Monday, September 27, 2010

Christina AguileraCHRISTINA Aguilera must be comfort eating following the failure of her latest album Bionic!

The singer looked liked she had gained a considerable amount of weight at a bash at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art over the weekend.

Christina is currently filming the musical Burlesque in which she plays a small-town girl who ventures to LA and finds her place in a neo-burlesque club run by a former dancer — played by Cher.

Aguilera’s weight gain has left many insiders mystified.

“It’s bizarre Christina has put on so much weight as she’s been doing lots of dancing and high energy work for Burlesque,” a source told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

“The whole movie is choreography and she was very active so I’m surprised she’s piled on the pounds so quickly.”

It’s believed Christina has piled on at least a stone over the past three months.

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  • Jodi

    People who call that fat need some SERIOUS help,I swear,are people gonna do to her what they did to Jessica Simpson,I swear if yout not size 2 in Hollywood your considered fat,that’s sick,if she looks too thin,they call her anorexic,but if she has some curvs she’s called fat,in Hollywood you can never win.Anyone who considers this fat is an asswhole.

    • jane

      that right fatty now stop talking

    • Michael

      Jodi… learn how to spell and not repeat yourself, before you write in public! You must be FAT… LOL

      • Nikki

        Jane, you’re probably all “butch” and wouldn’t recognize a hot chick if she was in your face.
        Michael stop playing with yourself, Jerk!! I’m sure your lotion bottles and Vaseline are asking for a break.

    • Rhonda Leah Pierson Davies

      I prefer ultra- thin , but this round- look is very, very good , too , probably healthier, and more realistic … . Maintaining a great body is very difficult .

    • Amy

      She is overweight, not normal. She definately has seen better days. She looks about 140 lbs.

    • Elmo

      Jodi I agree with you. She ain’t fat! They just want you to be over thin because those whores who make a living off Hollywood think the thinner you are the more attractive. Well there is such a thing as TOO thin, you know. Besides, she doesn’t look like she’s gained any weight!

  • Cam

    she did gain weight though which is weird considering she’s always been such a petite girl. it’s surprising to see. she might be fat for her height/weight. some people are able to carry the weight around nicely like jessica simpson, but because christina is so tiny it’s a lot more obvious. she’s not obese but she did get chubbier.

    • Cassie

      That is not even close to being right…if you are a woman of 5’5 you should weigh 120-130.

  • bruce

    If you don’t think she’s fat, it’s because you’re fatter. Christina has a double chin, fat cheeks, and an ass bigger than my chest. At her height she should not weigh more than 105 lbs and she SHOULD be a size two. The average American woman is now 5’5″ tall and weighs 164 lbs. That is 49 lbs. overweight. People in America have become so obese that 20 lbs overweght is thought to be thin. Put down the cheeseburgers and get on the treadmill.

    • Rich

      Bruce you are such a f*cking idiot, and deserving of being put in a coma.

    • Riyana

      hehehe…that’s funny ‘Bruce’ I don’t think u even get any booty if u talk like that. U sound like an uptight gay mofo** that feels comfort in putting beautiful women down. marilyn monroe was gorgeous, and, well, u get the point. It’s not these women’s fault if they wouldn’t touch you with a 10 foot pole…Sorry Buddy :) U can always buy toys, but don’t hate honey ;)

      And as for you Mimi, im sure you’re physically so ugly, because only ugly girls hate on pretty girls ;) So save as much money as u can for plastic surgery, hang in there sweety, it’s not ur fault ur an ugly b**ch ;)

  • xXXxsTaRsTrUcKxXXx

    @Bruce Please do shut the f*ck up

    • lynneah

      plus christina can’t help her curves she’s half latina for god sakes it natural for her to have curves people stop hating

  • nic

    she’s not fat, just ugly
    somebody needs to tell her to embrace her whiteness. orange is not hot at all. look nicole kidman, anne hathaway, blake lively, jennifer garner… c’mon girl, snap outta it.

    Spray tanning looks good for latina or black girls: Eva Longoria, J Lo, Mariah, Halle Barry, Kim K, Giuliana Rancic. You need some natural color first.

    • lynneah

      plus christina can’t help her curves she’s half latina for god sakes it natural for her to have curves people stop hating

  • lol

    lol i agree with nic, the spray on orange tan makes a person look 3x worse…and fat.

    • Michael

      It would seem that divorce doesn’t agree with her! The grass is not always greener…

  • mimi

    I agree that Christina has put on a substantial amount of wait. I remembered when she performed for the finale of American Idol back in May, she was not even this big. It was kinda disturbing to watch her sing during American Music Awards and on DWTS!! She’s falling out of her outfits and she just looks aweful. She’s always been sooo small and petite and really cute. This makes her look huge and trashy and it appears she doesn’t care. It’s just bizarre to me!!!

    • Nikki

      Mimi, people like you are the reason why we have young girls starving themselves to be thin. Keep this in mind..just because you’re thin doesn’t mean your beautiful. In fact, I’ve seen some ugly skinny chicks. Have you ever looked in the mirror at yourself…probably not. Get some self-esteem so you won’t have to bash other chicks.

  • JT

    People! Give the women a fricken break!! She is going through a divorce! Honestly what the hell is wrong with you people, you should all be ashamed of yourselves!

  • http://hotgirlshotter lorrie

    @bruce, please stop talking bullshit. Are you a dietitian or doctor? I highly doubt it because your talking absolute crap. Im 5 foot and way exactly 102 pounds and i have been to see a number of doctors due to being severly underweight and they are only just happy enough with my weight now. This woman may weigh more then she did, but she is not overweight or fat or even chubby. Look at her shape, she curves at the bust and hips and goes IN at the waist. Women are suppose to curve like that and up until the 19th century, this was considered the perfect figure as the woman was considered healthy and less likely to die in child birth. Anyone calling this woman fat has some serious mental problems.

    • Michael

      She’s fat and you are mental…

      • Nikki

        Poor Michael needs some self-esteem and he needs to put away his blow-up dolls. That’s what happens when you can’t find real chicks.

      • Riyana

        Nikki ur freeken awsome girl! :) thanx for saying what u said to Micheal the loser that wishes for a human women and not a toy/blow up doll… hehehehe

  • Tara

    Wow. This is what fat looks like? I’m 5’8 and 125 pounds. I am in amazing shape and I am a size 4-6. So when I say this you can BELIEVE it ain’t coming from an obese woman: ALL OF YOU WHO CALL CHRISTINA FAT ARE SICK. You truly need help. She is a stunning beauty who, if not famous and walking by you on the street- you would break your necks to admire. As a woman who once suffered from anorexia I can tell you that it is terrible lies like calling a gorgeous and thin woman “fat” that leads to mental disorders and physical self-abuse. We have so much pressure on us to be perfect and bony at all times and you have no clue how hard it is until you’ve been there. Leave this sexy, gorgeous and THIN woman alone. You don’t walk in her shoes. You don’t reflect her image in the mirror. You don’t feel the pain, love, anger, happiness or humiliation that she feels on a daily basis. Chances are you’ve never even MET her. So what justifies your right to judge the size jeans she wears?

    • Elmo


  • disturbed

    Hey, are you saying divorced people will lost direction?
    You shouldn’t say that!

  • chloe

    So many shallow comments.

  • chloe

    If you think Christina Aguilera is fat, then you know nothing about real women.

  • SusanCharles

    She looks like a woman should look. She has hips and curves and breasts. It’s much sexier than the collarbones and ribs sticking out.

    • Michael

      Her breasts are pumped up and as fake as she has become… as I remember when she was really great! Now she is just plain full of herself and going down… too bad!

  • Betti

    She looks great with a little weight..very pin-up. She can drop that as quick as she gained it too. People are so judgemental. All the men/boys saying shes fat would totally do her still. I think she looks better with some meat on her bones. Refreshing to see a celebrity not all skin and bones anorexic size 00. Go Christina!!

  • tarek

    Christina gained some weight which shoes but its not THAT big of a problem, she just needs to lose what she gained that is all for the sake of her performances only. 0 is not a size !!!!!!!!!

  • http://chimmychimmidy leah

    I think christina looks really hot at the moment really sexy and pretty, she stands out more with all them sexy curves, not at all horrible ugly or fat, just really pretty and glowing. HEALTHY is the word im looking for. wish i looked like her

  • Katy

    I’m just another person who wishes she looked like that!She looks gorgeous. Very marilyn monroe-esque. There’s a reason why this type of figure is considered the most sensual, stunning and beautiful the world over.

    • Riyana

      But Jason you’re gay, why are you giving your opinion about women’s bodies??? Women are supposed to have tits and ass sweety, and men are the ones that shouldn’t…. poor Jason, confused and really angry at hot females… :( Don’t hate ugly man, don’t hate… that’s all :)

  • jason

    She is fat… U think u have to be a size 2 in hollywood u do.. Who want to look at someone not easy to look at? She looks like a sea turtle

  • Butch

    Can’t help but notice everyone taking up for Christina seems to be female. Thought I’d point out that common denominator. I hope somebody breaks out the harpoon and takes down this whale of a woman. (Better bring a big boat)

  • Kristin

    It’s not the extra pounds at all. It’s that ghastly makeup she’s wearing that bothers me. I’m not sure whether it’s just her complexion or what, but….she could stand to lose the bronzer and a few layers of foundation.

  • Terri

    Okay… this is absolutely insane. This is why american teenage girls have issues with bulemia or anorexia. Christina is not fat. I am a RN and I see plenty of people that are obese. We are all human, were not perfect and life goes on. I’m glad to see her eat alil more than usual. It means she’s happy. Geezz..

  • Lali

    She clearly doesn’t look like always, but she’s still beautiful. Everybody has breakdowns, she must’ve had something going on, why is this such a big deal? She a human being. She is fat, not obese, she is not skinny but normal. If she is healthy then she is fine.
    If she still has her ABSOLUTELY AMAZING voice then she’s fine and she will survive!

  • Lali

    who cares about her body when she can sing like that?

  • Lali

    who cares about her body when she can sing like that?

  • alexandrea

    I’m confused… she doesn’t look fat at all… you guys are nuts.

  • Keisha

    Watch Burlesque. See these pictures. It’s Hollywood magic, darlings. I reckoned she looked too thin in the movie.

  • Linn

    She’s not fat. She’s like, Mae West size.
    The real problem here should be…uhm…hey…she’s orange? People who say she’s fat, ok. Do what you will with that. But I need to point out the fact that her discoloration makes her look ridiculous.

  • lynneah

    christina aguilera is not fat shes just chubby so what, not every one is pin thin like a model, god made us all types of body shapes, and we should be happy for who we are.. no one is perfect…

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  • holly louise

    exactly! shes not fat! i think she still looks beautiful and the pressure in L.A is stupid anyway, u have to be anorexic and look like some kind of a barbie doll to be ‘perfect’ there , and shes just takin it her own way , shes happy for who she is , and shes a heck of alot more talented than most the singers out there now . love her to bits ♥


    OK, lots of these posts are from 6 months ago but I just watched her on The VOICE and sorry but she is more than a little chubby. She’s gained more weight and is huge. She is very small boned and with this amount of weight just looks very bad. She then wears the worst possible things on the set. Not saying she should be a size 2 but she’s at an unhealthy size and is very curveless and misshapen.

  • Isabel

    I don’t think she is really fat.
    More like ‘chubby’
    I think is a kind of pretty though.
    At least you can see she’s a real woman, instead of all size 0 skinny people without ANY curves.
    Don’t get me wrong, she IS a little over weight. But i don’t think it is looking really bad on her.

  • Derek

    She’s not obese (got a good start though) but she used to be skinny and in-shape. Compared to old photos, she looks like a cow. We’re all entitled to our own opinion, just don’t tell me big is beautiful and that you shouldn’t have to work out to show your body off. She made millions prancing around in nothing and now it’s not important how she looks??? I wonder which people are saying that…

  • sally

    i love christina she’s one of my fav singers but she is fat, she’s not cruvy that’s what fat people say when they dont want to admit there a heffer! she was skinny in burlesque thats what i cant understand, i just dont see why see has lost all the wieght for the film then put it all back on agian, and people who say god made there that way is a lie she was SKINNY, its not god shuving cakes in her mouth is it ??

  • Ferrarello

    Whoa !!! She’s gaining faster than Kirstie Ally at a Duncan Donuts.

  • Mr Bigcocks

    She is fat, and now prolly has a smelly crotch, cus she can’t wipe datazz

    • Grown Up

      Re: Mr Bigc**** : Why is it that you feel the need to be disgusting and uncouth (hence your insecure user-name)? I really believe you are uneducated and immature. I think the Internet should be licensed, so e-tards like you cannot post. Hhahah!!

      • Mr Bigcocks

        Incase you didn;t know the internet is a public place. If you want everybody to think exactly like you then go sit in a closet, and talk to yourself, and in the mean time I will do your wife/gf if they aren’t fat.

  • Mr Bigcocks

    What is sad about this whole thing is that I can tell by the responses who is fat as hell, and who isn’t, and it appears just from this article that most of America is fat.

    • Bec

      Coming from the person named Mr. BigCock…

      your probably so small a smurf couldn’t find it.

  • Bec

    Dude you guys are awful. She is gorgeous. Who are you to say how much someone needs to weigh to look good. Get over yourselves. You are all probably sad, lonely, and ugly.

  • Skit

    She looks fine.

  • irish83

    christina, you look wonderful with big curvy hips thighs &bottom. i would love to hug,hold& snuggle if you were my plus size girlfriend. please dont lose anything, i wish you can goto asexy size 14-20. plus size waddles are sexy to dream over XOXO  big bottom squeezings

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks hot. Look at those gorgeous curvy hips!  Thick girls are sexy too. I just love them and can’t get enough.