Sandra Bullock Desperate For a New Boyfriend — And to Adopt Another Baby!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

bullockmtvSANDRA Bullock is set to start dating again!

Sources say the actress — who divorced husband Jesse James earlier this year — is keen to find herself a new boyfriend.

It’s also claimed that Sandra — who adopted son Louis before finalizing her divorce — wants another baby.

“She’s ready to move on,” a pal told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Her son Louis is 8 months old now. She’s adjusted to motherhood and to being single again. She wants to fall in love.

“But after Jesse, no ‘bad boys’ need apply.

“She’s also talking to the adoption agency that hooked her up with baby Louis about another child.”[imagebrowser id=194]


  • Lea

    head to hawaii and try to snatch a date with alex o loughlin

    • Sue

      Desperate?? Sandra?? Are you kidding?? She’s beautiful and any man would be blessed to have her as a girlfriend, wife ect. Unfortunately for her the dips–t she was married to thought with the wrong head, but she deserves better anyway. I wish her the best and all the love and happiness in the world!!!

  • Terry Workinger

    Where do you scumbags get the ” desperate ” from ??? God , why can’t things just be done right ? Yes , the woman wants and deserves to be loved, by someone other than a scumbag like that biker chump. But where the hell did you come up with the word desperate. YOU are bottom feeders, with no value.

    • Lori

      I agree with you totally…

    • Robin B

      I agree as well. Desperate? Being ready to move on and being desperate are two different things.

  • http://nonefornow Luke McIntosh

    Dear Sandra
    Good luck on finding the rightous boyfriend. I myself have been waiting for years and have not found the right one as of yet. I believe there is one for every one. I have to wonder though is there anyone loyal,honest, and mean what they say.

  • chris

    SANDRA!!! Call me……..




    • Nicky

      Ryan Reynolds is happily married to Scarlett Johansson.




    • Lori

      I agree…she and Ryan make an awesome couple.

      • Robin B

        Ryan Reynolds is married to Scarlett Johansson. I don’t think she wants break up a marriage.

  • mtw

    Pray, it will come.

  • http://Facebook Joel

    Sandra, quit looking for love on the west coast that is ALWAYS accompanied with drama. Come find a real man in the Southeast. You deserved to be treated like every woman wants and deserves to be. Holla atcha boy….

  • http://yahoo lupe santos

    sandra call me i would love to get to know you more

  • Patinwy

    Sandra, I submit my application to be your new boyfriend. Not all people that ride Harley’s are total jerks.

  • gagirl

    ‘desperate’?!? i don’t think a woman as sucessful and beautiful as sandra bullock would be ‘desperate’ for anything…especially a man!

    • Lori

      You got that right..

  • http://Showbizspy Patty Fitz

    She has the looks, the money, and a ton of talent/personality….where do you see a desperate woman there? You are stupid. Some one fire this writer.

  • william boaz


    I am available and very easy going,also i live in Texas
    And i am very Cute so ley me know. William

  • http://None Trish Harvey

    There are good ones out there, believe me. I have a GREAT man that has loved me through the good and bad times for all of 44 years. He’s handsome, loving, funny, helps with housework, sexy, family oriented, very smart….he has a downside, but his good side far outweighs the downside. My daughter says there aren’t too many “out there” like her dad, but she’s slightly prejudiced. Recently, we’ve met some couples that seem very, very happy who have been married 47 to 56 years! It doesn’t happen much in celeb circles, but Sandra is definitely in the winner’s circle….she shouldn’t ever go for the “bad boys”; no woman should.

    • Lori

      Does your husband have a brother…. I am 50 going on… hoping that I can find a great man like my dad. My mom and dad have been married 53 years. ;o)

    • rick

      here i am lori,where are you so we can get married

      • Lori

        LOL….tottoland USA (Kansas)…

  • Robert G

    I want to date Sandra.

  • Billy Paul

    Where can i send my resume

  • LT Bob

    How do I let Sandra know I’m available and definately interested?

  • http://yahoo Joe B Merrifield

    I would to be your next husband

  • http://showbizspy Jasmine

    Sandra wouldn’t be “desperate” for anything. She is an amazing woman capable of getting anything she wants. I hope she finds a nice man who will truly love her and her son.

    Good luck Sandra!

  • Bob lombardo

    what a very very STUPID MAN, Jesse James is D/A of the year . my opinion .

    • Lori

      You got that right!

  • Brian

    Sandra is such a sweetheart… If I were single and she was mere mortal I would certainly be interested! Be picky Sandra… you are a prized catch for anyone!

  • Lori

    Someone needs to smack the writer of this column. Sandra is not “DESPERATE” by any means. She is a neat lady and a great mom.

  • Ari

    I agree, Desperate is NOT the right word to use, although the author wants you to read the ad it was out of very poor taste.
    I’d be a gladiator to the death just to be with this wonderful woman The one woman that deserves the best of love and support. we love you and I love you.

  • FM1960 West

    How about a date Sandra. I have bad credit, owe everybody and their mom so I can’t afford to cheat, never had a tatoo, don’t know how to ride a motorcycle, live in an apartment, have traveled the world, love all your movies, am tall, dark and handsome, southern gentleman, will sign a prenup, have raised children, own businesses that have potential, love helping people, go to church, am open and honest about everything, and the only thing I can offer you is my heart.

  • Brian Morse

    Millions of men, with no chance in hell, are dancing with joy right now

  • Robert

    Sandra Pick me, pick me. I’ve got a job, I fix cars too and I’ve got no tattoos.

  • sonia

    She needs a real man to treat her right……NO MORE BAD BOYS…….is right. She doesn’t need more drama bein a single mom. I am proud of her for stickin with her dreams and dealin with a career. U GO GIRL!


    Sandra made her bed, now she has to sleep in it. She had a real man and couldn’t keep him happy. Well, good luck in finding some chump that is so p**** whipped that he will ask how high when she says jump.

  • Laurie

    I agree Sandra Bullock is a goddess, and a lady. She doesn’t act like most current day celebrities, who seem to equate hideous behavior with fame, not infamy.
    As I’ve read these comments, however, it doesn’t surprise me to see that the majority of readers have the same assumption I have – that only a gorgeous, wealthy, famous woman of good character and personality “deserves” to be loved. There are a LOT of us out here who aren’t gorgeous, wealthy, or famous, but are every bit as wonderful, and we are not supposed to WANT to be loved – we’re supposed to be happy alone and unwanted – because only goddesses “deserve” to be adored and happy? Nonsense. I’m intelligent, attractive, employed, have a wicked sense of humor and all my teeth – but I’m not a bombshell, and I’m not wealthy. I’ve never been a party girl. I’m just the girl next door. I’m not bitter, but yes, I’m hurt and puzzled. Is outer beauty THAT important? I’m not ugly. I’m a perfect hostess. Everyone comes to me with their problems. My best friend IS actually happy alone. I’m not, and and it’s viewed as a character flaw for an ordinary-looking woman to feel a need and desire to be adored by a man. Why?

  • Gary Bonura

    Well, if I were 5 yrs. younger (ok, 15), and not married, and had a different head and body…and a lot more money…Ok, let’s say I’m Brad Pitt, and weren’t with Angelina, and had no kids…..Well, anyway, good luck Sandra.

  • Virginia

    What is wrong with just being single? Raise your kid and forget about wasting your time and energy on dead-end relationships.

  • kevin

    my dear Sandra.., relax..,u gat it all.., men are just stress factors xxx good luck anyway

  • B.J.

    Sandra doesn’t need to look for any man. Let them come looking for her and she can be the judge of who is best for her. She will move on and the best is yet to come for this talented yet beautiful actress. She is also strong and witty. She is the best actress out there in my book!

  • yulia

    attentuin keanu reeves. u look good together and perfect for each other. i hope sandra and keanu will be together.

  • Mark C

    Desperate..? Sandra Bullock..? You people must be joking or in serious need of some intelligent journalists & editors..! She is one of the most incredible women in Hollywood and is definitely among the most beautiful. Desperate..? I think not..! You guys owe her an apology for this garbage you wrote..!

  • http://yahoo laura

    I can’t believe she is desperate. Don’t believe that. Jesse really screwed up, but she is better off without that freak.

  • http://yahoo laura

    Desperate? Bull!!!!!!

  • Nicky

    I honestly think she should stop looking and just enjoy being a single mom for now. The right man will come along at the right time if it was meant to be. Having a boyfriend is not the end all and be all. I personally would rather be alone and happy than be miserable with someone. She just surround herself with good people and her family.

  • Gordon

    Hi Sandra its time to put the past behind you ,and move forward. Your a great women and any man with good morals would be proud to have you hand and hand walking down the street.Love louis with all your heart,and don”t be afaid to take a second chance.There is a man out there for you and you will find him.And when you find the right one love him with all your heart. Not all men are jerks.

  • Gordon

    Hi Sandra A funny episode from ACCORDING to Jim comes to mind and I hope it birghtens your day.In this episode Jim Belushi is talking to Kimberly Williams who plays Dana,she dumped buy her boy friend.And Jims Famous words to her are( For every Saddle There an Ass,For Every Hand There is A Glove, And For Every Good Women There Is A Good Man )Got Love Jim

  • Dennis

    She is not only a beautiful woman, and a terrific actress.
    She is a wonderful person and sincere in every way.

  • pat

    Sandra Bullock definitely should not be desperate to find a boyfriend – she should be beating them off . . .hope she finds a better one than Jesse James this time.

  • Steven Louis Chapman

    E-mail me Sandra we’ll do lunch! LOL

  • Steven Louis Chapman

    Sandra, I will be your one and only, if you needn’t ask I will show you lovely.

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  • Jason Lee

    I found all of Sandra Bullocks nude pictures here:

    I love her perfect boobs