is no way “the situation” would hook up with this grenade.

    • http://none Pat

      Please, all of you! Bristol is a nice young girl. Cancel all of the ugly comments and just let her dance. Does it bother you?Rick, just what do you look like?

  • Unkown name

    yo momma ugly

  • Unkown name

    Bristol is ok, but her mother is a bitch!

  • radar dude

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  • radar dude

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  • radar dude

    rotting dicks. f u showbiz spy.

  • radar dude

    how can she date a homo sexual?

  • http://yahoo TJ

    Her dance partner is NOT mike the situation bone heads! DUH!

  • camgirls

    Like it … is great!

  • Flirting

    She’s still young and beautyfull. It’s normal to search for the perfect “situation”