Rihanna Explains Her Red Hair

Thursday, November 11, 2010

RihannaRIHANNA decided to dye her hair red because she is wearing less “edgy” clothes.

The Rude Boy singer — who is famed for her flesh-flashing outfits — has decided to tone down her fashion choices but still wanted to do something exciting with her look.

“With my hair I was ready for something new, something loud, something expressive and something fun,” she said.

“I’d had blonde hair and it was so boring for me. Black is still my favorite color, but this time I wanted something edgier because I don’t like the edgy clothes any more. I guess I had to take the edge to somewhere else — my hair!”

Now she has changed her style, Rihanna is wearing more high end clothes and has revealed Stella McCartney is her favorite designer.

“With fashion the simplest thing like a star, or a flower, can inspire you. I’m into a lot of stuff to do with nature and colors now, just things that are really expressive,” she said.

“I wear a lot of Stella McCartney because what she does is great — she’s a top, top designer.”


  • keith Grant

    She never said publicly that she has forgiven Chris Brown. I bet she still loves him.

    • http://ymail rofhiwa

      Rihanna have just moved on and she is happy were she is now.

  • Selena

    Love ya