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Posted by Adam

Mark WahlbergMARK Wahlberg is getting fat!

The Hollywood heartthrob — who raises four kids with wife Rhea Durham — says he’s been binging on calorific treats after he was forced to undergo extensive training and dieting for his new boxing flick The Fighter.

“My new regimen consists of a bottle of red wine and a lot of food, and I’m enjoying myself,” he said.

“My wife is like, ‘You’re starting to look really bad! I’m, like, a former Victoria’s Secret model. If you want to hold onto me, you gotta do something!’”

Meanwhile, Mark — who started his career as rapper Marky Mark — has revealed that he feels blessed by his lot in life.

“Every year above ground was a special year. Professionally, things couldn’t be better,” he said.

“Personally, my kids are healthy, aside from my youngest having a double ear infection. My wife is healthy and happy and everything is good, so really I’m so blessed and so fortunate.

“I’m not one of these guys who feels, like, entitled to be in this position.

“I feel so grateful and so humble. I’ve obviously worked very hard, it’s been an amazing journey, but if it ended today, I would be happy because I was on the ride.”[imagebrowser id=256]


  • straight as a broken arrow

    why do so many many gay men want to make passionate love to marky mark? is it his dirty underwear? is it his rippling muscles? is it his cute baby face? is it his tight, muscled rump? is it the odor of his sweaty butt hole? so many questions, and valid ones too. when you see marky mark, do you think slurp slurp slurp?

  • http://yahoo norma jean

    I think Mark has always been hot.. I think his wife is lucky to have him!!! Sooo gorgeous…

  • Carolyn

    Marky Mark – YUCKY YUCK!!!!

  • kristine

    let him get fat.

    he has earned it!

  • kristine

    what is your POINT?

  • toostraight

    About gay men wanting to love Marky Mark. I would take a scientific guess at it and come to the conclusion it’s basically the same reason women would want to love him.

    It’s like how a straight man is attracted to women. Lesbians are attracted to women in a very similar way and the fun part of it all is it is scientific biology and perfectly normal.

    • phillip buotte

      Hey Mark Wahlberg has done good proffesionally and in personnel life. It’s good to see a fellow Dorchester man doing good.

  • Frank Androski

    “When he was 16, after robbing a pharmacy under the influence of PCP, Wahlberg knocked a middle-aged Vietnamese man unconscious, left another Vietnamese man permanently blind in one eye, and attacked a security guard (again using racist language).”

    He’s a thug and doesn’t care about people which is why he still hits golf balls onto his neighbor’s roofs. Boycott this piece of trash.

    • j

      whe he was 16…thats pretty old and you cant judge a person on things that happened so long ago. why do you even care. that has nothing to do with the topic anyway

  • star

    who cares people are just rude calling other fat its your not life so shut the hell up loosers.

    • star

      I mean its just rude calling other people fat. Its not your life its Mark Wahlberg so shut up!

  • Rock Star

    His best movie? ROCK STAR with jennifer aniston

    • T. Davis

      What are you smoking? That was the worst movie ever made. It almost destroyed Jennifer A. movie career. Whalberg has a whole list of really bad movies. And he gets to keep making them. More on the way. More studios will lose money before it’s over.

  • T. Davis

    In politics we have Sarah P. In the media we have Paris and Kim, etc…with movies we now have Marky Mark. I know for first hand fact that he is gay, hides behind the wife and kids for image sake. Has absolutely no morals. Surrounds himself with little punks and wannabes so he can feel important. This little man is a complete fraud. Hollywood needs to wake up. Betcha nobody goes to see this latest boxing crap except gay men.