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Posted by Adam

Jane LynchJANE Lynch is loving married life!

The Glee actress — who wed her doctor girlfriend Lara Embry earlier this year — says she likes nothing more than waking up next to the person she loves.

“Waking up with someone you love and spending every day with them and having a child,” Jane said when asked about the perks of marriage. “I love her. She is the best.”

Jane recently admitted she was scared about coming out as gay.

“It’s funny, when I was younger I used to lie in bed and think, ‘What will I do if I ever get famous and they find out I’m gay?’ I would really angst about that. It just happened so naturally and I didn’t hide anything,” she said earlier this year.

“I never let anything like my sexuality stop me from pursuing what I wanted to do and what I do has nothing to do with my orientation really.

“I play straight people all the time, I think I’m an actor first before I’m a gay person.”
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  • Jimbo

    So shes the husband? She has a wife.

  • Nita

    She’s a woman. She’s also a wife. She is married to a woman who would be a wife. You can’t be a husband if your not male. Women are wives, men are husbands.

  • Kayla

    Good for her. We should all be so lucky as to be in a healthy, happy relationship, gay or straight.

  • Jack Long

    Jane Lynch is a gifted comedian! Why is her sexuality an issue? Happy for her marriage. Let’s talk about what a great character she plays on “Glee”.

  • Judy Parks-Wheeler

    I think its sad, that a person has to worry about coming out! I would love to see every gay person OUT and Proud of it!
    I think many people would be surprised, that there are so many Gay , Lesbian, and Transexual professionals, and family members…….Come on OUT

    • Marie

      bob, two females may not be able to make babies but being a father means more than just donating the sperm.

  • bob

    some one should inform this funny person too females cant make babys that not how it works.

  • Jeff

    Gee Bob,
    Last time I checked ,there are more than people on this earth ,so a few babies wouldn’t be a bad thing. They could also adopt or be artificially insemenated. Lots of options out there.

  • B Jones

    OUT…what the hell does that mean..OUT OF YOUR MIND…OUT OF THE NORM OUT OF YOUR ELEMENY…?????

  • B Jones

    OUT…what the hell does that mean..OUT OF YOUR MIND…OUT OF THE NORM OUT OF YOUR ELEMENT…?????

  • Ken

    She is gay! Im shocked! lol

  • TS

    Jane is such a great comic actor…who needs to care about her private life.

    I hope they creat a TV sitcom about her DR. charactor in “Two and a Half Men”…

    Her clients could be all the weird charactors from presnt and past shows (i.e. Kramer, Jim from Taxi, etc)

    Her sence of Humor is so dry…It would be awesome!!!!

  • Kh

    Gee Bob, I think you do know what “out” means. It means most of us don’t live in Kansas any more, Dorothy. That is, it’s not 1955, it’s 2011. Plenty of single parents, and being queer isn’t illegal, whether you are transgender or lesbian or a gay man. So, yeah, there are plenty of kids with queer parents. Plenty of guys visit sperm banks, or help friends. Not that shocking really.

  • Renato Zediker

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