Thursday, December 23, 2010

George BushGEORGE W. Bush has some big secrets!

According to America’s Globe magazine, the former President is hiding a number of things from the American public — including his secret divorce deal with wife Laura, his shocking suicide nightmare and the real nature of his relationship with Condi Rice.

“He’s hiding the truth in a desperate attempt to protect his legacy,” a source said.

Meanwhile, police detained a man whose car ran off the road and onto Bush’s lawn in Dallas on Wednesday night.

The driver claims his Mercury Cougar’s gas pedal was stuck, which is how he veered onto the Bush property in the gated Preston Hollow neighborhood.

The former president and Laura Bush — who live on a public street that is protected by Secret Service — were home at the time.

After questioning the driver, the Secret Service and local law enforcement say they do not believe he intended to harm the Bushes.


  • More educated than Bush

    who f’n cares?

    • http://ShowbizSpy PollyPoodle

      @More educated than Bush. Loser. You are envious of a decent American family. And the gorilla gaggle in HI might just be your cup of tea.

  • myname

    harm the bushes that’s funny

    • richard


  • Paul

    Is this the future of internet news reports? Inquirer type innuendo and gossip that is totally false and unsubtantiable? This article is simply GARBAGE!

    • gurn blanston

      Garbage, eh? Just like MSNBC! See I can do it to. Weak!

      • George M

        At least he didn’t cheat on his spouse, unlike that draft-dodger, pardoning-my-drug-bother Roger before-leaving-office Bill Clinton did…

      • marty

        @ George M. — W. did cheat on his wife in the 70s as well as using a number of drugs. Check your facts. It’s something he has spoken of previously.

    • Charles Couch

      Divorce deal? That is more believable than that a sweet pretty woman would live with that scum bag.

      Charles Michael Couch

      • Cindy

        And I doubt that you’re a prize catch, Charles?

  • Alex

    Garbage, eh? Just like FOX News!

  • golfguy

    how about Baraks boyfriend

  • greg harris

    WHat kind of half ass website is this?

    • Keith

      LOL, right and I assume you guys actually believe Fox News is fair and balanced. Talk about pure

  • Jeff

    Just like FOX news? I don’t think so Alex. I think that you are about the dumbest person I have seen EVER if you believe any of the crap in this article!

  • Jeff

    As a matter of fact, I think that this site should be ashamed for telling outright lies. As a matter of fact, I think they should be sued for it.

  • famousbum

    These shocking secrets must be true! God knows The Globe NEVER makes things up!!! lol

    get a grip people.

  • flgirl

    another disgusting person not minding their own business! get a life ugly people!

  • AnnoyedReader

    Um…this article is dumb. The headline doesn’t match the majority of the article. I hope whoever wrote this didn’t get paid. I’d hate to see good money go to waste.

    • Jonathan

      Hopefully this is not accurate. As is with most gossip… time will bear out the truth and nothing but the truth. In the mean time !

  • realist

    truth hurts doesn’t it repubes? Your little bush is also a THIEF.

    • dave

      Truth? because some half ass article without any proof what-so-ever says so? Are you for real? Where did the thief accusation come from?

    • Samson

      Not really
      If you want to know the truth ask Nancy,Harry and Obama.

  • realist

    They forgot to mention bush’s IQ is 80

    • Informed American

      Which is at least 35 points higher than yours . . .

      • BestforUS

        Sounds like Realist is a Bush hater using the classic liberal line that all conservatives are idiots. People, people, people………..can you come up with some real arguments against conservatives. How about……. “the former president had an unwise foreign policy as per the following situations…”……..or “the former president chose a domestic policy that caused serous problems in the following areas”. If you at least posted a well thought out comment we would find you worthy of an argument. Sadly, your post shows you have the mind of an 8 year old.

      • dave

        I have been self employed for 12 years, prior to that I was a blue collar union employee. What I have noticed is there seem to be many simple minded liberals amongst the union crowds. The liberal minded union employees tend to have entitlement issues and hate the very same employers that were willing to take the risks to start a business and beilieve in a dream. To be honest conservatives tend to be hard working business owners that believe in America and a dream. Liberals tend to have the mentality that these hard working risk takers owe them something. I got fed up with being around whiney employees with entitlement issues and I joined the ranks of the self employed. Now I have employees and yes I make considerably more than they do. There are thousands more like me amonst the conservatives. Who do really sounds like they have a low IQ? I can honestly say the liberals tend to typically be two things. Lazy and ignorant.

      • Joe

        Is this a 2nd or 3rd grade debate I’m reading here.

    • Recon

      An IQ of 80 and he was the leader of the greatest nation in the world(2 terms). Not too bad for a dumb guy.

    • eileen

      Takes one to know one my grandma always said.

  • michael

    wow…media is so desperate they will print anything these days

  • Jonathan

    Print anything as long as there’s someone to read anything !

  • jON dOE

    Don’t worry former idiot in chief, Rush Limpballs has had 4 weddings!

  • Davey

    This pathic BS news and website. I know that George Bush is GAY and that is what he is hiding. Rice is a transexual and Bush is having an affair with him, er, her.

    • http://blah Jade

      this man who you are talking about is better than the stupid democrat in the office now!! obama needs to go suck some di***, get out of office and goe die!!

      • drcontreras

        Or you do!

  • Rich

    BUSH is gay! This is one of the worst kept secrets. I was surprised to read all the gay articles on google. His gay lover is Victor Ashe.

  • http://none AL

    GWB HAS FECES BREATH! SO does Laura! So does Obama!

  • RC Stevenson

    Three paragraphs of inflamatory innuendo follwed by three paragraphs of “nothing really happened? Why do you people even exsist?

    • Recon

      Hey Rich…Whats up with the caps ? is that one of those “I have a small penis and make up for it by using caps ” things ?

  • richard


    • e-man

      I am betting if they posted trash about Obama you’d love it.. and buy a subscription to Yahoo!

      So typical of GOP hypocrites.

  • dickhead

    fuckin DEMS got their heads in their ass fuck DEMS

    • e-man

      Dems are more highly educated.

      And your comment drives that point home.

      Thanks for proving yet again…. that Republicans are scum of the earth.

  • LBC

    I won’t believe this madness(especially from a tabloid paper) until a legitimate news agency reports it. But then again, why would a legitimate network even bother with gossip? I hope they skip it just like they did Tiger’s problems. Slander of the man’s personal life is what this is. I believe he and Condi Rice to be excellent people. To hell with the garbage baggers hating on him, Laura or Condi.

    • e-man

      So… legit news agency.

      I assume you mean FAUX NEWS?

  • David

    Why is this being published? It’s total trash and adds to the “dumbing down” of America in progress by the trash media. I never liked Bush or his policies but see this story as total garbage.

    • Frodo Mocho

      this is way to funny!

  • Mark Vinette

    And we are to believe anything published by Globe Magazine? This is the same magazine that years ago claimed a baby was born already in diapers.

  • Jerry

    Globe Magazine has published sensationalized and unbelievable stories about people and events in their supermarket sensational magazine for years! Please inquire with your writer as to why he or she would even consider quoting Globe magazine as a believable source for any comments about G.W. Bush, or ANY OTHER PERSON, LIVING or DEAD. Quoting obviously questionable and unverified/untrue information from Globe magazine about G.W. Bush and Laura Bush’s “Secret Plans to divorce”, to embellish a minor story about a car driving on to the Bush familie’s lawn in Dallas, TX, is not proper or ethical, folks!

  • Jimmy

    The line between justice and revenge is thin. I would like to see bad things happen to this man, but only if the punishment fits the crime–in this case, war crimes and selling out our economy to the corporate elite.

    • Sammy

      I Understand why he’s Lisa’s X-Boyfriend.

  • Lisa’s Ex-Boyfriend

    He’s hiding a number of things from the American public? Pshh? Is this news?

  • Ricard Luis

    Is this another joke? This media outlet is really the JOKE.

  • Ricard Luis

    O’Bama sold out our economic future to the labor unions and wall street.

    Now, that is news!

    • e-man

      And Bush didn’t bother reading the PDB.

      I guess they are even.


    People who write these trashy news need to live in the countries where lying is considered a punishable crime. That way, the next time they lie through their teeth about GWB or anybody else, they can be punished forever and ever. Just becouse it will be more than the third time that thy have lied and printed it for sell! So, punish them and throw away the keys!

    • e-man

      Curious how you know this is a lie?

      I love how the GOP sticks up for anything and everything this President ever did.

      He was a TOTAL and UTTER….. FAILURE!

  • Craig

    Both Obama and Bush are pro-globalist, pro-war, pro-NAFTA/de-industrialization of the United States, pro-torture, pro-open borders and anti-US Constitution. And yet I have to sit here and read 1/2 the commenters complain that America is in the situation it is in because of Bush while the other 1/2 complain about how we’re in the current situation because of Clinton and Obama. Give me a break. If anyone even 1/2 paid attention to their actual policies and actions, it is quite clear on the key globalist issues ruining this country, the neolibs and the neocons are the same and that both sides work for Wall Street and the predatory ruling class. Obama and Bush hate the proletariat and think the working class is nothing but a herd of dumb animals and when I read the comments above, it’s hard to counter their evaluation of the peasantry’s collective intelligence.

  • Kyle

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

    • Recon

      And here is another dumb ass that uses caps to make up for his small world

  • more educated than that stupid ex president

    HE ASKED FOR ALL THAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wayne

    All these people are taking this story WAY to seriously. This site is a gossip site.
    When they say things like sources say, they really mean some dude we saw reading a gossip rag in the supermarket. Hell, maybe they went all out for this story and the “Source” was actually in a supermarket near where they live.

    • libs r killing U.S.

      This is by far the most sensible comment I’ve read here. Thank you Jan. Ever notice how liberals are vile creatures who jump at any chance to vicerate someone who doesnt agree with them under the guise of fairness??? young liberal = lied to, indoctrinated, cant think for themselves, chump. A great American once said, roughly “in my 20′s i was a liberal…in my 30′s I was a conservative.” from the 70s but has been true since the early 60s. I am a 43 year old veteran and father. I am saddened by the future of the USA. I advise all young people to immerse yourselves in reading about WW2 and all the sacrifices made at home and abroad.

  • Jan Hunsinger

    So here is how it works: if you like the Bushes you declare in the ugliest possible verbage how you despise negative RUMORS about them; But you LOVE the same kind of thing against the other side, i.e. Obama or Clinton(s). Conversely, if you hate the Bushes, you may believe ugly rumors about them and say vile things about their oppo-sames (things that appear opposite but are really the same, i.e. Communism and Fascism). My own suspicion is that we (COMMONERS) have no idea how truly vile the whole lot is.

    • libs r killing U.S.

      The above reply was for Jan…The liberal “Plan” is taking us all to a place we dont want to be. I was young and rebellious once….when a person has to address reality, their “opinions” change. Take note college students…most of you are completely lost cause you have not fully learned your and our history.

  • skyy

    OMG….Bush was playing with another bush while holding office. It’s the American way with those politians. They are starved for acceptance.

    • dave

      Whos said Bush was “playing” with anything? The “article” suggested the nature of the relationship between Bush and Condi hadnt been presented truthfully, however it could mean they personally hate one another, or many other scenarios. It never said anything other than the true nature was somethig difeerent than presented, which could mean anything. It’s amazing you put stock into a statement like that being proof of sexual misconduct. Wow another ignorant liberal shows us a perfect example of the Lefts “intelligence”. LOl

  • trash showbiz spy

    What kind of garbage is this You guys are publishing if i was an advertiser I would pull out. The story is unsubstantiated and irrelevant shame on you and Yahoo.

  • http://yahoo Coheirtothrone

    Smart wife.

  • joe

    Bush should be tried for crimes against humanity and executed!! Fuck Fox “News” and all you watch that BULLSHIT! DEATH TO PALIN 2012!!!

    • Sam

      You can believe this guy, he sounds like a very well educated nice talking guy.

  • David

    Okay, I’m not the greatest fan of Bush or his entire administration. But I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, this ‘source’ that you speak of will eventually be identified as ‘the clear blue sky’ or ‘the writers own ass’.

    What’s ACTUALLY true is that Rice was giving a speech and accidentally referred to Bush as ‘my husband’. The thing that makes this slip beyond Freudian is that Dr Rice has NEVER been married.

    • e-man

      And all along..

      I thought she was a lesbian.

  • gurn blanston

    Garbage, eh? Just like MSNBC!

    • e-man

      You have no idea how much money MSNBC makes for NBCUNI do you?

      Clearly you don’t.

      They are a HUGE money maker.

      And.. beyond that.. NBC NIGHTLY NEWS.. has more people watching that newscast than those who watch The Manatee or Orally… NIGHTLY.

      Go fly a kite, you moron.

      And maybe when we allow you to work at MS… you’ll understand why we stir the pot.

  • susan holshouser

    Give me facts!

    • Jerry

      Get your head out of you poop chute.

    • e-man

      1. Bush Lied about WMB
      2: Bush/Cheney admit to torture tactics
      3: Bush never read the PDB which lead to 9/11

      Shall I go on?

  • William Reynolds

    What is laughable in this story is that W. is trying to protect his legacy.’ What legacy? Someone who not once, but TWICE, stole the American presidency (people seem to forget that in 2004, in the crucial state of Ohio, more people actually voted in polling precincts who were actually eligible to vote — that sounds like another stolen election to me)…and what he did in office will ake years, perhaps decades, to rectify. As he once said to his FEMA director, “You’re doing a heckuva job, Brownie,’ Bushie-boy did a heckajob in the presidency and we’re all paying for it.

    • Samual

      What a crook he was.
      We could have had Al to go along with Honest Nancy and Harry.
      But it all worked out and now we have the Great Obama to join them,

  • Sammy Weavil

    Still going after George with your lie’s.
    He’s much, much better than the one that replaced him.
    If Yahoo keeps this up i’m going to stop using it.

    • e-man

      I am sure Yahoo! won’t miss one person.

      GOOD BYE!

      Go watch Faux News.

      • Sammy Weavil

        You almost have me in tears.
        I sure don’t want to get off yahoo and leave you.


    I’m with Sammy Weavil. George W. Bush got the most venom from the Lame Newsmedias ever. Grow up and learn to be a person familiar with TRUTH Mr. Reynolds.

  • David Turner

    Unless the left morons and nerds can give me positive prove. Legal separation decree, or a divorce decree go back and crawl in your hole. Make sure you spray it so none of our nocturnal animals or other animals that live in holes get sick.

  • Roger

    Where’s your evidence? It’s easy to publish anything about a public figure with absence of malice. Without citations to back-up your allegations, your just full of sh*t!

  • Mary L. Worden

    First, I do not believe it, second the comments about his
    IQ, his IQ is higher than John Kerry and his GPA was higher than John Kerry when they were both at Yale, I don’t understand the fixation everyone has on George Bush.
    He has left office, regardless of your politics, it has to
    be the most difficult job in the world and I think he should be given credit for not critizing the current administration (unlike Jimmy Carter), I don’t care what anyone says, the Bush family is and has been a class act
    and I am tired of all the nasty rumors.GET OVER IT!!!!!!!

    • e-man

      If he was so smart… how did bin Laden outwit him?

      Oh.. that’s right.

      Bush never bothered to read the PDB.

  • e-man

    I don’t believe anything unless it’s on FAUX NEWS!

    The ONLY network with REAL stories for GOP lovers like myself.

    Never smear a Bush.

    They are all perfect.

    Never evil.

    Never at fault.

    Always right.

    • Adamn

      Amen brother!

  • FT Baggins

    Divorcing George would be the best tin at ever happened to Laura.

  • h-man

    George W. Bush was a deserter from the National Guard from May-72 to May-73 during the Viet Nam War.He just left the Guard and never went back, and he continued to collect a paycheck from the Guard while he was AWOL.Check it out on the web.

  • Annmarie Cardinale

    I am NOT a Bible thumper, however I AM a believer in the inerrant Word of God. Call me what you will, agree with me or not, but God instructed us to pray for those in public office, and respect our government leaders. We need to accept the fact that whatever we think or believe, no matter our political persuasion, we really are powerless over who gets into office, so we might as well bite the bullet and pray for our president (current and past.) And while am it, I might as well say that I don’t think God is too crazy about the the language used here, and especially about the amount of hatred poured.

  • RaysFan

    The Globe? Please don’t tell me that Yahoo has stooped to printing the crap that appears in that supermarket gossip rag! I’m surprised they didn’t say that an affair with aliens from another galaxy is what is causing the divorce!! This is ridiculous. To think that Yahoo prints things that appear in The Globe. So much for being taken as a serious news source!

  • RaysFan

    I apologize. I forgot that yahoo didn’t put this on its website. It merely said that George Bush was trending, and this was one of the articles that appeared when I clicked on his name in order to find out why he was trending.

  • jason nguyen

    you call this news?

    worst president ever.

  • tom

    Bush stole a Presidential Election and Might be trying to steal the Drinking Water from the Paraguayian people.Is that true?

  • http://yahoo cheryl

    i love George W. Bush.Always have.probably always will.ON 9/11 I WAS MOST grateful that Al Gore wasn’t the one making the decisions.And for all of you who disagree……who cares!!!!!

    • June One

      A Jim… I don’t really think most educated “Liberals” as you say it think that the world owes them a living. Our viewpoint is that we should reach out and help those who need it.

      I am proud to be an American. I am proud to pay taxes so we can have a fire department, a police department, street lights to light our cities, paved roads, hospitals and so forth.

      I will pay taxes to help those who are ailing in the U.S. – it is this sort of vision and thought which has made the U.S. the strong nation it is. Those who are anti taxes, anti government, anti this and anti that – will get exactly that an anti- society which will resemble that of a third world country.

  • jim

    I am just an average person I sit here and read these comments. Frankly 50 percent of you are morons the other 50 percent actually believe what there saying will change something. When the liberal figure out the world does not owe them a living this world will be a far better place. As for the unions they are killing our way of life. They served a purpose at one time. But time for them to go.

    • June One

      @ Jim… I don’t really think most educated “Liberals” as you say it think that the world owes them a living. Our viewpoint is that we should reach out and help those who need it.

      I am proud to be an American. I am proud to pay taxes so we can have a fire department, a police department, street lights to light our cities, paved roads, hospitals and so forth.

      I will pay taxes to help those who are ailing in the U.S. – it is this sort of vision and thought which has made the U.S. the strong nation it is. Those who are anti taxes, anti government, anti this and anti that – will get exactly that an anti- society which will resemble that of a third world country.

  • Becky

    Why should we believe this garbage?

  • Big D

    As reported in “The Globe”. Nice reliable resource there!

  • Joe

    It’s his life, I don’t care what he does. Now the guy driving on his lawn either had a Toyota or just needs to go back to drivers ed.

  • Joyful

    W. is a war criminal. I don’t know how Laura has stayed with this drunken fool for this long to be honest. Why he is having suicide dreams? Its really no wonder!

  • http://google Linda S

    As long as the man isn’t fornicating in the oval office,like other presidents, so what? George W Bush is a human being like everyone else. Marriages don’t always work, people change.

  • http://ShowbizSpy PollyPoodle

    Losers!!! You just wish you were decent people like the Bushes! Globe? ha ha ha

  • Adamn

    Fox News dominates cable news

  • Sydney

    Let’s just see if these rumors have legs! I have seen these reports in the National Enquirer & The Globe when George W was president. The tabloids even said that Laura Bush was living in the Blair House. However it seemed like the main stream news media never mentioned these accusations!

  • IRa

    We know W, was a drunk and drug abuser who dodge Vietnam b/c his daddy has connection. That’s no secret, but these are the same Repubs who ran w/ Pres. Obama is not American or made the healthcare debate about death panels.

  • ultrasound technician schools colorado

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  • Anonymous

    we will knw for sure what is going on wih le George W.,,,TIME WILL TELL,HE TRUTH ALWAYS COME OUT..Pesonnally I do not think heis a happy man,,, he never does any public events,,,his lite don’t shine…

  • Anonymous

    Both George and Laura often make appearances to honor our veterans. They appear at Dallas airport to greet returning military. (And they don’t announce it to the press – just show up)! Every year, George and Laura host severely injured vets at a cross country bike run and dinner/dancing! There’s more, but you probably aren’t interested in the entire list of charitable and Christian acts attributed to this honorable couple!

  • Anonymous

    What disgusting tripe!