Madonna Won’t Let Daughter Dress Slutty

Monday, September 27, 2010

MadonnaMADONNA won’t let her teenage daughter Lourdes wear skimpy outfits to school.

The Holiday singer — who recently launched a fashion line with Lourdes, her eldest child — says she’s strict when it comes to what the little lady can and cannot wear.

“There are certain things she is not allowed to wear — almost every morning we have our differences over it,” said the 52-year-old. “No too-low V necks. School is not a nightclub.

“I always say to her: ‘Are you going to school or a nightclub?’.

“I don’t have time to have style any more. Lola has great style.”

Recent reports claimed Madge is at war with Lourdes’ father Carlos Leon, who’s reportedly furious that the pop superstar is preparing the teenager for a showbiz career.

“Madonna and Carlos have been fighting,” a source said. “He’s not happy that she’s paving the way for Lourdes’ showbiz career.

“He’s against her being in entertainment until she’s older, and hates that she mostly hangs out with Madonna’s older, fashion friends.”


  • Meg

    It’s completely untrue that Madonna and Carlos were fighting and disagreeing over Lola’s career choices as Carlos has given several interviews supporting her choices and praising Madonna. He was even at the launch. Madonna and Carlos have a great relationship.