Daniel Radcliffe Plans to Have Sex With His Dancers!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Daniel RadcliffeDANIEL Radcliffe is planning to get some action while he’s starring on Broadway!

The actor — who will appear in New York musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying — says he can’t wait to get intimate with some of the female dancers!

“I’ve been in relationships from the age of 14 and now I’m single,” Dan, 21, told Dazed magazine.

“I said to a friend the other day, ‘Dude, I’m doing a show with dancers. I’ve got to be single.’

“He was like, ‘Don’t sleep with anyone in your show. That’s a mistake.’ It’s good advice. But I’m not sure I’ll stick to it.”

Radcliffe recently admitted he’s obsessed with “cheap chocolate”.

“I have one a day; two if it’s a special — or an especially stressful — day,” he said.

“I’ve been into them for about a year. It used to be Mars Bars. I only like cheap chocolate; expensive stuff is wasted on me.”


  • lexi

    Good for him :)

  • Keith Richard Radford Jr

    Keeping/rendering too these ideas that sex is somehow an enforceable commodity is the problem.
    We give the people this power to make an effort to enforce something that is unenforceable [Laurence vs Texas] and the same people that weld that power are the abusers of it. It’s not about sex offenders or even sex. It is a device made by the oldest communications companies that spearheaded a campaign of media blitz professionals in an effort to shock and aah nations into stopping rascal tensions and disparity between people in general that was subverted by corruption and the Internet netwit’s that needed desperately too place/misplace their frustration of inequality on someone other than the placed/misplaced prejudices of a time when blacks could not even get a foot in the door to make a living for their families or much else Latin’s do more than wash dishes and now their the cooks and home owners pointing to the shift in direction of a hard on for focus on the weakest among us all when we except blame for everything like who they may or mai not have slept with when our hero’s like have bedded in the triple digits and some might like to see peace, BuTT NO! these yoyo’s gotta know by now that a panoramic view of time and unforeseen occurrences has come knocking and has done the job. I stand proud of my role in the end of sex laws now campaign knowing what I do and having been their for you all, too see what the truth is concerning sex in all its avenues of development/use/law/communication and control, being a true world traveler and seeker of the most Ma’cobb having visited the famed Museum of Sex in Amsterdam to the home EEC class I took in middle school I think I was born with a somewhat health interest in the woman’s form. And not being shy enough to really hide my being retarded kinda like Hal’s brother in My Name is Hal its always been easy for some one too flip my stitch. Especially if they show an honest interest in my benefit. That kinda melts my heart and if its for the good of our nations, well then show me but like sailors and ports go we can talk about sex from a myriad of standpoints but that does not change the facts that like you say whole cities will put someone into the sex trade to build a church in their town. We all sacrifice our selves for something through our lives. For me I was chipped as a child and met with military personal when I was six years old, told I would have someone ask me to break laws and advised how to deal with the concerns. Today I still have not recovered from this sacrifice because no one wants to hear the ugly truth about sex because it would cast the reality back in their laps/lap tops/and lap dances. We need to look at the situation and the effort in a new light but not as closed minded fools.

  • Houdini

    I don’t think it’s anyone’s business what he or you or me do in our personal lives. I’m disgusted by the unimportance of about 98% of what is broadcast about people. It’s impossible to have an interest in films, music, books or anything for that matter without having to sift through the “garbage” first. Is this really what our culture has regressed to? Or were we ever anything better than this?

  • Anna

    Honestly, don’t you think that he says things like this for the shock value, or the fun of it? I’m sure that at 21 he’s yearning to break our of his “good boy” and “Harry Potter” image somewhat, which is only natural. He’s young, he’s got the world by the arse and up with a bullet. I’m sure he’s just having some fun, seing what the reaction is. Not to be taken seriously, I’m sure.

  • Celtlady

    Daniel Radcliffe is a hormonal, sex-obsessed jerk. Maybe it’s a break-out-of-the-mold thing, but admitting lust just isn’t very classy, is it?
    1. If I was a dancer hired for one of Radcliffe’s shows, I’d keep away from him. Celebrity only takes you so far.
    2. Sleeping around gets you 2 things, Dan… STD’s and a bad reputation. You’re halfway there.

  • SlytherinAngel

    He was totally misquoted there though. I read on another website that everyone is just making out to look like that’s what he actually said, but they misquoted him like most magazines and online sites do to celebrities. Yes, he’s a horny 21 year old man, who cares, it’s his business.

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