Matthew Morrison Demands a Pay Rise!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Matthew Morrison MATTHEW Morrison believes he should be paid more because his hair is “another character” in Glee.

The 31-year-old actor — who plays teacher Mr. Schuester in the musical TV series — explained he gets so much attention for his hairstyle in the show that he thinks he should be given a pay rise by Fox bosses.

“How do I feel about the jokes about my hair? It doesn’t bother me, but I do feel I should be paid more money because my hair is another character!” he said.

“As people once asked for a Rachel from Friends haircut, perhaps they’ll soon be asking for a ‘Schuester!’”

The hunky actor admitted he has had to add a lot of hats to his wardrobe in order to avoid being recognized by the show’s enthusiastic fans.

“My anonymity has gone,” he said. “I can’t walk five feet without being stopped for a picture. But you have to embrace it. You work this hard and hope for something like this to come along, so you can’t push it away when it happens.

“But I am buying a lot more hats now! I’m also walking around a lot in clear glasses — sunglasses make it look like you’re trying too hard!”

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  • kyle.m

    he’s a playa. there’s a bunch of pics of him partying with like 15 naked women posted at

  • Erica

    I bet anything that comment was taken out of context

  • Jessica

    That was definitely taken out of context. He was obviously just making a joke. -_-

  • Bushido

    Shutup Douchebag.