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Posted by Adam

Kirstie AlleyKIRSTIE Alley has no class!

The actress — who recently revealed she has lost 50lbs and is planning to lose another 30 — has riled her Los Angeles neighbors by stealing fresh fruit off their trees for herself and her menagerie of pets.

“Kirstie’s on an organic diet to lose weight,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“But she’s usually too lazy to go to the farmers market or store for produce and often swipes avocados, oranges, grapefruits, and other stuff from neighboring properties.

“People are getting really annoyed with her because she so doesn’t ask — she just takes.”

Recent reports claimed Alley’s Hollywood Hills mansion is like “Noah’s Ark” thanks to her 25-plus pets.

“It’s like Noah’s Ark run amok at Kirstie’s!” a source said last month.

“Everywhere you turn there are animals — dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and chinchillas.

“The place is especially ripe in the hot summer months. The smell can be overwhelming.”[imagebrowser id=208]


  • imominous

    I’d set traps and cameras around select trees. Spontaneously exploding avocados can be most entertaining!

    • Alice


  • DrKayMS

    Why should they be upset, she is saving them the trouble of having to pick their trees for ripe fruit that they probably won’t get to eat anyways. Just let her take the fruit. She has to have something to do these days.

  • Butch

    People leave her alone …… Get a real life

  • pat.mason

    dang, kirstie used to be so hot. check out the stunningly erotic pics they have of her at

  • Jenny

    If they don’t like her taking fruit they should just trim their trees back off her property line.

    • Kirk

      The article doesn’t state that her neighbor’s fruit is hanging over her property. Even if it was, one should first ask if one may pick the fruit; just because it hangs on one’s side, doesn’t mean one has free access to it.

  • Kirk

    Kirstie is just a Hollywood wacko with sh_t for brains and couldn’t hold a job in the real world. She thinks she can do what she wants because she’s a big star! My words to her: Stop stealing food, and buy your own d_mn food for your smelly zoo animals!

  • Brian

    Um, dont forget the leemers!

  • Donna

    The National Enquirer?
    I don’t believe anything they print
    but if she did can’t they just sent up a camera
    and report her.
    Still think this is made up! lol

  • DAN

    Leave her alone……….she’s hungry.
    Kirstie is about the only former “A” lister i can stomach. For some reason I find her very cool and she seems like a really good person. I was getting into her newest show when it just disappeared. If the trees are hanging over the line she has legal rights to the fruit. If she is wondering around the neighborhood just grabbing stuff, maybe she should just order some crates of fruit from a local wholesaler and have them deliver the stuff. she could probably even get a wholesaler to give her some of the over ripe unsaleable fruits and veggies for the live stock and pets.
    I would love to work for her, the ones she has now seem like they are just taking advantage of her good nature.

  • Brian

    Lotta bitter people!

  • Janet

    Neighbors should have someone harvest some fruit and deliver it to Kristie at home with a nice note saying that, if she needs it, she should have it and you hate to have her risking injury. Try to embarrass her with kindness.

  • dj

    I want her to lose 40 more lbs too! And then get a new face and voice. Then go to jail for stealing. JUST GO AWAY KRUSTY!

  • kerry

    the 99. cent store is for everybody even ex A list stars such as herself can shop for 25 plus animals for just under a C-Note a month and take care of her so-called organic diet needs. If she can live in west hollywood hills in a 9 room plus she can take her size 19 ass over to the 99 cent store to complete all of her daily needs rather than to steal from the peeps in the near from her but, than again for her it’s routine P.T.

  • Mike S

    I’ve always dug this chik…but hoarding animals is kinda nasty. I like pets, couple is alright, a zoo is not…That’s where I draw the line..No Kirstie The Cat Lady PULLLEEEAAASSSEEE. Rippin’ fruit from the trees hanging over her property, if that is the issue is a nonstarter. Pick the fruit and get on with yer day.

  • Jean

    Hey, let’s give Kirstie a break. Stealing’s wrong, but that Jenny Craig food is really expensive!

  • Momboelitist

    So, these RICH people who will likely let most of their fruit drop from the trees and rot on the ground are angry because Kirstie didn’t ask to pick 2 or 3 pieces. If you’re not in the produce business then it shouldn’t matter.

    As for the smell from all the animals, I’ll have to side with the neighbors on that.

  • Kenneth Riggsby

    Boy the world get crazier by the day. I wonder if Ms. Alley even knows that her neighbors have gotten wise to her or is there a serious underlying mental problem. She doesn’t mind getting in front of the camera and poking fun at her weight or other misfortunes, but it may be another matter to have to face the public in a more down to earth realistic setting where some people might be brave enough to walk up to her and say “you fat @#$% lose some weight.” That might explain why she is “borrowing” from her neighbors. It would be a good way to avoid going out.

  • Daytona Mom

    Sounds like an episode of Animal Hoarders in the making!!!

  • Gina Marie

    Fruit or flowers, nuts wateva–if its in my yard its MINE!!!

  • Greg Hodges

    This is dumb

  • Gina Marie

    Kirstie’s property is not respected & I agree they should as Jenny say- “trim back if it bothers them” And Dr K say “she probably doin a favor” Esp. if She’s the only one they “sharin’” wit! Lol!!! Every tree has enough to share & the more you pick-the more that grows!!! So why embarass her get mad at her….
    She is an “Old School” Brick House!!! Heck I would be Honored that She ate from My tree!!! & I would tell her to Help Herself!!!

  • loried

    It is obviously a jealous person complaining about her. They stated she is too lazy to go to the grocery store. On her reality show she has a full staff. I doubt she has to do her own grocery shopping. Some neighbors just like to complain or maybe it is someone who got PAID to say something about Kirstie to a tabloid. Pay someone a few thousand and they will say anything.

  • Trish

    That’s such crap!!!!!
    I live in a small home with a smaller than average yard and I have a houseful of furbabies. My home and yard do not smell because I keep it clean and picked up. I seriously doubt that 25 animals in a “MANSION” with what I bet is a pretty good size yard can “SMELL” that bad!!!!
    Just another case of people having to start ugly rumors about someone because they are angry or upset with them.

    Lots of sad people in this world!