Thursday, November 4, 2010

GlobeJOHN Travolta‘s wife Kelly Preston is faking her pregnancy — according to a bombshell new report from an American tabloid.

Globe magazine says in its latest issue that the stars actually had a surrogate carry their baby.

In May, the Hollywood couple — who were left devastated by the January 2009 death of their 16-year-old son Jett — announced they were “expecting” a new addition to their family.

Preston and Travolta — who are also parents to daughter Ella, 10 — will welcome the baby later this year.

Reports earlier this month claimed John and Kelly are planning to buy a $2.5 million lakeside house.

The pair have been looking at a property on the shore of Keuka Lake, New York, and are hoping to make the sale quickly so they can relax before the birth.

“The word is John’s jet recently landed at the local Penn Yan airport and the deal is ready to go down,” a source said.



  • Kate

    This is ridiculous… she looks pretty pregnant to me.

  • emily


    • jc

      Amen !! People do it all the time and no one says anything. It’s their baby no matter what, so go find someone else to pick at.

  • Jenny

    What a bunch of stupid SH*T. This first appeared on a site called BlindGossip way back in May, within a week of the announcement about the baby. BlindGossip is a site that makes up stupid stories then asks the readers to guess what celeb(s) it might be if it were true. In the article the pregnancy describew is that of a woman much further along in the pregnancy than Kelly was at the time. However a few readers did guess it might be Kelly. It took this long for the Globe to find it and then pretend they had some big breaking story. What a joke.

    Only pathetic people incapable of rational thought would believe this kind of garbage or anything else printed in tabloids like The Globe and National Enquirer

    • Sowho

      How do you know the National Enquirer is fake? They’re the ones that busted the John Edward’s fiasco!! Heck, even Barbara Walters endorses them. I don’t believe in The Globe and most definitely the Star and the magazine Okay misprints alot….there are others. Even US jumps the gun sometimes. Case in point….JT…why won’t they leave him alone…it’s like they’re printing allegid false stories about JT philandering but they may really be just trying to break him and Jessica up…the paparazzi’s so SICK. They ALL need to just crawl back in the holes they came from…for a little while anyways.

      • Merri B

        Are you out of whatever it is that is passing for your mind? Are you out of elementary school? Who else would use a tabloid like the National Enquirer as a primary source? They were actually found guilty of reckless disregard for the truth in an issue that involved Carol Burnett years ago, and they haven’t changed their methods at all. ANYONE who thinks tabloid reporting is actual journalism needs their head examined – seriously. These are the ‘C’ students in college that couldn’t get a job with a reputable newspaper. The ‘A’ and ‘B’ students are actual journalists (unless they’re bloggers). If they can’t get a straight answer from a celeb or whoever else they are harassing, they make something up and actually TELL the person they will make something up in an effort to irritate them to the point where they feel forced to answer. They are taught that tactic by the tabloid themselves. It’s part of their on-the-job training. You simply MUST do better in choosing a publication that you can trust for the truth. The National Enquirer as well as all of the other supermarket rags have been sued so often, or apologize to avoid a lawsuit, it’s just nothing short of ridiculous. If you question them about it, they shrug it off and say it’s just the nature of the business.

  • what a load of crap

    how desperate these people are for a story, what can’t people be happy without someone trying to ruin it?

  • syn

    She is OBVIOUSLY pregnant. Her face is full. Her boobs are huge. You can’t fake it at her age. It is showing from head to toe. I am a Physician’s Assistant and can clearly see she is truly pregnant. Stop believing idiocy! Women are having babies at 50 now!

  • tina ojih

    am so happy for john travolta and his wife kelly.i wish them all the happiness they deserve.and please its no body’s business if she is faking her pregnancy or not.’mind your mouth guys’

  • http://Yahoo D.M.

    Here-Here im with ya Tina……….LEAVE THE WOMAN ALONE!!!!

  • aspergerschick

    Have some compassion people! The Travolta’s lost an autistic child who dies from hitting his head on a bathroom floor. You think maybe you could be HAPPY for them now they having a baby? You heartless bastards! God is in the buisness of miracles, my friends. He is the buisness of restoration and new life, hope and joy. Be happy for the Travoltas. Be glad they have a new life in their midst after suffering a devastating blow to life.As a Christian, I am disgusted by the mean spirited attacks on this family. God obvioulsy loves them. Has given them a new hope. A new start. I don’t give a damn about John having gay affairs NONE of us our perfect either. Homosexual behavior is not the unpardonable sin people. It’s no worse than a man who has multiple affairs on his wife with other women. So what he was with men. Hopefully, that’s behind him and he’ll focus on his lovely wife and two children and things will go better for them. Leave them alone!

  • Tim

    This is a faked pregnancy.

    • Merri B

      And you know this how – exactly??

  • http://showbizspy ann

    They should not be allowed to have any more children if they are not goin to take care of then. Jett’s death was preventable medically remember people?

  • http://showbizspy ann

    a baby does not a marriage make.

  • Revolting Travoltas

    I just went to that had pics of her at her Casino Jack movie premiere in that same black dress on the globe cover on here. YIKES! I zoomed in bigtime in a sideways pic of her and you can see through the sheerness of the dress that there is an oversized sticking up white padding over her boobs and then another huge white padding over her lower belly. It is so obvious she faked her pregancy. This couple makes me ill.

    • Jenny

      @Revolting Travolta, you should check your facts before running your stupid mouth. “Casino Jack” was not released until Dec. 17th, Benjamin was born Nov. 23rd. Nice try A@@HOLE.

  • Esa

    Um.. the Casino Jack photos are here:

    Premieres are well before the release dates in other cities.

  • Esa

    Um… the Casino Jack photos are here:

    Premieres are well before the release dates in other cities.

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