Ed Westwick Hates Cheesy Chat up Lines

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ed WestwickED Westwick says girls use “weird” chat up lines when they want to seduce him.

The Gossip Girl actor — who has an on/off relationship with his costar Jessica Szohr — insists embarrassing pick-up lines aren’t the best way to attract him.

“They say the weirdest things like, ‘I’ve been to London.’ Then they try to have a conversation with me all about London,” Ed said.

“I’m like: ‘Great!’ A lot of people still don’t realize I’m English, which is funny.

“The amount of times I’ve said, ‘Yes, I’m English!’”

Ed recently revealed there’s “added stress” to having a relationship when you’re an actor because “sometimes you can’t deal with things privately — which is how they should be dealt with. It can be pretty hurtful, especially for people who aren’t as tough as they should be. People who don’t have their wall up.”