Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Emma WatsonEMMA Watson was left in tears after splitting from her Burberry boyfriend George Craig.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, the pair — who began dating after meeting on the set of a Burberry campaign — called time on their romance after Watson jetted back to America earlier this month to start Brown University again.

“Emma and George made plans to try to make things work long distance, but it was not feasible, Emma knows this, but there have been tears,” a source said.

Craig recently revealed that he and Watson “really fancy” each other.

“We really fancy each other but are just good friends. We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend,” he said in August.

“We both live such busy lifestyles. In an ideal world, for me anyway, it would be great if we could be together but we can’t.

“I’m doing my thing and she’s doing hers. Maybe if the situation changed we might be together.

“We went to Glastonbury together and there was a lot of chemistry between us.

“We like each other a lot and I have a lot of respect for her.

“She’s an amazing person and all that matters to me is I don’t lose her as a friend.”

Meanwhile, Watson is reportedly at war with Kristen Stewart – because the Twilight actress thinks she’s trying to steal her boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Watson and Pattinson starred together in 2005 movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

“Like all girls, Kristen can be very jealous and possessive, and in her mind Emma poses a threat,” a source said.

“Rob has commented before on how cute he thinks Emma is and Kristen worries that he would have more in common with her because she’s British.”[imagebrowser id=157]


  • Zora

    I feel bad for Emma. That’s gotta be difficult.

    KStew really needs to get a grip. Her reasoning for Emma and Pattinson having a lot in common is that they’re both British?!? That’s like me saying I have a lot in common with Kobe Bryant because we’re both American (and I can’t stand Kobe). And so what if Pattinson said she was cute? A lot of things can be referred to as cute without being sexually attracted to them or anything.

    Also, I would hesistate to say that Pattinson “starred” in Goblet of Fire. Yes, he played an important role and Cedric was a very important character, but considering the number of scenes he was actually in compared to other characters, I would definitely not consider him to be a starring character. I’d say the only reason that was said was to appease Twilight fans.

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      did you used to teach math?

  • Mr Kaine

    All I have to say is that I REALLY hate Robert Pattinson.

  • Bitchen

    WOAH! DREAM BIG… are people really taking this seriously?

    Uh… duh the whole pattinson/kristen/watson thing is made up. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole “left her in tears” bit was false as well.


  • harry potter

    dont worry emma… im here for you

  • ron

    f)$K U Harry,.. She Is Mine..

  • Ben

    Cheer up Emma! Sure, you split from your boyfriend, but look at the BRIGHT side. You made a lot of guys out there HAPPY! ;)

  • Fariborz

    Oh my GOD be cool baby find another one for yourself.

    • do i know you?


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    i have often wonder emma were you have been all my life.we will start something that describe a scenario that is heaven on earth

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  • Merri B

    “Like all girls, Kristen can be very jealous and very possessive.” All girls?? Not ones with a brain, maturity, confidence, and some degree of talent. Emma Watson is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more attractive, way smarter, and way more talented. She can do better than Robert Pattinson. Kristen needs to put her big girl pants on and grow up. I think she’d probably be jealous of an iguana in Key West – they ARE kind of cute.

  • janin

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  • Nancy

    Emma and Rob would make a nice couple…

    • Jhajha

      THERE’S NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://google Sara 7

    I really adore her. I am sure she will do just fine without him, but let’s wish they get back together!!!

  • Voldemort

    how stupidly-sentimental…kristen stewart just a stupid vampire wanabe, robert pattinson sure is useless making couple with kristen and found out they had chemistry just becoz they acting together ..emma is smart and talented BUT very stupid in relationship..a good relationship does not mean we have to make couple with famous-but-no-brain people..i wonder why emma is so desperate like whore..geezzzz

  • alice

    Emma trying to steal Pattinson? I almost died of laughter.

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