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Jay-Z Defends Barack Obama

Posted by Adam

Jay-ZRAPPER Jay-Z has heaped praise on beleaguered Barack Obama.

The Empire State of Mind hitmaker — who who publicly supported Obama during his successful presidential campaign — says he doesn’t want to get drawn into politics, but thinks Americans should lay off their leader.

“I think people who criticize him are not taking into account where the country was when he took office,” he said.

“It was like the worst economy ever, two world wars going on. We were in the worst state we have ever been. That job was going to be difficult for anybody.”

Jay — real name Shawn Carter – has previously admitted he’d quite like to run to be US President.

“Give me a chance,” he said. “Maybe in eight years, I’ll be the president

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  • keith Grant

    I bet we will hear same story after the 4 years. Jay-Z and the rests will say “Give him another 4 years to complete what he started”. Americans can never be fooled again by sweet talks. We want a performing President.

    • Stella

      Yeah right, like you had one with the Bush Admin.!! Exactly what Universe do you live in dude?!!

    • locksmith manhattan

      your clearly living under a rock Keith, I think you r a bit confused to how this works, this country has been in disarray. the day America elected George bush to office we basically made our own bed, now we need to have someone there to fix it , and its not gonna be easy, Obama has to try and fix it with many obstacles… so many that i would have to write a term paper in this comment box just for u to understand… Jay Z is smart ! the end.

      • D’andre

        He isn’t too smart. “It was like the worst economy ever, two world wars going on.” I can tell you this is not the worst economy ever. Ever here of a thing called the Great Depression? He also says two world wars. OIF and OEF are definitely not world wars. Now I am not partial to any political party but I will say that being in the Air Force I had it much better under Bush. Every year we would get at least a 3 to 3.5% pay raise. Now with Obama I will probably only get a 1.4% pay raise. Maybe even nothing if they don’t pass this defense bill. This is the lowest proposed pay raise since the start of an all volunteer military. I just wish Obama loses next election and we get someone who will support our military. And before somebody starts calling me a conservative and a republican, let me tell I am a registered independent. I voted for Barack Obama in 2008. Unfortunately I got caught up in all the hope and change speech from him. Just my 2 cents.

  • Hello?

    Jay-Z is an entertainer…He entertains. Do we want to be entertained in the White House. I like some of your music J, but keep it real.

    We are being fooled by the talks of candidates…Lets choose one that has a track record to back up his or her statements. Put the nation first, regardless of gender or race.

  • Bill

    His communist party was in the majority in 2006 and in just a mere 90 days racked up a triple deficit with their bailouts kickbacks and out of control spending spree. What this “person” (and most of you other liberals out there) seems to quickly forget or ignore is that there was a financial crisis after 9/11 and Bush got the economy back on track and when teh housing market started to show strains in 2003 Bush wanted to reel it in but YOUR congress NAMELY THE FOLLOWING DODD, FRANK, PELOSI, CLINTON AND YOUR MESSIAH OBOZO HIMSELF insisted there was no problem and refused to do anything about it.

  • Raffaele

    Our commander and Chief stepped into office with a huge pile of sh*t on his front steps to clean up and was given the reigns to do so. Now after two years, it seems most feel he is not shoveling fast enough. I am sorry, but I feel that he has the capability and the heart to get it done and should be given the chance to do what he has promised! This band-wagon ride many are on is just an example of how morals and ethics are eroding in our great nation as they can’t see the bigger picture. I don’t know who you are Mr. Jay-z, but I am behind your thoughts 100%!

  • Mason Batey

    Im at university of phoenix studying art and I really want to be an actress one day. I like my greek sisters (shout out hey!) and i am a bit of a party girl…

  • baldmanjessie

    Born here ornot he hasn’t done one single good thing in office infact things have only gotten worse biggest presidential joke ever would rather have anyone else in ther

  • baldmanjessie

    Oh ya and jayz or wutever the hell you call urself please don’t insult our country pretty sure a former drug dealer as prez is the last thing we need this communist is bad enough

  • baldmanjessie

    Hello I completely agree with your post gender or race should be the last thing considered infact shouldn’t even be a factor the track record and where they stand on this nations future should be all that matters