Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Phil CollinsROCKER Phil Collins has vowed to never marry again.

Despite being very happy in his relationship with newsreader Dana Tyler, the former Genesis star — who has been married three times, to Andrea Bertorelli, Jill Taverman and Orianne Cevey — has no plans to ever tie the knot again.

“She’s a very sweet girl, sweet lady but I’m not going to get married again,” he said. “I think I’m better off on my own.”

The 59-year-old singer — who now lives in Switzerland so that he can be near his sons Nicholas, nine, and Matthew, five, from his marriage to Orianne — also revealed he has such a good relationship with his ex-wives that he often goes out for dinner with all three of them.

“I’m very proud of the fact that we go out and sit at the same table,” he said. “It’s what life should be like. And it often isn’t, because people take sides, Whatever happened, happened and it wasn’t one person’s fault.”

Phil’s reluctance to marry Dana could be due to his recent declaration he is still in love with Orianne.

“We are very much in love with each other actually,” he said. “The fact is the divorce never should have happened.”[imagebrowser id=701]


  • Philip Danjuma

    Mr. Phil,

    Be in the right place, be owned by, be in the possession of a woman called your wife at this age is imperative.

    You are still strong and young; at the same time getting older, and giving consideration to reawaken your marriage with Orianne Cevey may not be out of place.

    Divorce documents are just pieces of papers, your love for Orianne Cevey is real – come back together please as man and wife.

    (Philip Danjuma – Nigeria)

  • http://n/a sylvia

    I wish I was orianne, I would come back running to you phill

  • http://dsl AMERICA

    Why is he wasting time with Dana Tyler if he declared he’s still attached to his ex??

    Why is Dana staying ?

  • http://www.// Debbie Reed

    Iv’e been married 3 times and three time I said the same as you, however I took my wedding vows seriously, they cheated.
    Once again I’ve been single and haven’t as much as dated anyone (MY CHOICE).
    I do get ask out all of the time but of the wrong claibur of men related to me, I pray everyday that one day Mr. Right comes my way, he’d have to be a good one for me to except as much as a date.
    I am still young, as I was 54 going on 40 this yr,LOL! I still feel and act it, I do not want to grow old alone i always revert back to Dolly N Kenny’s duet Rocking chairs.
    One day God will send Mr. right in his time not mine! Please do not say words you may eat as I did.
    If I could pick n choose, I’d choose Liam Neesom.
    God Bless n your friend,
    Debbie Reed

  • papi culo

    Hopefully that means we won’t be getting more sappy love songs like his version of Groovy Kind of Love.

  • lame arse

    phil collins has turned into a fu–cking tool!! his current old lady out to run like hell from this strange bird!! LONG LIVE PETER GABRIAL!!!

    • mudbug68

      learn how to spell Gabri’E'l moron. i love Peter gabriel but Genesis was much better off with Collins as a front man. Gabriel was much better off on his own.

  • Beavis

    It was never really revealed why he and Orianne divorced, although his son Simon said it was because of his Dad’s “insecurities”. Interesting he should be saying now that it never should have happened.

    I don’t blame him though…the terms of divorce are so terribly unfair, why would you want to marry again?

  • Spartan

    When it comes to music, Phil gets an “A.” When it comes to personality, Phil gets an “A.” When it comes to understanding women, Phil gets an “F.”

  • Elena

    I think, it’s a private affair, to be on good terms is too major issue for a marked man, moreover for a creative person. it is evident that Mr.Collins is a fascinating person and he is a man, take him for all in all

  • Nakita B

    I whish I was his women.Not for hiis money but because I love him.He’s sexy nd just outstanding!!! What women wouldnt wan him.Those women are nothing but gold diggers.It’s not Phil but it’s his pockets instead.So they trap him making him feel like he owe them somthing when he ows them nothing!!!!So yes oin the club Phil! Im a 24 yo woman and Im dbeautiful but Im still lonely buy choice! Yes I would love to show you how to be loved

  • Bob

    Dana should dump him!

  • Larry

    I would do Dana n a minute