Leighton Meester Steals From Gossip Girl Set!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Leighton MeesterLEIGHTON Meester has been pilfering items from the set of Gossip Girl!

The actress — who plays Blair Waldorf in the smash hit TV series — “borrowed” a pair of designer boots from the wardrobe department, but now wishes she hadn’t.

“I totally jacked these Michelle Perry booty shoes with gold heels that I wore on the show,” she said.

“They are so sexy and hot and believe it or not I wore them in a scene where I went to church. The only thing is now I can’t walk in them. They really hurt! But still I love them.”

Meester recently admitted she’s a “text addict”.

“I am very fast. That’s mainly because I text so much. I am a text addict,” she said. “It is often what I end up doing when I’m on set and have to be really quiet — I text.

“I have gotten really, really good and it is really sad! I use all those abbreviations too.”


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