Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ‘Have Relationship Rules’

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartROBERT Pattinson is under the thumb!

Sources say the hunky British star’s girlfriend Kristen Stewart likes to keep her man in line — so she’s laid down some rules for their relationship and Rob is more than happy to follow them!!

“Kristen has set ideas about what will make their relationship work,” a source said.

“To avoid putting pressure on the relationship, she has suggested they don’t talk about anything intimate details. She’s also asked Rob not to mention any of her quirky habits.

“He’s so in love with Kristen he’s accepted her quirkiness. Kristen’s told her family that Rob is being supportive and keeping her relaxed.”

Previous reports have claimed Rob, 24, likes the fact Kristen, 20, is “bossy” and “tough” with him.

“Kristen is bossy and very tough with him,” a source told Us Weekly magazine in October.

“I think he likes that.”



  • Kat – Robnapping a certain Brit!

    Do these rules include no PDA unless specified by her? If (and that is a super big if)it turns out they are in a relationship … God help him! Is that why they were seen canoodling after midnight on the beaches of Brazil?! -she allowed it…. (already debunked, but thought it was down right laughable! Can I laugh now at how ridiculous this showmance is getting?

    • Twilight Diaries Girl

      she needs him not the other way around & why do you think it’s always her that is clingy with him but not the other way around? & this story is old too



    • Ashleigh (R-Pattz and Zefron Girl)

      he likes her period? well.. edward might, but it wont have the same appeal for rob…. ;)

      • Luvvin the Nubbin

        ASH!!! I’m not positive but I think you might have just crossed the line LMAO

        See you soon, sleep tight x

      • SUSAN

        Ashleigh – that was wonderful – true British Isles humour. The nitwitted KS and her team know it will be a miracle if her BD paycheque isn’t the last one she ever gets for being an ‘actress’, as she’s deadweight to any film she’s in other than TWIT. Her PR team have to put out any kind of story to keep this dumb little scrubber in the news. The unfortunate thing is R always ends up looking a total pansy/wimp as a result. He is either an idiot or he has a strength of mind that knows no bounds, or perhaps it’s the paycheque that keeps him going. S x

      • Sandy

        If Rob doesn’t like her, then why is he always with her all the time?

      • Incognito/Anonymous D

        Ummm…you think it COULD be because they are co-staring in a movie together? Just throwing that out there for consideration.
        The public seeing these two together at the moment not only serves to promote the silly PRsten campaign, but it keeps the TWIT saga in the news. Food for thought.

  • http://showbizspy QUEEN VNG-Rob’s my SEX TOY!!!!!!

    OMG!! How many more times are HER team going to try and make them out to be a real life Romeo and Juliet? They really are getting desparate now to make her more acceptable to the cinema going public!

    Next thing we will hear is how she tells him to hold his knife and fork when he’s eating and to make sure he puts the toilet seat down after using the toilet! :lol:

    • Sandy

      Showbiz is making up these stupid stories, not Rob or Kristen or their PR.

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    no doubt it was her PR team that called the paps to Brazil & if Stephanie Ritz was there it would’ve been a lot better for RP as she would have stopped it

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    i forgot to say that she needed the PR and to be seen with her co-star RP as her movie WTTR is bombing & she was trying to get his fans to go by clinging on tho him

    • Sandy

      I think R and K are at the very least friends and that’s why they hang out together.

  • Twilight Diaries Girl
  • What?

    He keeps her relaxed, are you Kidding Me? judging from the way she looks recently in pictures, I would hate to see her stressed. A relaxed person is usually happy and care free, not uptight and grimacing. These two look anything but relaxed they both look far from relaxed to me. As for her I’m still waiting for a picture of them at least smiling together they both look so pained like they would rather be any where else than together. Robert does not come across to me as someone who can be controlled by anyone except himself.

  • Donna

    They look like they could kill each other.I feel sorry for Rob.I would hate being stuck with the crack whore for months!

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    OMFG! I’m in the mood for a survey who’s engagement ring is more stylish?

    1) Kate Middleton from Prince William


    2) Isabella (Bella) Swan from Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

    • Hey You

      Kate Middleton’s engagement ring actually is Princess Diana’s engagement ring

    • Miss M

      Just saw a piece on Good Morning America on the royal engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton.Her ring is georgous. Isn’t the blue stone a sapphire? I hope the ring brings them better luck than it did for the late Princess Diana. She would be so proud and happy for her son. Congrats to Prince William and Kate Middleton. I hope the papz leave them alone.

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    OMFG! I’m in the mood for another survey who’s wedding are you looking more forward too seeing?

    1) Prince William & Kate Middleton (United Kingdom Royal Wedding)


    2) Edward Anthony Masen Cullen & Isabella (Bella) Marie Swan (Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn)

    XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

    • Lisa

      TDG those two couples should not even be on the same page as each other. I mean they are WORLDS apart!

      • Twilight Diaries Girl

        I’m looking forward to Kate & Will wedding as I know they are going to stuff up the Breaking Dawn one judging by the honeymoon scenes they are not following the book & Kate’s ring is more stylish than Bella’s one too it’s got more sparkle & the stones stand out & it doesn’t resemble an oval blob of silvery mess & no doubt Kate’s dress is going to blow Bella’s out of the water too

      • Hey You

        of course..Kate Middleton ring is a royal family ring..

      • Hey You

        I’m looking forward to Kate & William too..

    • Miss M

      Kate Middleton and Prince Williams wedding. She will make a beautiful and elegant Princess.

  • Lisa

    OMG this is so freaking funny that I am not even sure what to say. I think Rob is strange but I also think not many ppl can TELL him what to do! And I agree if that is relaxed my goodness what is she like not relaxed OOOOO just the thought :evil:

  • no one

    wonder who the source is

    • Twilight Diaries Girl

      us weekly

  • IMO

    Of course Princess Di’s ring wins, I don’t find Edwards ring appealing at all. As for comparing the two couples there is no comparing one is real the other fake I wish William and Kate the best in their upcoming nuptials and marriage.

    • Twilight Diaries Girl

      it looks like KS isn’t going to get as many magazine covers in the UK anymore as it’s all about KM & it looks like more attention is going to be on Kate & Will rather than the publicity stunt Robsten too

  • no one

    I mean the source-

    • Twilight Diaries Girl

      maybe KS PR team they are full of surprises

  • no one

    who is on the pr team



  • Autumn(tiredofthisbullshitrobstenbastards)

    i saw the pics of them in rio she doesnt look like bella at all she looks fat to amd the bella swim suit looks like shit shes making bella look like a hooker lol whats up my girls lomg time no see ;)

  • missy

    WOW who made all of you judge and jury about this movie or/and the couple!! What they do in private is just that their private lives and I don’t see pictures of Kristen that make her look a ‘crack head’. These two people, if you all are not too blind, are in love. And Kristen is fat???? Give me a break, I suppose all of you are a size 2 with large boobs to fit any bikini perfectly. They have been together for a few years now and I really don’t think that Rob is stuck with her; he has traveled a few times this year to be close to her when she was during a movie. why would people such as all of you make such terrible comments about someone or a couple that evidently you all hate??? Do you all work, have a family and/or a life? Are you all such critics of yourselves as you are as others?? Oh and do you make as much money as these stars do, people may not like them but they are still making millions!!!

    • Miss M

      Yes they are making millions but money doesn’t always bring you happiness.In fact it can be the complete opposite.Fame can be that way also. You don’t know who your true friends are.

    • Sandy

      I agree with you. Kristen is fat and a crack head? In what world do these people live in?

      • meiyee

        She is flabby, in what world do YOU live in? I know the answer….delusional world/Bella+Edward world.

      • HeyCrazyPpl

        Thank you Sandy! Yeah, and what difference does it make if she or anyone else is “flabby”?

  • selice

    I think that’s really cool! I don’t know why they waited so’s so great hearing that they’re finally together. love them both…

  • kitten


  • Miss M

    missy, I know you are going to come on and read my comment and say how do I know that money doesn’t bring you happiness and stuff like that. I know how it feels to have people suddenly want to be your friend just because you have recieved money. It hurts especially when these people are your distant relatives. How I know this is because when my mothers parents died they left my brother, myself and my mother/father substantial amount of money in stocks,bonds and cash. These distant relatives suddenly appeared out of the wordwork demand that they deserved this money also.

  • court jester

    r/p and k/s are not a couple. never will be, never have been. dream on twits! ha ha

  • Cheetarah

    Robert P and Kristen S make such a cute couple!

    • grace24

      Yeah they do. Rob looks at Kristen so adoringly.

  • court jester

    not in a million years!! only in your dreams sista!

  • Cheetarah

    I’ve had dreams about Robert but Kristen wasn’t there. Ha! Anywho, cheers to the cute couple.

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    OMFG! I’m not sure if you all have seen this true story put up online on the 17th November 2010 but Ryan Reynolds is the 2010 People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive & it seems to me that a certain someone popularity is sinking as he didn’t even make the cover in one of those smaller still images

    XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

  • Kathey Hickernell

    Thanks for your great article! It has been very insightful. I hope that you will continue sharing your wisdom with us.

  • ****

    I hope you all get back tenfold of what you spew out to others. You reap what you sow in life and hateful people like you will get what you deserve. Karma is a bitch.

    • HeyCrazyPpl


  • court jester

    hey….what’s hateful about saying rp and ks are not a couple?

  • HeyCrazyPpl

    You ppl are being really mean. Theyre relationship, or whatever is simply none of your buisness. If they are gay, then so be it. They owe NOTHING to any of you people writing comments on here on a daily basis about the same topic. They are simply entertainers, they are not your family members, close friends, etc. So therefore you guys don’t know the truth about either of them. If you guys strongly believe that Kstew is a “crackwhore”, and crazy things about Rob, I respect your opinion. Just because someone posts a comment disagreeing with yours about Kstew, you immediately label them as a “Krisbian”. Or if someone thinks that “Robsten” does in fact exist, you guys instantly come at them like wild animals. I think its funny how you are mean to people on here, but when someone says something to you it’s so terrible. Seriously guys, get a grip. I know because I posted here, you guys will probably say: “If you dont care, then why are you here?” but just like you, I have the right of freedom of speech, so let others have theirs.

    • HeyCrazyPpl

      And if they’re not together, then that’s fine too. It’s their life, so live your own and don’t spend too much time commenting on someone that you don’t even know personally.

  • http://Facebook kaylade22

    To look at this objectively, if you have read, & I’m sure most of you have, read the whole Twilight Saga, a relationship starts to develop, & is now to the point in BD that they are getting married. Well, has anyone taken notice to the fact that their public/personal relationship has developed along the same lines as in the books. Has anyone considered that this is also part of their contracts, to convey this appearance in public to promote the Twilight book & ticket sales !!! Anything is a possibility in Hollywood, that’s why they get paid BIG money. Sway the public into thinking whatever they want……….as long as it makes them money.
    Now, if there IS, notice I said IS a real relationship going on between them, it is not going to last long……they are both entirely too young to even know what really loving someone means. I am thinking along the same lines as a few of the other people on here…….she is using him because she does not have a real career in movies. They have been mostly indie movies that made nothing at the box office, & the only thing she has going for her is Twilight. But, she needs to hang on to THE REAL STAR for her own career. There IS one picture from where they were filming in Brazil & it shows them going out on a boat w/other people, & he is sitting on one side of the boat & she is on the other side…..neither one smiling. Hum…… for thought. Only time will tell.

  • Jackie

    I think we all know who wears the pants in that relationship, i wonder what the other person wears?