Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Audrina PatridgeAUDRINA Patridge insists she won’t be following in the footsteps of her former The Hills costar Heidi Montag.

Patridge — who’s taking part in the current season of Dancing With the Stars – doesn’t plan on changing her looks with surgery.

“Lots of people in Los Angeles get surgery and it’s funny because they all start looking the same,” the 25-year-old said.

“It’s important to have your own look and keep what you’re born with, it’s not something I’m going to do any time soon.”

Audrina recently revealed she wants to meet Johnny Depp.

“It would be a dream to meet Johnny Depp,” she said.

“Definitely. I know it sounds like so cliched, but Johnny Depp is a hunk.”[imagebrowser id=703]


  • TVwatcher

    Who is she? How is she a star when no one has even heard of her?

    • Gabi

      Umm have you heard of “The Hills”???
      Im not saying its a good show, but it has influenced many young
      people into this SoCal look. I am not recommending you watch it,
      but she is a well known celebrity nonetheless.

  • Matt White

    Doesn’t she have breast implants? So what she meant to say is that she won’t be changing her looks anymore

    • danny

      yes she has implants but they look very good. there are a bunch of her nude pics at

      • rd

        danny you need to get a life. you are creepy!

  • kem

    ummm…already looks like she got a bad boob job. Looks like one boob is much higher than the other

  • Michelle

    easy for her to say when she’s fricken gorgeous. but yeah…I don’t think her boobs are real.

  • GossipGal

    This coming from a woman that has breast implants! And bad ones at that. I like Audrina but her implants look horrible and she has no room to talk about people getting surgery. Wow. Come on, Audrina!

  • starly

    Yes, she’s had boob job. Who is she trying to fool?? Hollywood never ceases to amaze me…. pathetic.

  • addo

    she always reminded me of a shark look (eyes , shape)

  • Beavis

    ..she obviously means ANY MORE cosmetic surgery…

  • Lucy

    Hello ?… She had a breast augmentation, nose job and new teeth… WHAT EVER !

  • Lucy

    Just look back in the past episodes of her show

  • lafemmepinay

    She has plastic surgery…she got a boob job. And if I can recall, spencer pratt even commented that she got it done in tijuana. Regardless, it makes her look hypocritical to say this when she has had plastic surgery herself. I like her and I think she’s very pretty but this article makes her sound fake.

  • Johnny Bluejeans

    Audrina is GORGEOUS and NATURALLY GORGEOUS at that!
    She does NOT need to fix ANYTHING!
    Soooooooo GLAD TO READ THIS!
    Way to have a brain Audrina!

  • Johnny Bluejeans

    Oh and to the poster above me, she DEFINETLY did NOT have a boob job.
    If you have seen topless pics of her (which I have) or her in a bikini, you can tell that her boobs are real. If you know anything about boobs, you would be able to tell that a mile away!
    Are you a moron????

    • RMurphy

      Dude that just sic, you have nekked pictures for what reason? To slap a few off?
      Get over yourself and get a life.

    • lafemmepinay

      Wow first off you are a pervert and second she didn’t have any boobs when she was on the hills (check out dvd cover of season 1) And her boobs are looks fakes period.

  • Nercy Jafari Oak Brook

    what’s wrong of wanting to be beautiful and attractive?

  • Dr D

    This is the favored position in Hollywood these days. Just politics.

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    WoW! She always reminded me of a shark look (eyes , shape)

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