Monday, October 18, 2010

Gisele BundchenGISELE Bundchen‘s hunky hubby Tom Brady wants the sexy supermodel to have another baby, it has been claimed.

Insiders say Tom is desperate for Gisele — who gave birth to the couple’s first son, Benjamin Rein Brady, in December last year — to extend their brood as soon as possible.

“Tom loved it when Gisele was pregnant,” a source said. “He doted on her and enjoyed the fact that he got to spend more time with her as she wasn’t always working.

“He says it would be a blessing if she could get pregnant again soon.”

Tom recently revealed that Gisele tells him how to cut his hair.

Meanwhile, Bundchen has revealed she finds motherhood “wonderful”.

“I love being a mother,” she gushed. I”t is challenging and it is different when everything is not about you and your life — now there is someone much more important. It takes some adjusting, but it is so, so wonderful.”

Gisele — who married New England Patriots quarterback Tom in February 2009 — also revealed she is happy she waited to find the right man before having a baby.

“My son is so beautiful, I love him so much,” she said. “But before you have children, you have got to make sure you’ve got a great man. You can’t settle for less — someone you love, and someone who has the same beliefs.”

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  • Linda

    For those who put together this piece of nonsense…Brady already has another child…his first son, Jack 3, to actress Bridget Moynahan.

  • Fred

    Tom loves Jack too. He wants to have another baby with the woman he loves – his wife – not that insecure, clinging, conniving, “I’m not taking bcp’s so I can trap you” loser Bridget.

    • Woooo

      I agree Fred. I do believe that she wanted to trap Brady.

  • Bradyfan!

    Thank you Fred! Well said.
    Tom WANTS to be a father. He LOVES it!
    Some ppl are calling him a ‘dead-beat’ dad,
    He obviously did not want to be with Bridgette anymore and her way to ‘always’ be connected to him was to trap him. Why else would she tell the father that he is the father by revealing it to the public first….and that is how he finds out. Low down dirty shame!! That is why she will find herself…by herself. Gisele and Tom are cute together. I hope it’s real and that their relationship lasts. I hope they welcome more babies soon!!!
    Go Pats!

  • anonymous

    What the hell? This is so random…are we to believe that someone told showbiz spy how Brady FEELS about his wife’s pregnancy?! I think this kind of thing is between him and his wife. Being the private person he is, I doubt he would go around telling people these things, especially someone who would tell showbiz spy?
    “…”it has been claimed” by who? And why did they think “oh my god, let me go tell the media how my friend feels about this so they write an article”
    Slow news day, is it?

  • john mc

    ain’t love grand when you’re rich?

  • Rick

    Just another athlete with multiple baby mommas. Perhaps it would look better if these guys married the women who have their children and then divorce after a year later.

  • Howie

    Heck with the Baby. Play better in the 4th TOM!!!

  • lolzhataz

    Tom wants more with his WIFE. I hate how people act like he and bridge were some waking up,living together married couple. Gisele was the one who got the ring and he built a home with. Deal with it!

  • abbycl

    ahah Linda is mad because she wants thing to be over already, but looks like she will be old and gray before it happens. haaha

  • paritosh
  • 12know

    Interesting how everyone is acting like the “expert” in the situation with Tom, Gisele and Bridget. Personally, I think with Tom and Bridget, their relationship was over and then she found herself pregnant with Tom’s first child. She did not go “crying to the media” as everyone claims she did. Far from it. If anything, Gisele seems to be the one who hunts down the media when she wants to state an opinion. And, frankly, what comes out of her mouth is not intelligent. It’s one thing to be married to someone who is gorgeous but this is clearly a case of beauty being only skin-deep. She’s not shy about being snarky of other people. At 29, she’s already starting to show her age. In a few years, she will be acquiring lines but probably not much intelligence. Bridget, on the other hand, exudes grace and intelligence and that will last her a lifetime. Incidentally, Tom Brady is not my type of guy. I’m not into sports jocks. They are too self-absorbed.

  • psht

    Mind-control piece for women everywhere saying: You’re only fulfilled and worthwhile if you’re a wife and mother (repeat repeat repeat)

    The most important thing in life is to live your life to the fullest, fulfill your true potential (whatever that may be) and live the most authentic life possible in accordance to your own personal vision; to be an original, first-rate individual. If that is being a mother to some, fine. But if not, that is fine too. YOU are just as important as anyone else.

  • R

    Please 12Know- Bridget didn’t run crying to the press?

    Bridget announced her pregnancy to an online tabloid-Page Six. Probably because Tom told her she would be a baby mama instead of his wife.

    Bridget put John on the cover of a sleazy tabloid OK Magazine with the headline- Life Without Daddy!

    Briget went crying to Harper’s Bazaar with the story Heartbroken and Pregnant…

    Bridget takes shots at Gisele like with Self Magazine where all she could do was trash Gisele’s home birth and Ben being photographed .

    Bitter Bridget!

    Bitter because she is a washed-up, discarded, and old baby mama whose plans for the quarterback failed.

  • http://google DeCe

    check out bridget moynahan ” talks about being a single mom” the interview with harpers bazaar, scroll down to jennifers’ comments. there have been others, varified my suspicions. bridget betrayed and deceived tom, she made a life altering decision for him, went off the pill without telling him. this “OLD FASHIONED” girl, even after tom said he didn’t want to marry her or have a family with her, spread her legs and let him IMPREGNATE her. tom, being a typical man, doesn’t associate love with sex, and when legs are spread, they’re going in. when she wasn’t getting her way, she took it to the tabloids, portraying herself as a victim, manipulatinting them and the public into shaming and pressuring tom into going back to her. then dangling her son like a carrot, FOR ALL TO SEE. NOW she doesn’t want any press, since didn’t and can’t help her anymore. the CLASSY way would have been if she closed her legs, walked away and found someone else!!!

  • Jill

    So how is Bridget @ fault again?? Come on people… It does take TWO to get pregnant & everyone should know that women have to do more of the work when it comes to raising children over men. Why?? Obviously because women have to carry babies inside of them for 9 months, & during that time period, must follow strict health & lifestyle rules. They also have to be prepared for extra physical burden. Knowing this, most unwed women try their best to prevent pregnancy. However, nothing is fool proof. No woman wants to be single, alone, & pregnant. Having said that, maybe we should look at the real culprit here… BRADY!! He should learn to wear a rubber!!!

  • james0101

    Give me a break! 3-4 years passed and you all still talked about this triangle relationship. Bridget has moved on. She is doing well. She is gorgeous. Did you see her pictures in Oprah magazine last month? She looks so beautiful and classy. She hardly ever talked about her son(or showed him around), never said bad thing about Tom. Most comments were from Geisel and Bridget’s friends were the ones who responsed to those comments (not her). She had her son pictured taken a few months after he was born. The money went to a charity. Her comment from “Self” this year was right on. We shouldn’t give a wrong impression to young girls that having kid is easy. I like her idea of how she raises her healthy food, read books, listen to music, simple life style.

    I think Tom and Geisel deserve each other. She kinda looks weird (long…long..face). They kinda look alike, though. Their son is cute. I think she should gain a few more pounds. She lost so much weight too fast after having the baby.

    • katie

      James-Who was flirting with another womans man?Gisele was.So I don’t think she can get the perfect mother of the century award.Everyone know that Gisele wouldn’t have given him the time of day if he wasn’t SuperBowl Champion at the time they met.

  • Amanda

    I’m sorry but I think his wife looks like a street walker in that black dress. The picture of her from the front almost shows us where the baby came out! Tone it down there sista!

  • katie

    Sorry Bridget cannot be blaimed for this one.She has a hit series on tv right now and Gisele quit Victoria Secret because she didn’t want to be on the same catwalk with Leos new girlfriend.Now we know who got the better end of the deal,Bridget.

  • Matt

    Tom wants to see Gisele pregnant again soon? Well, I’d be happy to knock her up for him.

  • Anon

    It’s kind of pathetic that the only way to make your wife spend time with you and be at home is to get her pregnant-otherwise she would be in Paris kissing “friends” and get guys all over her -jetting from one country to another. Ohh to be rich…..

    Good luck Tom!

  • John

    I would want to spend as much time as I could impregnating Giselle too, where’s the story?

  • wanda

    This story puzzles me that Tom is begging Giselle to have a baby. How could anyone possibly know something so intimate about a man and his wife? Is getting her pregnant the only way this man can keep his wife home? Giselle does not present herself in the press as a woman who is ready to raise a pack of kids. I’ve always wondered if Gisele got pregnant on purpose to get Tom to marry her? Either way looks like tom was hoodwinked into marrying Gissele because she was pregnant. Again Tom comes off like the dufess. It slays me to see Giselle give advice to women to find the right man before they get pregnant. She needs to give advice on how to trick a man into getting married while making sure his baby mama stays out of the picture.

    • Ashling

      I don’t pay attention to this type of stuff but I had to comment on your reply Wanda. You said Giselle tricked him by becoming pregnant and forcing him to marry her. Well I can tell you for a fact that the baby would have been concieved at the end of Feb or in March to be Born in December. Having two children I can say that with no hesitation. They married in Feb 2009 and had their son in December 2009….Hmmm, thats 10 months, definitly more then 40 weeks. If she was pregnant when they married I highly doubt She knew.

  • Linda

    Of course this “story” is nonsense. De a slow news day. Although it does seem to me that Gisele leaks tidbits(not to mention where she’ll be with her stepson so the paps can snap away)when she wants attention. I’m sure that she’s not too happy that Bridget’s Ramona and Beezus movie was a hit. Not to mention the fact that Blue Bloods is a ratings hit and sure to be renewed. AND she has another movie coming out in March(Battle: LA). I think we can expect to see (and unfortunately HEAR)lots more from Bundchen in the months to come. She’s far too narcisisstic to let Bridget get any publicity without butting in.

  • louis024

    So Tom want to have another baby with his wife Gisele isn’t
    that what marriage is about having babies is the love you
    share with each other. Children are how much you are in love
    with and its a continuation of your love for each other. He
    wants to have another baby is because he is in love with his
    wife and babies are showing the love for your wife. This is
    what life is about sharing your love with each other and being married and have kids is expression of your love for
    each other. Tom love his wife and he wants to share his love
    with her. They both have careers but they’re love is there
    celebration and children are and extension of there love for each other. SO I say to TOM love her she’s yours and
    having children is the best way to celebrate your love and
    Gisele loves you and her sharing herself with you is the
    greatest expression of love that you can have for each other.

  • George Singleton

    Tom Brady is a egomaniac crybaby!

  • Lori

    They say a picture is worth one thousand words. Brady should be talking to a lawyer, not the tabloids, after that picture came out of Euro-trash (Brazil, Europe, same difference, since if it’s not American, it’s second-rate) Gisele cuddling up to some foreign clown.

    Brady needs to cut his hair to look like a man and then start acting like one. If this story is in fact true, one has to question his motives. Could he be trying to keep Mizz Boosh-den in the marriage with another child? Sorry, but Bridget Moynihan is far prettier than Booshden, who always looks skanky.

    Brady looked like a cad with the way he handled the birth of his first child. His sham of a marriage to Booshden is destined to end in divorce. Why bring another child into that mess?

    • hkg

      @ Lori You are stuoid. Tom is the man of her life. They will never get divorce.
      The guy was a gay and a short kiss on the cheek