Kanye West Claims He Made Taylor Swift a Star!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Kanye WestKANYE West has claimed his treatment of Taylor Swift made her more famous.

While the controversial rapper admitted his behavior — when he stormed on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards during Taylor’s Best Female Video acceptance speech and ranted that Beyonce Knowles should have won — was unacceptable, he claimed it helped make the country singer even more popular.

“I feel like when Taylor was getting all those magazine covers, she was all good then,” he said.

“I feel completely empathetic and sympathize with that moment of her feeling bad, that spawned her to have one million magazine covers and be the most popular artist in the world, but in that moment of her feeling bad, I do feel bad about being the cause of that.”

Although the Stronger hitmaker apologized to the 20-year-old songstress, he claimed interruptions at awards shows happen all the time.

“When I talked to Taylor,” Kanye recalled, “I asked her, ‘What do you feel?’…and I said we know I was rude, I’m sorry, I cut you off. Awards shows play music…they cut people off all the time.’”

The 33-year-old star — who took an extended break from music after the incident — revealed he now hopes to move on.

“Personally, I’m better than I’ve ever been,” he said. “I’m patching up my public image and where I am as an artist and where people perceive me.”[imagebrowser id=742]



  • http://www.NexusMagicStore.com Jason (NexusMagicStore)

    He has never felt bad about anything but himself? It wasn’t Kanye that brought her the increased attention. She is a talent in her own right, if anything made her shine brighter, It was how she kept her composer, and remained a graceful individual under the drunken stooper of an idiot on stage. And that is the kind of grace a true star carries. Kanye Classless West has nothing on her.

  • Gwen

    “The 33-year-old star — who took an extended break from music after the incident — revealed he now hopes to move on.”

    So, umm… shut up and move on already. You’re not “moving on” when all you do is keep bringing the incident back up… seriously!

  • travis

    What a jerk…she was on stage for winning Best Female Video…she seemed to do that just fine without his help, or is he gonna take credit for that too?

  • chris west

    This asshole is the most arrogant SOB in the music. Just go way and don’t come back from your extended break..and keep “moving on” out of sight. He’s the luckiest No-talent in the biz

    • Joe Pobbt

      Wow I agree who does Kanye West think he is! How dare he exercise his right of freedom of speech. What’s next??? Next thing you know he going to think he can get away with real crimes like Charlie Sheen!

      • Merri B

        Joe – He has every right to exercise his freedom of speech, but to do that at the expense of another artist the way he did is NOT how you exercise that freedom. No one objected to him exercising his freedoms. They objected because he was (and is and always will be, ’cause he is NOT capable of anything else) a total ass about it at the expense of someone else. He apologized? Nope, he just mouthed the words. He isn’t capable of a sincere apology, especially when NOW he takes credit for her success. He isn’t capable of doing anything but servicing his ego in a Hennessey fog.

  • Josh willins

    Kanye West was trying to move on. People like you keep it alive!! Only Charlie ” the Latino O.J Simpson” Sheen is allowed to beat women and act like a wild animal and get AWAY WITH IT.

    • Merri B

      Josh – Kanye has never tried to move on. He continually brings up the Taylor Swift debacle. If he were trying to move on, he’d shut up and do it. Even Ms. Swift is a bit irritated that he “has the cheek to use her name to promote his album.” I agree re: Charlie Sheen, though. He always seems to stay one step ahead of going to jail. Funny as hell guy, but what a hot mess.

  • Randy

    This guy is a “piece of work!”. I just saw an interview where he called President Bush racist because of the New Orleans issue…..I would like to see people stop supporting idiots like this!…..

    • Mayne Taylor

      It is quite obivious you are not informed, possibly even clueless about the “New Orleans issue”. Even President Bush lamented his actions. It appears the only “piece of work!” is YOU!!!IDIOT !

  • Josh willins

    Only Charlie ” the Latino O.J Simpson” Sheen is allowed to beat women and act like a wild animal and get AWAY WITH IT.

  • NoWay

    Stop giving this fool ANY press coverage.

    • Tammi Kelly

      Problem is….most people agree with him….Check out the most influential people list just recently released. He is on it!

  • http://yahoo.com Darla Long


  • Jay

    kanye’s worst song > taylor swift’s career
    and i am not a fan of either one

  • Sean Millin

    HATERS KEEP HATING…….Thank God Kanye is not like Charlie Sheen the wife beater!! He does not beat defenseless women,go on wild rampages and destroy property with his innocent children in the next room. There are many people MUCH worse than Kanye West. Just ask Chuckie Sheen!! Bye the way what is his real name. I am sure the Latinos know what is ……

    • Bey Knott

      Is Charlie Sheen a Latino? What is his real name? Does that mean he is ashamed of his Latin heritage?? That is so sad. At least Kanye West is not ashamed of who he is…..

      • Ed


  • nat

    Asssssssssssssssssssssssss wipe.

  • pete*rock

    I’ve read some of the other posts. What does Charlie Sheen have to do with this? Nothing !!
    Kayne is an ass. I didn’t care about him before his screw up and I detest him now.

  • julybaby

    I am a fan of both taylor and kanye . I think they are both talented artists . Kanye did not make her she did that herself. He is however hurting himself with his insane rambling. *Sigh* he may be 2 oars short of a rowboat but at least we know his self love is intact.

  • Bob

    Ha, Ha, Ha,
    Another ‘one’ with an attitude problem !

  • Ann

    Wasn’t that being “racist” when he said Beyonce should have won that award? If a white person had done that to an African-American they would have been hauled to jail or something.

  • JazzyBelle

    Ok… I hate to agree with Kanye but he is really telling the truth.

    Before he (like a jerk) interrupted her award and made that claim… she did not get the attention she gets now.

    After the show, America felt sorry for her and she got a lot of sympathy attention.

    And Kanye is a genius. Although outspoken….lol

  • Ulrica Scott

    Kanye is right. I had never heard of Swift until the MTV interuption of her speech. Still can’t name one song by her.

  • Marilyn Tolulope

    Damn it! Jazzy Belle, how could you admit you agree with such an arrogant ass, for goodness sake she won herself the award which has brought her to stardom that can never be taken off the record of the MTV Video Music Awards.I would rather say Kanye needed some sort of publicity for himself to actually ride on to move on from his “extended break” Apart from Kanye acting like a racist, who i dont know if he is, he is absolutely wrong to have challenged the judgement of the Awards custodian.

  • Rachel

    Wow Mr. West your ego is showing. The only time I hear about this any more is when he brings it up. I think he’s hoping it will get his name some where because he is afraid that we will forget about him. Guess what we have forgot about you.

  • http://yahoo That Guy

    QWEEN-YAY!!!! Please stop calling him Kanye……his new name is QWEEN-YAY!!!!!

  • http://www.NexusMagicStore.com Find Magic

    D-Bag all the way!