Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jennifer GreyJENNIFER Grey is hacked off with her Dancing With the Stars pro dancer partner Derek Hough!

The Dirty Dancing star apparently hates that Derek is always eating during rehearsals — and ordered him to stop.

But Hough — who lost a lot of weight because he forgets to eat and just hired a caterer to cart in meal — told Jennifer that “I need to eat at least seven times a day, or else I’ll literally wither away.”

Previous reports claimed Jennifer is becoming unpopular with her fellow DWTS contestants because she keeps topping the leaderboard.

“It’s not outright hate yet but it isn’t good,” a source said.

“It’s just not fair that we are all working our a**es off every week and Jennifer literally waltzes in and gets the best marks. You would think that because she is a dancer the judges would be a little harder on her.

“What is different this time is the questions about excluding stars with dance experience aren’t coming from the public or the media but rather from within the competition itself.

“I fear that if Jennifer gets another perfect score this week Bristol Palin will have a fit!”[imagebrowser id=781]


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  • katie

    Maybe if Bristol shut her mouth for once she could actually learn something from Mark.Its not Jennifers fault that she took dance when she was a child.Some people just have the natural ability to pick up dance better than others.She is starting to sound alot like her mother when she complains all the time when she doesn’t get her way.

    • .

      I whole heartedly agree!

    • Tamy

      Jennifer majored in Dance in college that is far more than just taking dance as a child. It gives her a huge advantage over everyone else.

    • Joe Bob Palin

      If it wasn’t for all the inbred Republicans voting for Bristol because of her mommy… She would have been off the show a long time ago.

      Much better dancers have been voted off the show because Republicans can’t even be honest when it comes to judging a lame, can’t dance, what a monkey (perfect costume for her that one week), no talent, Bristol Palin.

      Then again, what do you expect, Republicans have to cheat and lie at everything to get elected, why not when it comes to winning dancing with the stars.

      • PBurk

        Why do you have to bring polictics into a perfectly good show. You are stupid. It’s a free country and people vote for who they want. If you don’t like Bristol, turn the TV off when she dances.

      • Herbie

        Because that is exactly what it is! Republicans. After all, who owns the station?

        I am surprised anyone else (with actual talent) is even still on DWTS. I’m guessing they must be using the voting machines from the last two stolen Republican Presidential wins.

        There IS NO REASON BRISTOL PALIN SHOULD STILL BE THERE! She is a fat, no talent, sleezy, dumb bell!

  • Amanda

    Derek is a guy i think he has a right to eat. Plus if he is helping Jennifer get to the top then she needs to deal with it.

    • Tom Harris

      Jennifer is so sexy. U should see the pics they have of her at http://wowurl.com/11gb1

    • Leni

      Personally I’m sick of her crying about all her aches and pains. After all she is only 50. I’m 67 and play competetive volleyball 5 times a week. I have aches and pains also, but I don’t cry about it. She should either suck it up or quit. I’m tired of listening to her boo hooing.

  • Dianne

    I really loved Jennifer at the beginning of the season…I thought she was sweet, cute, nad very talented. She’s acting like Diva now..kinda cocky…
    On the results show last night Derek was constantly rocking her…what was that lall about? It was really irritating..She looked drunk or drugged..maybe a tranquilizer? Whatever…I didn’t like it and was appalled at her last dance…was she even trying? Think it’s time for her to go…it’s no fun watching and rooting for her anymore.

    • Cynthia

      Totally agree with you on this one! In the beginning it was such a plesure to watch Jennifer’s performances….now her level of confidence and performance has worsened over the last two weeks. I am not a Bristol fan but based on Monday night performance Jennifer definately needed to go.

  • Gwen

    I would bet that this story (with all of the “source” quotes) is totally made up and untrue.

  • lola

    I find it hard to believe Jennifer gives Derek a hard time about eating. She is concerned about too much weight loss herself. I think they really like each other. Derek watches out for her. Maybe a little too much. She is lucky to have him.

  • PJWebb

    I am Cheering (alot) for Jennifer Grey. I think she is quite courageous for taking on such a committment as DWTS.
    She is doing a great job and I enjoy watching this show because of her.
    I think if anyone should have been excluded last night, it should have been either Bristol Palin or Kyle. Their overall scores at this point could not have topped Audrina’s. I think Audrina was a scapegoat.
    I don’t even know why Bristol is even on this show. She is not a star.
    All the other contestants have endured long hard years to attain success at what they do, whether it be enduring the trial and error of trying out for a movie part or sports. And they became “geat” entertainers. That is what I thought the contestants’ credentials are supposed to consist of.
    This show is not supposed to be about baby sitting a politian’s kid and feeling sorry for her because she chose not to abstain.
    Other contestants have dance lesson backgrounds as well as Jennifer. Brandy, because of her videos, has had to take dance lessons. The football and basketball stars have also had some form of dance training in order to help their foot work on the court and on the field. But only Jennifer gets slammed for having childhood dance lessons.
    I truly hope Jennifer wins. It means a great deal for her to accomplish this after all she has been through in her life.
    I think Jennifer and Derek are a great match and I am praying for them. So you two, bring it on!

  • http://celialaw@att.net celia

    I think Bristol should have gone off two weeks ago. She cannot dance, she hardly moves her feet. I guess her mother had everyone she knows to call in to vote for her. Jennifer Grey and Derek should not have gone down to the lowest two. They are the best dancers.

  • katie

    I beginning to think that the judges already have who they want to win already picked out ahead of time.I basically think its suspicious.It could be staged.Look at Audrina.She got great score the for a couple of weeks and suddenly she is send home.Look at Brandy.She is so-so the first couple weeks and now the past two she is at the top.It will be interesting to see who hold the trophy at the end.It wouldn’t be surprising if its not Brandy or Bristol.All I can say is that I am glad David Hasselhoff is gone.God he was the worst dancer so far that they have had on that show.

  • Pat Landefeld

    Audrina and Jennifer should be or have been the last standing out of all the contestants. Their dancing was great and Audrina should not have been eliminated so soon. I couldn’t believe who was left standing last night. I thought last year was fair in choosing the best dancing couple. This year appears to be a different story. If Bristol wins it is pure politics, but can’t honestly say it isn’t that now. She can’t dance and puts on a bad show. This is not a popularity contest nor be politcal, the results should be given on dancing ability. Bristol will never learn fast enough to be considered a true winner. But, I hear her mother is pushing the votes. So sad to compete and rely on fraudulent votes.

    • Sue Webb

      I cannot see how you could really keep Bristol on this show. she is a terrible dancer. She is such a clod. What is the real reason for keeping her on; just to laugh at her. She needs to go home and take care of her baby. After watching Bristol, even her mom seems cloddy to me.

  • Betty

    Palin needs to go, she sucks. She is no star, just because mommy ran for V.P. I am so proud of Jennifer and all the obstacles she has had to face this past year. I think her and Derek are doing a great job. God bless them both.

  • first timer

    Whatever! It is part judges scores and part public vote. Just because the person you want to win ends up with the least amount of votes doesn’t make it a conspiracy theroy.

    • http://showbizspy BethMandville

      Why are so many people against Bristol??? She has NEVER danced before, and for all of you who dislike her mom, please put that aside and let the girl dance. She did a GREAT job this week, way better than Jennifer, who in my opinion is just plain cocky

      • whomever

        Bistol is not a not a STAR! Sorry but sympathy and her MOM doesn’t cut it.

      • Mary B

        Audrina – I forget every week she was dancing in the show every week. Nobody knows who she was. Mike “The situation” he was just annoying and had to go. I find Brandy somewhat annoying too, but she is a very good dancer. Love Jenifer Grey, and I certainly didn’t think she deserved the score she got from the Judges. However maybe she isn’t taking it too well and that is where this little tantrum is coming from. BUT I’m not a prfessional dancer. I don’t vote by tecnicality, I vote by whose performance I enjoyed the most and a lot of times I vote for who don’t have that natural “musicality” and dance isnt’ a part of their careers, but I feel that they worked hard & Did a good job. Judges are very critical, but I think they forget a lot of these people aren’t trying to “make it” in the bussiness, just trying to LEARN. But if you put in all fabulous dancers it would be a lot tougher to pick off the first couple weeks. Last season was the first we didn’t watch because of the lousy lineup of stars they had. Bristol Palin is certainly no more or less of a star than what’s her name with the 8 kids.

  • lynda keith

    sounds like sour grapes on the part of her competitors. the rumor is – patrick also had issues w/ her. she has the BEST partner– Lastyear’s winner. i say we smack her and let dereck alone. he was sick last year and still won. you’d think her daddy(Joel Grey- a professional singer & Oscar winning dancer) would have taught her better. Guess she has her new nose too high in the air!

  • betty

    I love to watch jennifer and derek dance. they are the best.

  • http://dancingwiththestars ana

    I love to watch jennifer and derek dance. they are the best.
    you better watch out with derek and telling him what to do its not necessary owe him apology he’s doesn’t like that ok he’s my boyfriend

  • Jim

    I really had to laugh–on another website I saw a comment complaining about how Bristol’s fans kept voting for her. The party admitted to making the limit of calls for another contestant on FOUR phones!

  • suzle

    Bristol Palin is (a) not a star; (b) a terrible dancer; (c) should have been eliminated from the beginning. She sucks! Has no personality – - if she
    gets much further in the competition, DWTS may just lose me as a long time
    fan. Perhaps it’s all FIXED!!

    • Merri B

      Suzle – Bristol may not be the hottest thing going in the dance world, but this is all new to her. She’s just learning. Disliking her just because you don’t like her Mom is really not fair, now is it?? I thought not. Also, SHE did not declare herself a star. The producers make that decision. Disliking her because you don’t like the producer’s decisions is equally unfair. She’s young, and she’s learning something that she’s never done before. What the hell do you expect???

  • Rachel

    @ Suzie

    No one is more disgusted by Sarah Palin than I, but….

    Bristol IS just a kid. She really hasn’t formed a true woman’s personality, confidence, and sexuality. She looks like she’s having fun, and as long as she doesn’t go crazy with “reality” fame, I don’t have a problem with her.

    • Patty Diesch

      Bristol is being treated badly for no reason at all. She was asked by CBS to join DWTS and those who invited her were made aware that she has never danced, in her life. She wasn’t even asked to dance by a boy when she was, in school. She is sweet, hardworking, very responsible for one so young, and as you point out so eloquently, she hasn’t formed a true woman’s personality, confidence, and sexuality”. Just because a girl can imitate a mature woman doesn’t make her a mature woman. Saying that, she is an upbeat and hardworking young woman and she proved, with Mark Ballas’ instruction, that she can hold her own with all the professionals, on this season’s show. She did less complaining that many of them. She ought to be praised and not condemned.

      • pinkmondy54

        How in the world could you or even I possibly know exactly just how much complaining any one person is doing or not doing while they are practicing their dance? We are privy only to what the producers and or the editors chose to show us. That’s the bottom line. Plus they only show us a sliver of what actually goes on between the pro and his or her “star”. I think it’s sad that Jennifer is judged negatively by some viewers because she danced in a movie some twenty years ago. Brother, some of you are so worked up it sounds as if you’re going to blow a gasket! DWTS decided to bill Bristol Palin as a star. Yes, she is a young woman without a previous dancing ability. It really does not matter. Once you’re booked on the show the playing field is leveled for all no matter how old or young you are or how much dancing ability you have or don’t have. The judges are required to judge everyone by the same standards and rules no matter what.

        Of course, the voting public experience

      • pinkmondy54

        Sorry I pushed submit before I was finished.

        The public votes for many different reasons. Unfortunately, the quality of the dance isn’t always the reason someone is voted for. I read some very heated comments regarding Bristol and how the liberals are this & that blah, blah , blah! Wow, why don’t we just be honest about the dancing abilities of the stars and forget trying to convince others that your “star” should win because they are a conservative or a liberal.TRUST, if Bristol were knocking our socks off with her dancing…it would be obvious to everyone. Yes, she’s learned a few dance steps, etc.,but, her level of expertise is not that of a champion…not just yet.

  • betty

    I think politics is controling.

  • Dana

    Jennifer acts like she is drunk or drugged. And how disgusting is it to watch Derek paw all over her infront of her husband and daughter. I loved her in Dirty Dancing, but she is a pain in the butt on DWTS. I love Bristol and Mark!! Bristol is way more courageous for doing this show. She is not a natural dancer or a movie star. So many of us can relate to her! Kurt is awsome, too! Rick is robbing the cradle. Kyle’s cute yet obnoxious. Thanks goodness Florence is gone…how inappropriate. I hope Brandi wins!!! She has talent and likeability. Plus she has to deal with Maks, poor thing.

  • Rach

    this site is such b.s. lies, they all like eachother and they all want to win. they arent hard on themselves and cry for nothing. jen had fun last week.they are all improving.jen just had an off week. i think bristol is good for being the only one to not have dancing experience. maybe you should hate on the people who make fun of her disabled brother and tried burning down her church. *shakes head* such a shame that society has to listen to the lying one sided media that just hates people with conservative views in general, instead of trying to get to know the people being attacked and putting themselves in their shoes… bristol is a teenager, not a politician. all of the government is corrupted.if you want to hate on one person and put blame on them for everything when they are even in politics anymore, then you might want to put blame on people actually calling the shots, passes laws, cheating to get votes, taxing us on everything… id never want to live in alaska but i know those alaskans werent ripped off and their state was debt free. mine is in billions of debt (california) from all these lying two faced politicians. palins did nothing wrong but get pushed in the lime light and attacked for their points of views. they arent in office yet all you bitter people still want to attack them. bitter jealous naive folks.

    • pinkmondy54

      Wow, where on earth did you get such a cockeyed view of the people that don’t vote like you? You see, it’s really unfortunate you are using a dancing shows blog to vent how much you HATE people who don’t share your beliefs. Ranting and reeling because someone expressed an opinion of Bristol that you don’t agree with. Simmer down now=) She’s learning & trying to dance yes, but, she has a way to go before she can compete on the level of Jennifer, Brandi or even Kyle (bless his heart). Now, that is just a fact. There’s nothing to get angry about.
      I’m blown away at how erroneous your comments are about liberals are. Holy cow are you ever going down the wrong road. Where in the world did you get all that of those hateful beliefs? I really think someone has fed you a bunch of malarkey, honey, because what you are saying has everything to do with the days of Bush & Cheney.

  • Jade

    Jennifer I think you need to just relax, calm down! You were so good at the very beginning but your score for the last 2 weeks was very low. I never expected you and Audrina on the bottom. Brandy seems to be improving and doing so well. You seem to lost control and your performance is really not that great! I really hope you do well this time. I have so much confidence on you and Derek. Good Luck to both of you and God Bless…

  • whomever

    When did Bristol Palin become a star anyway? I’d rather watch Levi.

    • .

      Me too! Plus….he’s way better looking!

    • Merri B

      If you’d rather watch that admitted fame whore Levi, you’ve got a screw loose. Bristol did NOT declare HERSELF a star. Those decisions are made by the producers – go write a letter to THEM.

      • Herbie

        No, this is way more interesting. I would rather write this letter, to you.

        Palin totally sucks! Jennifer totally Rocks. Jennifer is 50, Palin is what, 17? Jennifer works way harder than Palin.

        Palin doesn’t seem to know how to operate her own body. She has no clue and requires someone to choreograph every move she makes. Yet somehow, she already has a baby, at 17, so she figured out how to work that part real quick. What does that say?

        She has no business still being in that competition. Levi is way more interesting than Bristol. If given a choice between the grueling task of either watching Palin make a fool out of herself or Levi, I choose Levi.

  • http://www.showbizspy.com andrew

    give me a break people

  • Ann Patterson

    I don’t understand why people get so upset with this show. I love watching it and i have my favorite couple but I am not a professional dancer & do not pretend to be a judge or know what dance steps they are supose to be doing. I just watch them each weeek and see who has improved & see who seems to just shuffle their feet & the ones who seem to really be trying to follow their teachers step and judge it from there. However, I’m sure that every person voting can not help but favor their favorite “actor”, that’s only human. I wish all the voters would just keep their snide remarks to themselves & let each person vote for themselves & lets see who wins.

  • vicki batzer

    Derek, true professional with high metabolim and has to eat, for god sakes. Jennifer, comback diva with erratic emotional swings that she takes out on her partner. I feel sorry for Derek having to put up with that crap.
    I wanted Jennifer to win, but now I am going with Brandy because she is most improved. I don’t, personally, care for her, but I think her dancing is getting better each week. Jennifer’s dancing has declined the last two weeks.
    Bristol Palin should have gone home after the monkey dance.

    • .

      Let the man eat for goodness sake Jennifer. WHO appointed YOU to be his mommie and to tell him when he can and can’t eat? Are you now in charge? Get voted off. We are getting sick of your whining ways.

  • Mz Tootie

    I would luv to deal with Maks – he’s hot – Jennifer may have had dancing lessons when a child, but “Dirty Dancing” made her a DANCING star – I really felt it wasn’t fair to the rest of the contestants to be trying against a PROFESSIONAL dancer. I truly hope she loses.
    As for Bristol, if she (or her Mother) have enough fans to keep voting her in good for her. That is what the show is supposed to be about. Brandi, I hope, will win -

  • http://showbizspy john smith

    it isnt fair shes a dancer but shes pretty hot

  • http://showbizspy john smith

    can we please do naked dancing

  • .

    Bristol is only on this show because her mom has all her ‘buddy’s’ voting her though. It’s certainly not because WE are doing the voting.

    Bristol is the 2nd WORST dancer they have ever had on the show…with Kate Gosslin still wearing the crown and holding the septor as THEE worst.

    To see Florence be voted off while Bristol stayed proves my point. That point being…that when DWTS invites stupid people to be on the show…it WILL come back to bite them in the butt. They will eventually be sorry they invited Bristol to be on the show…especially when she ‘wins’ this competition due to her mom’s ‘friends’ votes.

    This show is call Dancing with the STARS. Bristol is HARDLY a ‘star’. She’s nothing more than a loose legged little teenage ‘mother’. To view her as a ‘star’…is beyond my ability to imagine.

    I’m befuddled as to why she was ever cast for this show. Was DWTS paid off by Bristol’s mom? Sara knew it would help to rekindle a little interest in her. I mean….come on people. Sara is a snake. Such an idea totally sounds right up her alley.

    I’m all done with cable-television and DWTS once this season is over. Bristol being on the show did it for me. DWTS has turned into a mockery in my opinion…and is no different that American Idol. I gave that show up as well…and for the same reason. It went down hill and they wouldn’t listen to what WE the viewers wanted.

    Hey…it is what it is. They will get what they give.

  • Sue

    Jennifer needs to chill!!

  • http://yahoo lori

    I believe J.Gray has alot of strenght. She has a plate
    in her neck and recently a tumor remove. I had the same
    neck compression yrs. ago and a tumor removed in my bile duct this past August. Perhaps she is tired. Why judge
    people when we haven’t walked (or danced) in their shoes?

  • t cabnet

    I think Bristol takes a beating when she should not. This show is all about teaching from scratch how to dance. Too many stars come in with some kind dance experience I do not believe that is fair at all. Bristol never did anything to anyone and she gets the hell beat out of her. People never even really took the time to get to know her, they just bash her because they think that is the thing to do, shame on all of you. I also believe she has come a long way. She deserves to be there. She is becoming quite a strong woman, I am proud of her.

    • .

      YOU yourself said it. “Too many stars come in with some kind dance experience I do not believe that is fair at all.” So…with that said…Bristol is NOT a star. THAT is the point. I don’t care if Bristol was a prima ballerina. SHE IS NOT A STAR AND SHOULD NOT BE ON THE SHOW!

      THAT would be the reason that everyone is so upset. This show keeps having nobody’s on the show.

      If they were going to have generics on…then they should have named it ‘DANCING WITH THE NOBODY’S’ instead!

      • Merri B

        As I’ve mentioned to a few posters before: Bristol Palin did NOT declare HERSELF a star. The producers make that decision. You dislike her because of who her Mother is and for no other reason. So what you need to do is to write to the producers with your declaration that “she is not a star and should not be on the show.” Also remind them that they should consult you first and at least avail themselves of your expert opinion. Blame them, not Bristol. She has no experience, she’s trying to learn. Why do you have a problem with that?

      • Herbie

        You’re serious, Merri B?

        The only reason Bristol is on that show is because of her mother and everyone knows it, including Bristol. Bristol also knows that she has no talent. I was a professional dancer for many years. That said, I am willing to put money down on the fact that if Bristol continued to take dance for the next 10 years, she would still suck!

        This IS all about keeping her mom in the spotlight and the entire Palin family is, no doubt, acutely aware of this fact.

        If Bristol was such a good person, the type you are referring to, she would excuse herself. After all, she knows she sucks, she knows every else thinks she sucks and she knows she is doing it for her mom. She also knows that she should have been thrown off the show instead of the people eliminated before her, who ARE talented.

        Maybe you can write a letter, to two, to the producers BUT while you are at it, ask them who instructed them to put Palin on that show.

        It won’t be a real big surprise when you find out the owner of the station is one of the wealthiest raciest Republican’s in the world and he owns almost all of the media, all by himself, the one, the only, Rupert Murdoch.

        Remember that cartoon in Murdoch’s New York Post depicting Obama as a chimpanzee gunned down by police? What about how Murdoch endorsed Beck’s remark that Obama is “a racist with a deep-seated hatred of white people”? Ya think that Murdoch dude might have an agenda? Would it be in his best interest to pave the way for Palin and keep her in the spotlight? You bet!

        Murdoch owns the station. Murdoch owns DWTS. Murdoch calls the shots. Do the math.

        Now, who do you want us to write a letter to? How about writing to Bristol and asking her to get her fat, lazy butt off that show and let the actual stars have it.

  • ‘Ann

    I like all of them. I think Jennifer is the best and I’m a little tired of the token way senior citizen thing. The biggest enjoyment I have had is watching Bristol. She is obviously a young woman more used to waders than dresses and she was obviously a nervous wreck in the beginning, Of course, she was stiff then! i would have needed tranquilizers to be in front of lights and cameras and people. She has come a long way and I thought she was so cute when she loosened up to do “air guitar.” And when people complain about her expression that does not have the professional plastic smile on her face sometimes, please remember Kate Gosselin’s face (I like her too, though) And the big deal about “Stars?” I didn’t know a lot of them. And Jake from the Bachelor was certainly not a star; he was just a guy looking for a wife or fame. All “stars” started somewhere. I don’t think Bristol should win, but I’m enjoying the transformation.

    • Merri B

      Totally agree, Ann.

  • Tommy

    Mission accomplished!! The PR people at DWTS has succeeded in creating the hype they desired from the beginning. Sentimental favorite (and show business professional) Jennifer Grey will win as planned, but Bristol Palin (inexperienced young woman who happens to be the daughter of someone famous)will be in the contest til the end because it creates controversy and viewership. I don’t expect Bristol to win, but I truly admire how well she has done without any previous dancing, or performance experience. You have to be realistic, this show is on ABC and there is absolutely no way Sarah Palin’s daughter will be allowed to win. Just like any liberal election, the vote count is suspect.

  • lz

    SO WHAT THE HELL DOES POLITICS HAVE TO DO WITH DWTS! As for Jennifer Grey, she is a has been without DWTS she’d be still sitting at home doing whatever it is she does. Going this show I’m sure she thinks will help her dead on arrival career. And for those of you who are to young to remember, Grey had a different nose in DD and she was adorable, she went and had her nose hacked up and her career went down the tubes. I hope she doesn’t win, I’d even be happy if Bristol won and I’m not a Sara Palin nutcase who thinks Palin walks on water.

  • Vicky

    Sorry to whoever this offends, BUT, Jennifer is the one who shouldn’t be on the show. She has had PROFESSIONAL dance training! How is that fair? Same thing goes for Kristi Yamaguchi(Spelling?). You get tons of professional training as an ice skater. I agree that Audrina should not have gone home, but as far as all of the complaining about Brisol goes, it is unwarranted. She is improving and has NEVER danced! If the winner was chosen by biggest improvement, it would be Bristol. She takes more criticism than anyone and just keeps trying. Jennifer would be balling somewhere if she had to put up with the comments that Bristol does.

    • Herbie

      Bristol is probably accustomed to verbal abuse. How would you like to have Sarah Palin as your mom? Bristol doesn’t flinch when criticized, does she. Could it be it’s because, while growing up, she was programed to shut up and stand there while mommy dearest dished it out. She probably learned to desensitize.

  • 12know

    Speaking as someone who used to do ballroom dancing, perhaps I can shed a little light here. This is an entertainment show as well as a competition. Viewers are going to vote for their favorites, they don’t care how badly someone dances. As for Jennifer, I think she is stressing herself out to dance as well as she can. She’s taking this competition very seriously and is therefore pushing herself to be the best that she can be. She knows that she is the oldest competitor now and has to work twice as hard to keep up the energy because those left are nearly half her age. The last dance she did was Derek’s doing. Remember, he’s the teacher and designs the choreography. She just follows along. Isn’t it interesting how some of the stars who start out taking this gig as a lark end up busting their butts to dance really well? Ballroom dancing is hard work. It takes commitment and determination to make progress. I hope Jennifer gets the trophy. She’s deserving of it.

  • Ann

    Well it is entertainment!!!! Everyone has worked very hard and the professionals have shown a lot of patience with their partners. Brandy is very immature and wants the spotlight, shows little respect for her partner. I think she dances with half of her body…..Maks has the lamest partner—can she dance????? The judges must be brainwashed!!!! Judges give constructive criticism don’t be hurtful. Negative comments only distract the recipient from your constructive comments. You too need improvement!

  • http://yahoo sharon

    Jen thinks she is better then everybody well i don;t think she should even on the show just like Palin when is she going to learn how to dance

  • c3dan

    They must have every wild animal voting for her? Bristol can not dance! Something is wrong with this system!

  • http://yahoo.com Al

    I can’t believe All the Lib’s piling up on Bristol just because she is Saras Daughter.She gets the votes that keep her on. Not her fault she’s not a Star She was asked to be on the show.I just wonder if Her Mom was a So called pro choice Lib. if this would still be a issue. I think not. God bless Bristol keep it up.

  • Rena

    This is a competition where EVERYONE wants to win. Sometimes they fight and can’t stand each other but it comes back to focusing on being the best. For injured dancers like Jennifer and Rick there’s probably a whole lot more pressure, seeing as how they can’t do things that maybe Brandy or Bristol might be able to do. And they get stressed or mad when there’s something in the routine that could cause difficulty and they push their limits. I’m not saying that this story is true, I’m just wondering if you guys actually think about this before you say,”Oh Jennifer’s so horrible, Derek’s such a great partner!” and “What’s her problem? Let Derek eat!”



  • http://dancingwiththestars Louise

    Bristol has no right saying that Jennifer has to live her life too. The only bristol is still on the show look who her mother is. I think bristol is jelous of Jennifer because bristol can not dance.

    • Merri B

      Bristol isn’t jealous of anybody. She knows she doesn’t have any background and hasn’t tried to pretend that she does. She is young, she is taking on something she’s never done before, she’s learning, she’s trying, & she’s improving. Why would anyone have a problem with that? Even SHE knows that the monkey dance should never have been done. OMG – that was horrid.

  • Liberalsleaveyourpoliticsatthedoor

    Yeah, right, I really believe “soomeone (anonymous) heard Bristol say she would “have a fit”. That is the natural thing all [liberal/progressive] women do before they “have a fit” in a competitioon is make a public statement that makes them look like a poor sport. What complete and utter BALONEY!!!!!!!!!! Bristol is a much better dancer than Jennifer, Jennifer is a much better actress (drama queen, cry-baby, victim, aka typical liberal – she will cheat to win, pull at your heart stringts with her “poor me” victim story since she can’t dance). Every week Jennifer herself says her “body cannot do it”. And she is hassling the guy who teaches her for how much he eats? Who is the poor sport? I know liberals hate Sarah Palin, which is based on nothing but fear, since she is a decent woman, and honest person and has been a politican “progressives” hate her. But that is NO reason to hate her daughter. The Palin family has been attacked an awful lot by the media for several years, for Bristol to be a “nobody” who isn’t “qualified” to be on the show. Everyone knows who she is, and in American Culture that makes you a star. It is how we got a “rock star” that Oprah recommended instead of a real President. If you liberals don’t like the way it works, then you are the ones that need to stop playing the victim card, and the everything you can find for an excuse card, and stand on your own two feet like Bristol does and DANCE! Bristol is a superb dancer, and I hope she wins. She is NOT her mother, and she certainly is not counting on her mother’s obvious lack of popularity in American culture to get her through this show. She is counting on her own skills and praying for God to help her, something that is an anathema to liberal viewers who actually are hypocritical enough to hate her because of who her mother is. If Jennifer has to be on drugs and act like a witch to the man who is trying to help her win, she is OVERDUE to leave the show. Stop giving her the pity vote she thrives on. Boo-hoo – her body can’t do it. Then she should get herself off of the show. I’m sick and tired of her and the lies and rumors about Bristol (how would you like it if the host asked everyone else how they were on the first show, but when it came to you asked “how’s your Mom?”…this is ridiculous! I seriously am sick and tired of liberal whining and self pity and look forward to a self confident, gifted, conservative young woman winning something for once because of her talent and despite her politics because liberals and progressives are the biggest hypocrites in the world when it comes to preaching “tolearance” but not practicing it, and this is a case that proves my point without me having to have said a word of this. Look how self-contradictory all of the Palin haters are! HYPOCRITES! VIPERS!

  • Leslie Jones

    In general these articles are bogus. People are judging others, because of hearsay. If you enjoy the show, watch it. But, if you think, you really know what is going on, keep in mind, that even in your little world, others may be spinning false tales about you and/or your loved ones. Why not take negative speculations of others with a grain of salt, and be generous with positive opinions of others. Such, small gesture’s could only serve to make the world a better place.

  • Leslie Jones

    P.S. If the article was true, the author would not be anonymous.

  • Liberalsleaveyourpoliticsatthedoor

    I guess the liberals who made this story up decided to take it down before they got in trouble for the lies about Bristol!

  • bigduke62

    I am sick of Jennifer’s whining. She is a diva, and even the judges said she was ‘the chosen one’. Please vote her washed up ass off this show!!!

  • Carole

    Frankly Jennifer Grey should not have become a contestant. She is a trained dancer which is really unfair to the rest of of the contestants. Bristol Palin on the other hand is exactly what this show is all about! Taking the nonprofessional dancer and teaching them to dance. That is what makes this show interesting not watching someone we know can dance dance! And with Jennifer Grey it is complain and dance, complain and dance and complain some more!

  • mary

    I agree Jennifer has advantage over all the dancers, she had dancing lessons but still has a time taking directions from her instructor, she whines on every show during and after and before … she has advantage .. she complains about her body at 50 but yet she does a split .. she just be called cry BABE .. I use to admire her and her acting on dirty dancing until i read article where she talked about how hard it was to work with Patrick but yet she now says they were so close.. I do admire Derek and his patience with her .. she has upper hand with her dancing skills but her attitude ruins any appeal she may have. She cries over Patrick, her back, her neck, her body, her instructor… and her scores.. SHE JUST CRIES and whines poor hubby.

  • steve

    jennifer is just as gorgeous and classy as she’s ever been. Hope you win it all sweetie!

  • marilyn

    jennifer grey you just keep dancing your heart out. there is someone up there who is looking down with a big smile. God bless you jennifer and yes derek is the best partner you could have. you go all the way!!!

  • FactFinder88

    TO ALL THE IDIOTS.. THERE IS NO “DALTON COLLEGE”. Dalton School was originally named “Children’s University School” when founded in 1918.
    “Dalton School” is an elite private prep school in Manhattan for grades K-12 (kindergarten through high school). It’s generally attended by those who plan to go on to an Ivy League College, ie. Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Darmouth, Columbia, et al, but many actors have graduated from the school also, like: Chevy Chase, Christian Slater, Mary Stuart Masterson, Claire Danes, Traci Pollan (Michael J. Fox’s wife) and many more.
    -Today, tuition is ~$35,300 per year, total can depend on what grade they start today, as most of the elite preschools in NY cover K-3rd grade, then one has to move on to another school, such as Dalton for the remaining 9 yrs.
    =HER BIGGEST MOVIES WERE “FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF” (1986) & “DIRTY DANCING” (released Aug 21, 1987) and was in “Red Dawn” in 1980 w/Patrick Swayze and nothing until a very small role in “Bounce” (Ben Affleck & Sandra Bullock-2000); then a few 1x appearances on a few tv shows in 2001, 2003 & “House” in 2010.
    -Dirty Dancing was not expected to become the ‘hit’ it became as it had no major stars, except Jerry Orbach (the father), was made on a $5 mil. budget, plus released by a new studio-but it went on to make >$300 million).
    -AND WE ALL KNOW Jennifer did have a dance class at a young age, but it was at the elite Dalton School, as there is no Dalton College, nor did Jennifer ever attend a college at any time.
    -Don’t any of you do a little research before you post or do you just believe everything you read??
    *rolls eyes* soupir, le sourdes-muettes..

  • Janis Schmidt

    Jennifer had dancing lessons, therefore she shouldn’t compete on DWTS?? Whereas, young, unspoiled little Bristol chose, in fact, insisted upon playing FOOTBALL with the boys. An obvious reason for why DWTS chose little Palin to be on DWTS and you should obviously vote for her learning how to walk. I can only hope that next season they will choose someone with mercenary experience, and partner her up with Maksim.

  • http://msn bill davis

    People need to quit complaining about somebody getting kicked off because of the popularity even though their judges votes were lower-THAT’S PART OF THE SHOW. And the professionals need to be just that – professional – don’t show that shocked look like Derek did when Brandy was voted off. Isn’t the concept – taking stars who have no dance experience and make them ballroom dancers? That’s the reason I watch and I vote. I love Jennifer’s dancing, but I didn’t vote for her for the same reason I didn’t vote for Brandy – they have the professional training (and Jennifer taking dance lessons her entire childhood, I know people who did that as well, it makes thema dancer for life), it’s part of their career, it’s part of their vocation, not like throwing a football, hosting a game show, being a teen activist. I vote for the stars that don’t dance as any part of their living, based on their improvement, and to some degree, popularity. But my voting for Bristol was because she did improve immensely, but also her courage (I’m not a fan of her mother’s at all) Jennifer – well, good dancing, as always, sorry you have the neck issue, dancing with a ruptured disc? My husband couldn’t move when he had that – the world now knows Jennifer’s health problems, boo hoo – women all over this country battle cancer, have chemo, and get up, get their kids off to school and go to work-keep up with normal life-you very rarely hear a complaint. I learned something new – JENNIFER IS A WHINER and I was a fan before, now – not so much, but she’s won, congrats. But Kyle and Bristol = you two are the true winners, no experience, no training and you knocked it out of the park! Hold your heads high – you two are true class acts!