Sean Connery Scared Michael Caine Off Golf!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sean ConnerySEAN Connery‘s foul temper has struck again!

Veteran actor Sir Michael Caine has revealed how he swore off golf following a lesson with the former Bond star.

Caine says Connery flew into a rage and snapped his club in half!

“Sean has a terrible temper and when he tried to teach me golf he was so incensed by my performance that he grabbed my club and broke it in two,” Caine says in his autobiography, The Elephant to Hollywood.

“I have never played golf since.”

Sean — who turned 80 in August — recently revealed he’s done with Hollywood.

“I don’t think I’ll ever act again. I have so many wonderful memories but those days are over,” he told Britain’s Daily Record newspaper.

“I’ve done a voiceover for an 85-minute animated film called Sir Billi, which I enjoyed and it will be exciting to see that project finished. Shirley Bassey sings the theme and Ruby Wax was also involved.”[imagebrowser id=591]

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  • Nateo

    The Man Who Would Be King, need I say more.

  • dave

    sean was a player. check out the pics they have of him partying with like 15 topless women back in the 60s at

  • Dee

    So, was a chicken involved in the incident? A goose, a duck? You wrote he had a “fowl temper.”

  • Twyla

    Caine… get your act together … pay attention … how many takes do you need to get it right? Fix the problem, not the blame ! Got It?

  • Sue

    So Sean loses him patience trying to teach you golf and you hate golf because of it? Wow, really Micheal? Never knew you suffered from crybabyitis.

    • Kirk

      Lighten up, Sue! The anecdote was funny, and I would like to have been there to witness the whole scene!

  • Dan McElwain

    Mr. Caine: So Sean has his moments? FOUL temper? He’s turned 80, plays golf, is baldy headed now and the girls don’t cling to him? Still wealthy? He earned it all, as you did. But so what? If you’re comfortable wherever you go, you’ve got it made! Would we recognize you if we bumped into you on the street?

    ‘Forget’ old Sean. He’s not your brother. Send him a ‘toop’. Don’t blame golf. You’re both wealthy and famous, so keep acting. The public likes you, so drop the public comments. Try golf on a putting green. You don’t need an instructor there.

    You both were successful movie stars and the public enjoyed your performances. Had Sean’s ‘temper’ been aired by the media years ago, would he have been replaced as 007 sooner?

    I’m older than both of you: Age 86, have my hair except for a baldy spot, also having health moments, never had the time for golf, loved running (In June, had a ‘new’ knee implanted-Oy!), retired from a long military career (in & out), had a wonderful wife, we had five great children, no temper but occasionally ‘firm’, love writing (my main interest/hobby but not published), don’t trust politicians, etc., normal old so-and-so. Loving life and still in touch w/highschool friends from our class of ’42!

    What are your interests, etc.? Take care. Write a book. Learn to tell jokes and laugh a lot: What did the fish say when he swam into a wall of concrete?

  • Billiam

    Never “tee” off a Scotsman whilst playing golf! Pun intended.

  • vanessa

    “Fowl” temper. Great writing, just fantastic.

  • Meresa

    “Why didn’t *I* think of that!?”

  • michelle

    i’ve worked with Alzheimer’s patients for years. at the onset, people who were once pleasant and humble turn terrlbly hateful and vice versa. Connery also is starting to getthe’dead soul’ look in his eyes. great possibility he is in the early stages of the disease.

  • Donna

    Oh for goodness sake Michael! Grow up! when mommy spanked you did you stop speaking to her too??????? Was her temper ‘fowl’ too? Personally….I love Sean Connery and always have. He is Scottish. Maybe YOU ticked him off so badly that even I would have broken your club….or maybe something more precious to you…like something actually enjoy using…that is attached to your body. One can neve, ever put 1oo% of the blame for anything on one person. Are you no Mr Perfect? I don’t think so! I wouldn’t know you if I saw you on the street. Sean..on the other hand…. Now dry the tears and read some books on maturity!

  • Tom

    No loss, golf sucks anyway.Mr.Connery can be scary.Mr.Cain probably wasn’t ready for a friend to be so irate. Two fantastic actors though.

  • Stephen

    Seems to have always been in some sort of rage, bulling and punking people out. Respect to our elders – but people remember when you mistreat them, or treat them right.