Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tiger WoodsTIGER Woods is beginning to regret is numerous infidelities.

The golfer — who was recently divorced by his wife Elin Nordegren after he cheated on her with dozens of different women — is said to be desperate to find himself someone new to settle down with because he’s feeling lonely.

“Tiger’s feeling lonely,” a source said.

“He hopes and prays he’ll find someone to settle down with in the future. But he knows that any woman will find it difficult to trust him.”

Woods recently opened up about his personal woes, and blasted his string of former lovers for continuing to “cash in” on the scandals.

“Golf is a self-centered game,” Woods wrote in a personal account for Newsweek magazine.

“That self-reliance made me think I could tackle the world by myself.

“Opportunists are trying still to cash in on my troubles, no matter how irresponsible or ridiculous their claims may be.

“The physical pain from that car accident has long healed. But the pain in my soul is more complex and unsettling.

“Giving my son, Charlie, a bath, for example, beats chipping another bucket of balls.

“Making mac and cheese for him and his sister, Sam, is better than dining in any restaurant.”

Tiger’s most prolific mistress, Rachel Uchitel, recently opened up about their affair.

“People have called me all sorts of names, but they don’t know me,” she moaned.

“I am not the same as the other girls and I never ever imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be caught up in a scandal like this.

“If things had been different and 9/11 had never happened, my life would have taken a different course. I’d be fat and happy, living in a big house in Long Island with a load of kids.

“I’m only telling my story now so that people can discover what sort of girl I am and learn the truth about me. If they still choose to hate me, then so be it. But I never set out to hurt anyone.

“I’ve been branded as a scarlet woman but I am much, much more than that.

“I am not a whore, nor am I a girl impressed by money or fame. I have a brain and I came from money. I never needed any man’s money.”[imagebrowser id=250]


  • hanna

    Tiger is too private a person for this to be true. Someone is trying to capitalize on him again and quoting untrue statements.

  • Mercy from Kenya

    Tiger, you are a good man really. I invite you to visit Kenya for a change and relax alittle. Trust me, you will like it. Ask Bill Gates, Kenya is cool and it will give the peace of mind you so badly deserve.

    Please reply a line or two via my email?

    I am you fun and love you.


  • Michael chalwe

    I know it’s hard to find one in such a situation, but life has to go on. you have to keep the momentum, be strong, focussed.keep up the same spirit and sometimes reflect back on ur success of your career, how did u perfom to be at that peak. You also need time for prayers and ask God to intervene.

    Don’t feel sory for youself otherwise u will be depressed and u will oose as an individual. Sometimes it’s good so thyat you can test your intelligeince, talent and how brillian you. There’s time for a verything, seasons and just keep in m ind that it will pass. don’t stress, but thank God that u are alive and off course don’t repeat the mistakes u made. there interior battles to bev won. so keep prcatising and as long u will have people to comfort u, encourage u. You will get back on top.


  • Duude

    Maybe he should date Charlie Sheen and see if sparks fly. I know women of the world would be better off.

  • stellahmaris

    people wil always develop a bad attitude 2wards prominent people like you,give yourself da best n leave the rest 2 GOD.Bt most of it all,trust yourself so that the rest community can trust u,n never ever repeat da mistake again,i knw uve learnt 4rom xperience.Nway all da best in your endevours.chao!!!

  • AL

    Why did you leave out the part where he said he is happier now than he was before and he was all smiles in Australia Please stop posting false information. With his money there will be long lines.

    • hanna

      Because this version is more salacious.

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  • Jake Franz

    Dear Mr. Woods,

    there is little I can add to the hundreds of thousands of voices, you have heard from. Some will always hate for cheating on your wife. Some will hate you because your mistake robbed you of your golfing skill by placing your mind on other things, and the stress of those things. Some will hate for what your mistake did to your children. Yet others will hate you for being black, or Buddhist, or simply being very, very rich man. You have no shortage of enemies that is for sure, but you have far far more who believe in you, who send you their love and their faith. You can not undo your mistakes, not even Tiger Woods is that great. It is what you do next that will determine if you are seen as a hero or villan in the eyes of history. All people make mistakes, and great people make great mistakes, but truly great people do not let it throw them, they move forward and they do greater things as a result. As they say be the change you want the world to be, so be the man you want to be for yourself and your kids,

    Thank you for your time
    Jake Franz

  • marcus roman

    Yo Tiger:

    if you pay me $10million, you can have my wife for good. She’s loyal, trusting, beautiful, stylish, nurturing – she happens to be 20 weeks pregnant so you are well on your way to starting a new family, she loves boating ( I have a 32 foot sailboat, not a yacht)and I will convince her that a pre-nup is no big deal. She’s worth the 10 mill, tiger, Alright, let’s make it 5 mill. She’s arm candy mate, even pregnant. It would be the beginning of a new you with a down to earth woman that no one knows in the media. Think of the PR value. email me and we’ll talk.

  • carmen

    Tiger Woods was given a golden opportunity and he misused it in a very big way! Tiger brought all his misfortunes unto himself. He destroyed his marriage, the family unit, his brand, the trust of the public and his golf game for something totally worthless!!! Everyone now knows who and what Tiger is and what he has done!!! Tiger tarnished his reputation and his name will be forever linked to one of the biggest sex scandal in the history of sports!!! I hope Tiger amends his life and does not cause his innocent children more shame and hurt!!!

  • jenny

    TIGER is a SKANK he not once took into consideration of the safety of his wife getting STD or AIDS while he was out and about in the world having unprotected sex with those FREAKS, he calls his PLEASURE MACHINES/TOYS how low can U get, TIGER your disgusting and like so many other men/women who’s CHEATING on their mates in disregard of their woman/man whom they claim they LOVE. A selfish piece of CRAP, all about them, until reality sinks in and you know longer have that special someone in your life gone forever. MORONS! Just maybe had you went to your mate and let him/her know you want out of the relationship it could have been mutual and more understanding instead of trying to be COCKY and Mr./Mrs./Ms. know it all. And to think that showering her/him with GIFTS and a LAVISH lifestyle that was enough, not all women or men think thats enough to hold on to a relationship I know I don’t.