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Eva Mendes Used to Live Off Fast Food!

Posted by Adam

Eva MendesEVA Mendes used to binge on fast good.

The sexy actress admits she relied on fatty foods before she was famous because she didn’t have enough money to eat properly.

“I used to love fast food because I had no money, and I was a struggling actor,” she said.

“You know the story, when you’re literally hustling. You’re going from audition to audition, changing in the backseat, and all that fun stuff that’s great to do at one time in your life. That’s when the 49-cent taco, as disgusting as it is, really plays into your day. It really helps you out.

“There was a time in my life where it really helped me, and it fed me. It was my diet. But personally, now, I can’t do fast food.

“Today, I eat sushi. Recently, in the past six to eight months, I’ve given up chicken. All I eat is fish and seafood, and I love it.”

Eva recently revealed she quite likes being classed as one of the world’s sexiest women.

“It is very flattering but, honestly, it’s all hair and make-up. Take all of that away and I really am very average — just your girl next door. When I’m at home that’s how I look. I’m just normal,” she said.

“You have to take that stuff with a pinch of salt anyway, otherwise you would be destroyed when you’re no longer considered that hot. So you just say ‘thank you’ and then move on.”


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