Saturday, October 9, 2010

Michelle WilliamsMICHELLE Williams has “self-loathing” and body issues.

The actress says despite getting naked in a number of her films, she’s insecure about the way she looks.

“I have the usual self-loathing and body issues and yet I seem to be naked in a lot of movies,” she said.

“The nudity has to end somewhere. It would be really nice if the pictures did not get posted online. But then maybe that’s a reason to do it: Just get naked, and who cares if it ends up on the internet.”

Williams recently revealed she can strip out of her clothes faster than anyone else.

“I was so lucky to get Dawson’s Creek,” she said.

“I was auditioning for pilots twice a day. You get used to a rhythm of rejection. But auditioning taught me to change my clothes really fast. To this day I can get in and out of my bra and panties faster than anyone.”

She also admitted she’s “addicted” to using her computer.

“I am a slave to my computer. I hate myself when I email. Email is like a dopamine hit — you wait for it and then you get it,” she said.

“I gave up my computer during my last movie, Meek’s Cutoff, which is a period piece and I took to letter writing. My girlfriends got some great letters. But when it ended I was back on email. I’m an addict.”


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